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The Hype Factory introduces a whole new way of reviewing albums! It's like sitting in a room with a bunch of jaded music critics and getting a snapshot of how they feel about an album.

Bumblebeez 81 - Printz

Groucho: This dude's white, right? Noisy, hip-hop, bassy goodness. One word? Beck.

Zeppo: I bet they use a lot of expensive equipment to make it so lo-fi.

Harpo: Call Thurston Moore's publicist.

Clann Zu - Black Cats And Bandages

Groucho: What's Gaelic for Serge Gainsbourgh?

Zeppo: Powerful, poetic, dark piano based music in a political vein. Gothy Irish stuff. Best G7 release.

Harpo: Moody & Evocative. Darkly brilliant lyrics and soundscapes. Irish Tim Burton suicide music.

Chico: An Australian Tool, perhaps? Darkly gothic, the music doesn't fit into a pre-existing category, per se.

Cryptic Scenery - Ontic

Groucho: A guy on a stage with one spotlight making great use of space.

Zeppo:If Vini Reilly were from Denmark, this would be Bloated Sasquatch Beer Theatre.

Harpo: A sparse and ambient Velvet Underground. Poorly poetic, ultimately intriguing. Soundtrack to someone's madness.

Earl Slick - Zig Zag

Groucho: Amazing collection of great songs with great singers from a modern guiitar icon.

Zeppo: Wait a second... Didn't he already play this one? This is bullshit, man!

Harpo: Like a new wave Santana, others sing for him. Instrumentals sound like Satriani.

Eleven Eleven - Head

Groucho: If you dig Adorable, Ride, Swervedriver... This record is for you.

Zeppo: I'm making new genres. This is Emo-gaze. One bit Emo, Two bits 'gaze.

Harpo: Overproduced shoegazer guitar rock- Creed versus Ride. Too many layers, not enough depth. Better slow.

Inouk - Search For The Bees e.p.

Groucho: If I were an English teacher, this guy gets an A+ for enunciation.

Zeppo: Vaguely Adam Ant-ish. Only different. But the same. Psychedelic Duran Ant Pink Devo music.

Harpo: Awesome snotty post-punk like Wire meets Bowie. Good song structure. Extended childhood angst.

Kalpana - Hors De Combat

Groucho: Nice riffs with no songs built around them, or any way to get out.

Zeppo: These guys take Metallica riffs, mix in math rock, and sing me to sleep.

Harpo: Nice guitar work. Mellow vocals. Can I crash on your couch?.

Chico: So understated that I fell asleep.

Killer Squirrel - Self-released

Groucho: Is this Henry Alarm Clock?

Zeppo: A bedroom punk album? In 2004? I love it. Campy sound and lyrics.

Harpo: One man. One drum machine. One guitar lesson. One night only.

Lauren Gifford - Sitting Pretty

Groucho: Little bits of jazz melted together for a great modern pop album. Downbeat and beautiful.

Zeppo: She's white, isn't she? Decent R'n'B from Frank & Kathy's daughter. Creative rhythms, ethereal harmonies.

Harpo: All the chicks dig Ani Difranco. Or Sarah McLachlan. Or Norah Jones.

Chico:Prodigiously talented pianist with rock, jazz, and classical influences. Lyrics are smart and mildly tempestuous.

New Planet Trampoline - Curse Of The...

Groucho: Pinch of Roky Ericson. Dash of Syd Barrett. Cup of Beatles. BAM! Psychedelic yummyness.

Zeppo: I haven't heard old style psychedlia this good since early Bevis Frond.

Harpo: The weirdest, fucked-up Beatles caricatures since The Beatles. All echoey organs and guitar.

Chico: Trippy, fun and bright in a sticky, cotton-candy-fueled-funhouse-delirium way. Sounds like The Who in Disneyland.

Oxford Collapse - Some Wilderness

Groucho: Math rock now has something punkier! Interesting, great feedback. Like Mark E Smith - different drugs..

Zeppo:Psychedelic, jazzy indie rock with garage rock singer. Pretty damn sweet. Like Unrest.

Harpo: The Durutti Column got a singer, an organ, and some meth.

Plan: Be - Antiform

Groucho: Incredible flow, amazing political lyrics, creative beats and music, but one cat lisps like Tyson.

Zeppo: Could be thinking man's hip hop, but can't understand a word they say..

Harpo: Politically charged rap fused with interesting rhythms and clever samples. An awful lot going on..

Salif Keita - Remixes From Moffou

Groucho: I get it. Trance remixes with Middle Eastern flair. Far too redundant for me.

Zeppo: I'm driving... I'm driving... But I don't seem to be getting anywhere.

Harpo: What makes you think indigenous Eastern music is enhanced by splicing and bleeping? Fucking Westerners.

Slicker - We All Have A Plan

Groucho: Clean hip-hop. Sultry R'n'B. Lite dub. Brilliant production. Amazingly complex. I just don't get it.

Zeppo: West coast fusion, funk, house, acid jazz, and dub. Left me confused and content..

Harpo: Hip-hop with impossible to follow, abrasive beats. The R'n'B tracks are good. REAL GOOD.

Chico: Smoky Jazz club, Beatnik poetry bar and gangsta rap/hip-hop. Whatever you're thinking, you have no idea; it's out there.

Suffocation - Souls To Deny


Zeppo: Lack of education. Suffocation. The band we hate to play..

Harpo: People still listen to this? Outside of Sweden? I'm highly skeptical, and sickened. Gearheads!.

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