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The Hype Factory introduces a whole new way of reviewing albums! It's like sitting in a room with a bunch of jaded music critics and getting a snapshot of how they feel about an album.

The April Skies - The Breathe e.p.

: Very Similar to The Box, a bit more slow and shoegazey. Awesome lyrics, great vocals.
Mothra: Warbly roots-pop just as the name implies. Lilac Time, Waterboys, Miracle Legion.
Rodan: Uplifting slow-down rock. Excellent aural textures, cool songs, great band. More please!
Gamera: Like The Church musically stunted. Verse, bridge, chorus are all the same.

Atkins Lane - The GUARFD e.p.k.

: Righteous pop-rock with brilliant lyrics and phenomenal musicianship. Sometimes downbeat, sometimes rockin'.
Mothra: Mix of jam-rock and pop-punk. Excellent energy, cool guitar work. Dude can sing.
Rodan: Very pretty and relaxing. I bet it's about girls and stuff. Musically interesting Emo-pop.
Gamera: Zero Carbohydrates. Moments of ripping drawn out into boredom.

Dearest, Crown - The Path To Going Down

: Witty lyricism over downhome wide-ranging music. Maybe like They Might Be Giants Americana. Simply awesome.
Mothra: Damn Straight! Shuffling backwoodsfolk-rock with the sense of humor R.E.M. lost.
Rodan: Slightly Irish folk, some funny lyrics. Smooth flow, good stuff.
Gamera: Holy Pure Prairie League, Batman! What the NRBQ is going on here? Nice.

Dirtminers - Meat And Electricity

: Dark downhome Americana - Fans of Slim Cessna listen up. Quirky vocals, cool guit-fiddles.
Mothra: Barhouse boogie. They're not trying to be funny, but they're very funny.
Rodan: Honky tonk rock or something… bar band.
Gamera: What the NRBQ? The special tonight is Meatloaf. Nice guitar and keyboards.

Fireworks Night - It's A Wide, Wide Sea

: Somewhere between 16 Horsepower and Pink Floyd - downbeat lush arrangements, simple and powerful songs.
Mothra: Dark depressing Leonard Cohen vs. Neil Young Suicide stuff. The music of my life.
Rodan: Country folk, very mellow, some eclectic stuff thrown in, interesting.
Gamera: Mazzy Star in reverse. Bit of Tom Waits.

Four Volts - Triple Your Workforce

: Brilliant Synth/guitar hybrid rock, full of punk attitude and pop sensibilities. My favorite new band!
Mothra: It's so damned cool! Ballsy and fun, reminds me of the Kinks.
Rodan: Poppy indie post punk good time rock and roll.
Gamera: Sometimes accidentally in tune. Snotty garage disco that you can't dance to.

Elizabeth McQueen And The Firebrands - Happy Doing What We're Doing

: Hidden pub rock gems interpreted by Texas bar band. Some cool songs played very well.
Mothra: I didn't care about these shitty songs the first time and Captain & Tenille didn't help.
Rodan: Pop country mediocre crap painful
Gamera: Elvis Costello & Dave Edmunds are rolling in their graves. Give me the originals.

Ani Minasian - Mercedes Emerging

: Nicely produced teaser single - sultry vocals on original sounding compositions. Cool guitars, thick groovy bass.
Mothra: Y Kant Tori Write? Songs, that is. Steals from 3 Dog Night and Lynyrd Skynyrd.
Rodan: Adequate bar singer on overproduced songs, but she's got great lips. Mmmm…. Hot!
Gamera: She looks Egyptian, and wants me to bring it on yah. Alanis Less-upset.

Nouvelle Vague - Nouvelle Vague

: Post-punk classics re-invented perfectly into Astrud Gilberto stylings. Beautiful voices and jazzy beats. Such gace!
Mothra: Brazilian lounge could have destroyed these songs, but this is fucking brilliant.
Rodan: Bossa nova covers of post punk songs? This is SWEET!
Gamera: The Girl From Ipo-new wave. 8 ways of hilarious. Too Drunk To Fuck is best.

Pepper - Pepper Live DVD

: Unfortunately video makes lack of energy more evident. Reggae-infused pop music for the dope crowd.
Mothra: Lame frat dub-rock with bullshit radio-station gimmicks. Chili and Red Hot were taken.
Rodan: A less energetic, less talented Sublime. They do like the dirty words.
Gamera: This DVD should be all about the bikini girls and the girl with the blue top.

The Satelliters - Hashish

: Rough, psychedelic 60's flavored garage rock - cool attitude, excellent drums and fuzz. I'm hooked!
Mothra: Raw, fuzzy garage. Seeds, Them, Animals, Troggs, pretty authentic, but not original.
Rodan: 60's style garage rock, not original, but not bad.
Gamera: Was this recorded in 1968? The tones are perfect!

This Providence - Our Worlds Divorce

: The standard by which all emo-pop should be measured. Excellent playing, passionate songs, great harmonies.
Mothra: Coming this spring to the WB…
Rodan: Emo gone wrong. So very wrong.
Gamera: Well made sensitive pop. It's good. I bet they cry if you call them emo.

Eddie Turner - Rise

: Backing bluesman steps to the front. Soulful songs and superb guitar playing make great records.
Mothra: Chris Thomas King tried this and screwed it up. Real good, but the mix sucks.
Rodan: Watered down blues. Uninspired.
Gamera: Every age of blues - delta, electric, R&B, updated for modern times.

The Watermarks - I Will Still Be Wishing

: Brilliant po-mo rock with lots of great synths. An updated Freur. Cool songs, cool sounds.
Mothra: Jesus & Mary Chain mixed with Bowie and U2. Pretty darn good, got my head rocking.
Rodan: Kind of like The Killers, different vibe though. Good music.
Gamera: Spacey keys and shoegazer guitars. Music to wear turtlenecks by.

Elijah Wyman - Beautiful Like Words

: Brilliant lyrics, downbeat excellent guitar work. Neo-folk for the indie rock set. Quirky fun vocals.
Mothra: Nice simple folk music, but no sense of humor, so we must assign him one.
Rodan: Acoustic singer-songwriter stuff. Good songs, but he should give up the singer part.
Gamera: Like the Kermit voice Dylan had after the accident. I wish I could like it.

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