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The Hype Factory introduces a whole new way of reviewing albums! It's like sitting in a room with a bunch of jaded music critics and getting a snapshot of how they feel about an album.

Aloha - Here Comes Everyone

Keith: True indie rock. Varied musicality and actual on-key singing. Dynamic and interesting - Just great!
Mick: Whiny and I don't care what about. Interesting marimbas and piano. Todd Rundgren.
Ron: Decent music, good vocals, again pretty much representative of the indie scene.

BeKay - The Future Of Hip Hop Is Now

Keith: Adequate rapping over very cool music. The jams are tight! Lots of musical variety.
Mick: Once he stops rapping about the biz, it's pretty good. He puts the yo in bragadocio.
Ron: The garbage that white rapper movies make fun of. Stolen style, boring lyrics. Laughing-stock of Brooklyn.
Brian : Music is good, flow is good, rhymes good. Even spells his name several times for you.

The Black Swans - Who Will Walk In the Darkness With You?

Keith: Very downbeat pseudo-Americana. Low meets the Swans meets Pink floyd. Amazingly moody and haunting.
Mick: Dark melodic music with even darker vocals - ala Nick Cave.
Ron: Cowboy Junkies with Leonard Cohen. Simple and depressing in a good way. Fork it over.
Brian : Crime & The City, but rootsier and quieter. Like The Swans, but blacker.

Blanket Music - Cultural Norms

Keith: Luna style indie rockwith loungey big band undertones. Esquivel meets Wareham meets Bootsy Collins.
Mick: Great light groovesand cool dark vocals. The soundtrack for the life you wish you had.
Ron: Perhaps it should be called coffee house music. Good keyboards and guitar. Background music..
Brian : Song 2 is where Snoopy goes looking for Woodstock.

The Flaming Tsunamis - Zombies VS. Robots

Keith: Hardcore ska funnymen. Brilliant musicians with clever songs and excellent instrumental interplay. Great for laughs!
Mick: Kids In the Hall music. Tenacious D + Bosstones + Golden Earring. Hilarious, brilliant, genius, stupid.
Ron: I like when girls kiss and then do some ass-kicking.
Brian : This band is great! I love them! I laughed, I cried, I rocked.

Foma - Icecaves

Keith: Brilliant indie-pop, blending alternating boy/girl vocals and bright, catchy songs to make an awesome record.
Mick: The guy is not content with only the people around him knowing he's a sensitive loser.
Ron: That lighthearted experimental music that is not all that experimental.
Brian : The part of the movie where lovestruck stars twirl around, then fall into leaves..

Lloyd Green - The Little Darlin' Sounds of...

Keith: One of the greatest steel guitar players EVER flashes his chops from his full career.
Mick: Now that's what I call country. Chicken-picken' and Floyd Cramer piano. Get on.
Ron: Benny Hill meets Hee Haw. Great instrumentals for slapstick or Grand Ol' Opry.
Brian : If you know steel guitar, you know this guy. No surprises, just good steel guitar.

The Original Mark Edwards - Rewind Tomorrow

Keith: Brilliant downbeat Brit-pop style songs with pristine production and interessting melodies and soundscapes. Very cool.
Mick: Neil Young with a better voice. Some space lounge and slow electronics.
Ron: Modern Beatles sounds. Radiohead/Coldplay vocals on current indie sound.
Brian : I feel weary after this laborious album. Let it end.

Restless Heart - Still Restless

Keith: If you're gonna listen to mainstream country, make it this! Great songs, awesome production.
Mick: Proving you can't make a splash until you jump off the fence.
Ron: What you would expect. Well played, well sung. If you like pop-country - it's Restless Heart!.
Brian : I'm not responsible for any of the previous reviews due to lack of accountability.

Stuart Rosh - Hummingbirds in Flight

Keith: Nearly country singer-songwriter on interesting songs with Gordon Lightfoot flavor. Right stuff, wrong way.
Mick: Nice instruments, flesh out stunted tunes, and the cliches flow like the Mississippi.
Ron: Country music to sell cars by.
Brian : You can't rhyme sky and surprises! Welcome to Cat Stevens country.

Tiger Mountain - Get Along Like A House On Fire

Keith: Rock'N'Roll aesthetics on lower-fi tunes. Reminiscent of Rolling Stones and Elvis Costello.
Mick: The Cheap Trick of Rolling Stones at Tom Petty while wearing baby's shoes.
Ron: Classic "indie style" boringness. Digestable and will not scare grandma.
Brian : Power pop madness. A dead language.

Too Rude - Re-Invention

Keith: Politically charged Irish rockabilly reggae hard rock dub ska - amazing musical depth, killer songs.
Mick: Hard ska rude boys with a touch of dub. Mostly rocking, but 420 songs always suck.
Ron: With names like Lazy Dread, Fatal, Davey, Flan & Dogboy... can you go wrong? ROCK!
Brian : Song 1 is the part of the movie where the roadtrip sequence begins... and ends.

Two Trains - Two Trains

Keith: Experimental Swedish pop spanning all moods - Atmospheric to rock. Excellent lo-fi production and cool songs.
Mick: Lethargic math-rock noodlings with occasional Fantasia tunes. Depressing, but in a sad way.
Ron: Nothing really coherent. Doesn't stick with you nor leave you with heartburn.
Brian : Song 6 is the part of the movie where the bugs come out of the drain.

Water School - Break Up With...

Keith: Happy pop music with clever hooks and fun stories. The $.99 store Weezer.
Mick: I clearly heard "shooby doo wop" and that's the best part of this light folk-rock.
Ron: You have probably heard this band at a local high school talent contest.
Brian : Song 3 is the part of the movie where I stand up and yell "I like pancakes!".

The Xray Eyes - Composite Sketches

Keith: Indie Americana. Great songs with dark overtones. Excellent guitar lines and tones. Tons of soul.
Mick: Dark country ala 16 Horsepower. Beautiful haunting stuff with sweet organ.
Ron: Simple "Man and guitar", Intellectual lone ranger style. Some good stuff.
Brian : Poetic challenging lyrics. Sometimes the vocals are grating falsetto.

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