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The continuing saga of a wholly irreverent new way of reviewing albums! It's like sitting in a room with a bunch of jaded music critics and getting a snapshot of how they feel about an album. Honesty and first impressions are the key to the Bargain Basement.
(opinions expressed may not hold true after repeated listenings to albums)

Android Ethic - Inertia

- Clean modern pop-rock, similar to soft Spacehog. Interesting lyrics, great playing… just doesn't drive.
Spridle - Abject emotion tends to remain emotion. This whiner is begging for a lead lobotomy.
Sprocket - Radiohead ruined another band.
Chim Chim - I blame Bono for the rise in falsetto singing underpants wearing lily-huggers.

Biirdie - Morning Kills The Dark

- Dark, downbeat indie-pop-folk. Say Hi To Your Mom mixed with Red House Painters. Beautiful, dreamy.
Spridle - Leonard Cohen meets Todd Rundgren & The Pogues. Boppy, but dark with serious depth. Awesome, resonant.
Sprocket - Decent band that makes indie cool again. I dig this record.
Chim Chim - All encompassing, entrancing, fulfilling, like Madness with a broken heart and bad childhood… Excellent lyrics.

Tom Brosseau - What I Mean To Say Is Goodbye

- Amazing stories piled on beautiful acoustic palettes. Tons of soul & depth. Sings like Turin Brakes.
Spridle - Weird, intriguing androgynous folk. Mellow, and the opposite of annoying. He's the female Devendra Banhart.
Sprocket - Strongly melodic country inspired indie music. Very pretty.
Chim Chim - Sara Watkins plays on this? I love you Sara Watkins! More than the middle Dixie Chick.

Chinaski - Megaton Robotic Apple Pie

- California pop-metal, cool songs, but recording lacks all high end. Some nice guitar work.
Spridle - Flat, one dimensional construction paper rock. Needs to be harder to be hard rock.
Sprocket - Non-threatening bar room metal that reminds me of warm, flat beer.
Chim Chim - Much better cover art than music…Hey! That's Joel Hodgson!

Coyote - Insides

- Now, that's some fucking guitar playing - wicked fuzztones on dirgy, piano-thick dark punk. Very nice.
Spridle - Disturbed Talking Heads stuff. Nice piano rhythms. Suitably jarring Tom Waits pomp. Excellent.
Sprocket - The loud intense vocals grow on you.
Chim Chim - The carnival ain't over, motherfucker. Birthday Party clean up.

Deep Thinkers - Necks Move

- Solid, groovalicious hip-hop. Excellent rapping over infectious beats, excellent DJ work. Awesome collection of sound.
Spridle - Usually, I like a lot of words. Buf for this, I'll make an exception. Nice arrangements.
Sprocket - MC with style & decent form. Very progressive & unique DJ work. Impressive record.
Chim Chim - This does not offend my ears… not rapping about bitches & hos. I like it.

Charles Douglas - Statecraft

- That's some fine indie-pop derived from Beach Boys, Matthew Sweet, Weezer, Jesus & Mary Chain.
Spridle - Every song is a verse in the same dumb unfinished lousy love song.
Sprocket - Sounds familiar. Pretty sure the last twelve indie-rock bands sounded like this. Still good though.
Chim Chim - I especially enjoy the downbeat beauty of the song about The Prisoner… cool songs.

Kingsley - Kingsley

- Simply beautiful, psychotic rock music. Amazing guitars, moody, crunchy, driving… cool synthesizers. Fucking awesome.
Spridle - Chunky guitars and cool keys tones while unassuming man sneaks out the vocals. T-rex Numan.
Sprocket - Rocking guitars, subtle vocals, works well. Major Tom vibe on song 2 was cool.
Chim Chim - Not only yes, but HELL YES! Beggars, but heavier guitrs and driving rhythms. Urge Underkill.

Corrinne May - Safe In A Crazy World

- Beautiful songs from a resonantly siren-voiced chanteuse. Fans of AAA girl pop rejoice.
Spridle - Sounds like Vanessa Carlton. The uvula of music - you can never remember her name.
Sprocket - This should play well on the radio. The 13-year-old girls will dig it.
Chim Chim - Celine Dion pop with inane, awkward, embarrassing lyrics. Also overproduced.

Nathan Montgomery - For Your Ears Only

- Brilliant solo acoustic guitar recordings. Downtempo Kottke style to fast paced McLaughlin. Extraordinary & beautiful.
Spridle - Jazz-grass. More listenable than Coryell. Fancy, but you can follow it. Captivating.
Sprocket - Very clever, technical live acoustic guitar… for those that dig such things.
Chim Chim - Michael Hedges is from Mars. Montgomery is from Venus. Never plays the wrong note.

Casey Neill - Memory Against Forgetting

- Dark alt-folk covering myriad topics. Excellent lyrics, amazing variety of music. Full of soul & depth.
Spridle - Damn! Jerry Jeff Walker style. Fine songs and booming sound. Top ten material.
Sprocket - Impressive heartfelt folk. Strong thick vocals. Hope to hear more.
Chim Chim - Jay Farrar Warren Zevon Michael Stipe Gordon Lightfoot Shane McGowan Herman Jolly Christie Moore Springsteen

Ostinauto - The Whole World Spinz Away

- Overproduced multi-rhythmic pop music. Very cool sounds and grooves, lacks soul and vision.
Spridle - Roots pop? Against all odds, I like it. Something innocent and hopeful about it.
Sprocket - Yawn… boring. Uncreative lyrically and musically. What is Ostin?
Chim Chim - Is that my sister? Bob Swanson looks familiar, too.

Gene Owens - Fugitive Moments

- Highly introspective songs from a modern troubadour. Ranging from soft & low to solid rock'n'roll.
Spridle - It's okay in a Smithereens way, but wouldn't you rather be inspired?
Sprocket - He has nothing on the first song, but the rest isn't too bad.

Sparkwood - Jalopy Pop

- Nice, lightly orchestrated pop music. Jellyfish without the cajones. Very cool synthesizer work.
Spridle - Nice production for Beach Beatles, XTC, Weezer, Oasis sappy smarm.
Sprocket - I stopped listening after the Vwbug on the cover of the album.
Chim Chim - Who is this Bart Pader, and what has he done with Anakin Skywalker?

Summer Set - Summer Set

- Thick North Carolina indie-pop. Cool songs infused with resonant keys and guitars. Brilliantly cool rock.
Spridle - Cool downbeat Beack-ish rock. Bits of Americana, great tones. Too hip for hipsters.
Sprocket - Simple, subtle, sweet.
Chim Chim - I read this magazine for the articles and Redbook for the recipes.

Tall Grass Captains Of Greater Chicago - She Moved Through

- Dirty, supersonic psychedelic pop - Beatles for new millennia. Tons of cool stuff happening.
Spridle - Diamond Dogs. Very full, enjoyable sound. Sensitive & beautiful. They really thought this out. Buy two.
Sprocket - Songs start out strong & then fizzle out. The Beatles recycled… again.
Chim Chim - I prefer the Tall Grass Captains Of Greater DeBuke, but still better then Wings.

The TenPoundFactor - Fed 'Til We're Dead

- Lush rock music spanning genres - highly melodic, enthralling lyrics, cool guitars. Fans of everything.
Spridle - The camera adds ten pounds of shit in a five pound bag.
Sprocket - Basic rock that doesn't suck, doesn't inspire either.

Taj Weekes & Adowa - Doubt

- Best reggae I've heard in years. Confusing lyrically, but musically beautiful. Perfect summer day.
Spridle - Eartha Kitt of the islands. Jah history repeating. Stellar reggae with no dancehall interruptions.
Sprocket - Can't understand a Jah-damned thing she has to say, but good album nonetheless.

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