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The Hype Factory introduces a whole new way of reviewing albums! It's like sitting in a room with a bunch of jaded music critics and getting a snapshot of how they feel about an album.

Liars - They Were Wrong, So We Drowned

Paul: Dissonant. Arhythmic warbling inspired by the sounds of medical equipment. It destroyed my kidney stone.

George: Is this music? It pains me.

Ringo: I think my record keeps skipping. And my speakers are obviously blown. Unintelligible, confused, uninteresting.

On Air Library - On! Air! Library!

Paul: Lush. Cocteau Twins. Snowpony. Droning with a pinch of Petula Clark.

George: Very New York art rock. Velvet Underground for a new millenium. Textural and Vibrant.

Ringo: Taxiing around, but never gets off the runway. God not mommy were barf virgin whore.

Emilie Autumn - Enchant

Paul: Like fast talking trip-hop.Fast songs good. Slow songs bad. Why can't Tori read?

George: Amazingly talented singer/instrumentalist who lacks ability to identify with common folks. Damned Rennaissance Faeries.

Ringo: Bad Turkish pop. She thinks she fliggah. I don't opt it. Channeling Ofra Haza.

John: Sushi is good. Ice cream is good. Don't mix them together.

Stereolab - Margerine Eclipse

Paul: Sixties soundtrack featuring V-neck sweaters and dickies and front swept hair. Damn Frenchies.

George: Sixties jet-set girl in a world of go-go boots and felted wool swing coats.

Ringo: Brilliant shiny electro-pop with nowhere to go and no time to be there. Excellent.

Lesser Birds Of Paradise - String Of Bees

Paul: Deep, folky clever, lush. Brilliant. Ramblin' Jack elliott meets Cakekitchen.

George: Warm, melancholy folk. Gorgeous. Makes a resonance in your chest. Buy it for real, yo!

Ringo: It's like a dad who sings to himself and practices his guitar while his daughter drifts to sleep.

Chrome Yellow Co. - Red Light Runners

Paul: Think Strokes without all the hype. Exciting new band with fab guitar. Smooth Jane's Addiction.

George: The first fifteen seconds were great. Then they started singing.

Ringo: A house party where old cats shrug with hip chicks. Like Laugh-In.

St. James - St. James Experience

Paul: Pretty good R&B hip-hop when the words don't get in the way. Impressive Mams.

George: Step aside Brittney, your replacement has arrived. Catchy, listenable Madonna-ish hip-hop. Nice boobs.

Ringo: Acid Jazz vibe. Soulful, Beyonce type voice. Good album, great tits.

Bingo - The Cicada and other stories

Paul: Bluesy. Stunning songwriting. Heavenly melodies. Think John Prine for your generation. Intricate. Delicious..

George: Van Morrison with southern rock voice. Watched one too many lonely westerns on TV Land.

Ringo: Jerry Jeff Walker. Real good soulful country tinged stuff. Sad and lovely like Leonard Cohen.

John: there was a band with mellow songs and Bingo was their name-o.


Paul: Rhythm Heavy. Bottom heavy, disturbed fight music..

George: Like if The Fall wasn't awesome... and listened to New Order a lot.

Ringo: To your left, the salad bar. to your right, the dive bar.

John: Lo-fi mosh pit vibe. Meg White-ish drums, Poison Ivy guitars.

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