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The Hype Factory introduces a whole new way of reviewing albums! It's like sitting in a room with a bunch of jaded music critics and getting a snapshot of how they feel about an album.

Mike Corrado Band - Live At Thalian Hall DVD

Ford: The drummer rocks. Too bad the music doesn't. Adult Contemporary is alive? Here's your proof.

Arthur: Good video quality. Enough said.

Zaphod: Doughboy hair. Pillsbury physique. Dotsero Dockers jazz that makes Dave Matthews look hip. Manimal drumming.

Trillian: Yvan Eht Nioj. Damned adult contemp... eh...

8-Bit Revival - Up & Atom

Ford: Awesome band name. Solid Emo record, only this guy knows how to sing... mostly.

Arthur: Teen girls will love this more than Rooney.

Zaphod: Post-emo Morrissey no melody. Singer never practiced before recording. Dig out the Wedding Present.

Trillian: Decent Emo pop. Not catchy enough but not unbearable to listen to.

Of Montreal - Satanic Panic In The Attic

Ford: Simply amazing psychedlia pop with hints of everything imaginable. This is just one guy?

Arthur: Should I have chicken or duck?

Zaphod: Awesome vaudevillian trippy hippy. More important than Pet Sounds. "Vegan In Furs" is brilliant.

Trillian: Clever and fun, layered, groovy. Lil bit o' everything.Shopping sequence movie music.

40 Piece Choir - Tennessee

Ford: Extremely talented Chicago quintet, indie rock with bits of lazy country. Sonically very diverse.

Arthur: Duck. Yes, duck.

Zaphod: Darkish, but not bullshit. X plus Mazzy Star dived by Sixteen Horsepower. Best living room recording ever.

Ness - Up Late With People

Ford: Musical schizophrenia. Some awesome rock, some good 70's Bowie style, but Queen is still bad.

Arthur: It started to rock... then it didn't.

Zaphod: While at a Bowie concert, Billy Squier, Supertramp and John Lennon envision their next albums.

Ward White - Lovely Invalids

Ford: Clever literate lyrics served on a crispy bed of beautiful polished pop music.

Arthur: That was good duck.

Zaphod: Robert Smith got lithium. 60's Brit-based pop with a forked tongue.

Trigger 10d - But The Girl's The Same

Ford: Occasionally interesting EBM. Less dark than dancey, like Madonna fronting a groovier Frontline Assembly.

Arthur: You got a funny name. The first ten minutes of silence was the best part.

Zaphod: Unchug, unchug, unchug. Anyone playing this when i roll up next to their VW, better duck!

Trillian: Does John Cage know about this? He'll sue, you know. I've seen him do it.

Systems Officer - Systems Officer

Ford: Emo wunderkind delivers five entrancing songs. Downbeat, beautiful, melancholy, captivating. More please!

Arthur: I didn't hate it. The duck, that is.

Zaphod: Donald Fagen fronting the Police. Pretty nursery rhyme guitars, creative drumming.

West - We Feel Better Now

Ford: Post-punk returns! Darkly driving songs with simple, powerful lyrics. Understated, phenominal. Good Joy division.

Arthur: Wrong direction.

Zaphod: Delightfully depressing like Joy Division. Mean spirited like Chris Rea. I like it a lot.

Disinterested - Past Is Never Far

Ford: Collected atmospheres from an amazing guitarist. Amazing sound, great sleepy-time music.

Arthur: Yes, I am.

Zaphod: Are you ready to sleep, Chicago? I said... Are YOU READY TO SLEEP!?

Trillian: Hypnotic pulsing.

Oblivion - Garden In The Machine

Ford: Light groove metal with disestablishmentarian messages. Very literate and provocative, beautiful melodies and harmonies. Tesla, anyone?

Arthur:Make it stop. The duck, that is.

Zaphod: Identity crisis. a little funk metal, a little Tool, and sap-metal. Like Extreme to the extreme.

Modulator - Don't Hold Out On Me e.p.

Ford: Catchy, humorous, brilliant lyrics. Synth-pop with just enough guitar. Very 80's, great vocalist.

Arthur: There is no love like computer geek love.

Zaphod: Cute new wave from dorks obsessed with Kelly LeBrock. Very fun.

Trillian: I did... They made this in Texas? I'm stupified.

Bluetoxin - Written In Code

Ford: Interesting organic beep-beep music. An updated Strange Advanced. Nicely produced.

Arthur: If ingested, please call your local poison control center.

Zaphod: Some dark wave electronics, real drums, and Marc Almond cabaret. Better than most.

Suran Song In Stag - Kitty Igloo & The Plastic Stereo

Ford: Before Blondie was disco, they were punk. This is that, but silly and loose.

Arthur: I must have been reaaally evil in a past life.

Zaphod: Some dispassionate broad singing like Patti Smith over a sweet-ass bass.

Blue Sunrays - Sugarbowl e.p.

Ford: Reminiscent opf Vapors and Kinks. Lo-fi garage rhythms and post-punk/britpop guitar lines. Spooky vocals.

Arthur: My mother always told me... if you can't say anything nice...

Zaphod: Pretty good update on slick garage rock ala ? and the Mysterians and/or Doors.

Trillian: Amazing artwork. Less than amazing music. Too bad, really.

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