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The continuing saga of a wholy irreverent new way of reviewing albums! It's like sitting in a room with a bunch of jaded music critics and getting a snapshot of how they feel about an album. Honesty and first impressions are the key to the Bargain Basement.
(opinions expressed may not hold true after repeated listenings to albums)

Adema - Planets

: Highly musical hard rock - excellent guitar work, pristine vocals, great drums, understandable lyrics. Awesome!
Jimmy: Heavily processed Nu-math-metal, but with hunky new singer.
Gerald: Better than average Nu-metal. I like the absence of Cookie Monster vocals.
Richard: This is modern rock? Whatever. Earache, my eye.

James Apollo - Good Grief

: Brilliant alt-country-grass. Songs of incredible depth & personality, excellent lyrics, moody passages & hootenanny dirges.
Jimmy: Mix Squirrel Nut Zippers vibe & Sixteen Horsepower & this is what you get. Surprisingly very good.
Gerald: Kind of an alt-country, folky, bluesy, bluegrass feel.
Richard: Sixteen Horsepower without all the dark religious hang-ups.

The Avett Brothers - Live Vol. 2

: Excellent live set from alt-bluegrass troubadours. Brilliant songs, great loose performances, great sense of humor.
Jimmy: Live recordings usually suck, this one doesn't. Great new folk/bluegrass band.
Gerald: Honky tonk bluegrass just banjo and guitar and stand-up bass. Very interesting.
Richard: The indie Kingston Trio mixed with The Proclaimers and Violent Femmes.

Matthew Bayot - Circling Buzzards

: Clever, mildly psychedelic folk/rock music with ethnic instrumentation. Brilliant lyrics, excellent playing, phenomenal production. Cool!
Jimmy: Fascinating Eastern flavored folk. Caustically funny with beautiful layers. We'll be fighting over this.
Gerald: Indian folk laced with jam rock. Very interesting mix of styles.
Richard: What the fuck's a gimpy sitar? I got dibs on this disc. No, YOU shut up.

Kelly Buchanan - Bastard Daughter

: Adequate chick-rock. Edgey songs, excellent musicianship. Lyrics that express all those secret-not-so-secret girl truths.
Jimmy: Strong female vocals, almost rock with country and folk influences. I dig it big time!
Gerald: Upbeat girly folky rock - lots of energy. Not conventional.

Suzy Callahan - Happier Than Everybody Else

: Brilliant, hooky pop-rock - A diversity of phenomenal sounds, excellent songs and genius production. Awesome.
Jimmy: Not sure… It's right on the tip of my tongue… I like it.
Gerald: She's like a Japanese rock girl, but she's not Japanese. Good stuff.

Captain Of Industry - !

: Excellent indie-math-rock album. Technical musicianship married to clever lyrics. Great mood music to chill to.
Jimmy: All the elements of depressing Britpop are in place. It just doesn't grab me.
Gerald: Low key indie rock with Morissey like vocals.
Richard: It's like Television, only more Bunnymen-ier.

The Doxies - Weight Of Gold

: Odd lyrics scattered among cool pop/rock songs that sound like bedroom recordings - in good ways.
Jimmy: The depraved lyrics and sweet-ass organs are nice. The vocals are a bit watery.
Gerald: Sort of 80's revival. Sounds like the Killers & Franz Ferdinand. A little jam-bandy.
Richard: Power-pop minus the power. Like early Tom Petty or Rank & File.

Teri Falini - Sun Under Me

: Magnapop-style rock'n'roll - tons of attitude and good guitar riffs. Very New York.
Jimmy: Aggro chick-pop. Not bad if you're into that, although you may have heard it before.
Gerald: Hard rocking girl like the Breeders, L7, Liz Phair, Hole, and so on…

Jon Fritz - When It's Over

: Mostly cool songs from local Virginian. Cool guitars, some great lyrics and arrangements. Local music.
Jimmy: Pretty folk-rock, simple and not flowery. Nice til he gets a little too Poco.
Gerald: A country-rock John Mayer type singer/songwriter. Nice voice.
Richard: The stupid rhyming Ted Nugent spirit really comes out on "Bitch".

A Gun Called Tension - A Gun Called Tension

: Schizophrenic post-punk-post-rap-techno-dub collective. Cool beats, interesting raps, great lyrics. Like The Fall meets Ludacris.
Jimmy: A less celebratory Outkast mixing new wave, post-grunge and industrial. It's magically delicious.
Gerald: KMFDM, Ministry, Pigface sound with a surprising hip hop twist.
Richard: Killing Joke, Tricky, Babes In Toyland and Cop Shoot Cop had a beautifully ugly baby.

Gunstreetradio - A Fine Line Between

: Well-produced local bar-rock band. Interesting songs, some cool guitars. Trying to get to X.
Jimmy: Sounds like Athens, GA. The harmonies are horrendous. Did I say Rank & File?
Gerald: Less than inspired country-rock.
Richard: Drivin' & Cryin' & cryin' & cryin'.

Heap On The Cheap - Heap On The Cheap

: Good, well-written New York rock. Meaty guitars over throbbing rhythms. The Replacements ride again!
Jimmy: Cheap Trick, that is.
Gerald: Ordinary college rock. Nothing to rave about.

Hillstomp - One Word

: Fucking amazing Delta-style gritty slide blues - perfectly simple arrangements, dark songs, cool sounds, extreme talent.
Jimmy: Crunchy blues, similar to Scott Byram. Very cool record, this noise will be popular.
Gerald: Electric Delta blues crossed with Appalachian bluegrass. Good sound.

The Histrioniks - Homesick From The Grave

: Interesting new-folk with amazing guitar work and odd female vocals. Captivating. Enthralling.
Jimmy: Cool, dark folk. Singer has a sweet voice, but needs to open up. Nice guitar.
Gerald: Very mellow, acoustic girl-goddess rock strangeness.
Richard: Sing-song vocals follow guitar lines too closely. Echoey Spanish guitars are good.

The Holy Fire - The Holy Fire

: Inspiring post-emo rock with Matthew Sweet-style pop edge. Amazing drumming, choice guitars, and great songs.
Jimmy: Boy, this fire is unforgettable. Nice brisk pace, energetic but bleak. Highly recommended.
Gerald: Holy crap! Holy Fire rocks!
Richard: The new saviors of the new rock. Joy Division feel with Britrock ethos.

Kissinger - Me And Otto

: Forget Garage, this is pure rock'n'roll the way it's supposed to be. Thick & heavy.
Jimmy: 70's rock city - Yeeeah! (And it doesn't even suck. They rock!)
Gerald: Good, crunchy, loud Detroit style garage rock. Trans Am not included.

Christopher Mast - If I Told You, I'd Have To Kill You

: Intimate acoustic songs from promising one-man-band. Lots of Townsend influences. Great songwriter & nice production.
Jimmy: Singer/ Songwriter doing light country & blues influenced rock.
Gerald: Acoustic, folky singer/songwriter stuff.
Richard: Nice album title... not refelctive of the music at all, though.

The Moaners - Dark Snack

: Brilliant 2-girl rock - amazing lyrics touched with humor over very cool guitar-work. Sparse and lovely.
Jimmy: A rocker girl that actually sings! Sort of. Nice grooves, Sonic Youth delivery.
Gerald: Gritty, stripped down rock with punky, almost spoken word type vocals.

Steve Porter - Homegrown

: Vince Clarke-inspired techno tracks full of 80's sounds on disco grooves. Very danceable and interesting.
Jimmy: Like fishing in an electron stream. Relaxing and interesting. Soft beat techno.
Gerald: Low key airy electronica, becomes slightly more danceable as album progeesses.
Richard: Dance music for people who hate dance music… like me. Damned catchy.

The Ruby Doe - Always With Wings

: High-energy riff-heavy rock like Therapy? without the giant psychosis. Excellent near-punk almost -metal rockin'.
Jimmy: Good solid clean rock. By definition, what rock should be.
Gerald: I like to rock, and so do these guys.
Richard: All the good things about metal without the crotch-grabbing bullshit and screaming vocals.

Toast - All In

: Anthemic rock songs with cool vocalist, great arrangements, awesome instrumentation. Think The Box, less Euro-.
Jimmy: Grand Funk Overdrive. Awful vocals, then cheesy Joy Division to a Manchester beat.
Gerald: Mediocre bar band with bad vocals.
Richard: Throwing a lot of shit, but ain't none sticking.

Chris Tsefalas - I'm All Right

Ronald: The shiniest pop record of 2005. Cool slurry drumming, brilliant guitars and keyboards, great songs.
Jimmy: Good to hear clever keyboards. Excellent, well-rounded, pop that leaves little to be desired.
Gerald: I have no point of reference for this record, but I like it.
Richard: Genius pop. This record feels like the prefect mid-summer day trip.

War Against sleep - Invitation To The Feast

: Smoother, less-insane Syd Barrett psychedelia, heavy on synthesizers. Brilliant lyrics, excellent songwriting. Captivating & clever.
Jimmy: Killer slow rock. Like if American Music Club was good. Or Eight Horsepower.
Gerald: Nice, soothing, melodic, funky, eclectic. Wish I could read the lyrics.
Richard: A funky, psychedelic Moody fucking Blues. Astute lyrics, totally amazing… Distortionless down-tempo BRMC.

Brandon Wiard - Painting A Burning Building

: Brilliant pop-rock songs filled with cool drumming, nice guitars, good stories, and poor vocals.
Jimmy: Trite late 80's college pop. Smithereens, Rembrandts, Goo Goo Dolls. I'll be in the quad.
Gerald: A little R.E.M. , Lemonheads type stuff.
Richard: This guy squoze all the gay out of Squeeze and rocked it up a notch.

Woody Whatever - The Great Pop

: Very cool indie-techno-folk-pop. Like Beck performing Euro-synth pop on happy pills accompanied by Air.
Jimmy: British influenced rock, very diversified, which is refreshing. Generally simplistic pop.
Gerald: Britpop type of sound - heavy on the synth. Hard to pin down.

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