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The continuing saga of a wholly irreverent new way of reviewing albums! It's like sitting in a room with a bunch of jaded music critics and getting a snapshot of how they feel about an album. Honesty and first impressions are the key to the Bargain Basement.

(opinions expressed may not hold true after repeated listenings to albums)
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The Aggrolites - Reggae Hit L.A.

- Grooving and vibey white ska music with some serious Motown overtones. Very nice and skankin'.
Lindsey - White devil, stop robbing the lost tribe of Judah. Black Crowes reggae.
Christina - Someplace in Middle America somebody will be amazed by reggae.
Brittany - Techno reggae, man! Rock the Casio, man! Work it, man!

Lawrence Blatt - Out Of The Woodwork

- Very intricate fingerpicked solo-acoustic guitar tunes. Like a melancholy Leo Kottke or less-jazzy Michael Hedges.
Lindsey - Quite nice gentle guitar. Makes doing a lot of stuff sound easy. May cause drowsiness.
Christina - Soothing.
Brittany - Purdy acoustic guitar stuff.

Brighton MA - Brighton MA

- Chapterhouse, then Echo & The Bunnymen, then Pink Floyd. Then Dylan? A bit of Zookeeper for measure.
Lindsey - Churchy, Simple Mind-y, Billy Bragg-y, spot on all the way. Eight thumbs up.
Christina - Good stuff. Not helping the drowsy state I'm in.
Brittany - Not bad Dylan-style record recycle.

Canon - Wide Awake

- Orchestral Radiohead mixed with a dose of Roger Waters' paranoia. Very musical and dreamy. Awesome!
Lindsey - Layered electric piano over clever arrangements. Artsy in a respectable way. Pretty nice.
Christina - Radiohead. They probably argue this with admiring fans after every show.
Brittany - Queens Of The Stone Age meet Radiohead in a melodic smash up.

Cloud Cult - The Meaning Of 8

- Anthemic Midlake-style indie rock/jumpy electro with bits of Polyphonic Spree and Flaming Lips.
Lindsey - Cloud Cult tastes metallic. Not great Flaming Lips, but when they were tolerable. Quizzically interesting.
Christina - Boring.
Brittany - This is very ok. I dig it. Schizophrenic rock that doesn't stay in one place.

Gerald Collier - How Can There Be Another Day?

- Incredibly poetic and rich alt-country music with tons of soul and brilliance. A must-hear record.
Lindsey - Intelligent folky nu-country rock made by folks who live it. Not hipsters, damn good.
Christina - Shining moments of alt-country that distracted me from the Irish gent magazine.
Brittany - Some good singer/songwriter style covers.

Linda Draper - Keepsake

- Beautiful acoustic tracks from a talented singer-songwriter with gobs of soul. Introspective and gentle songs.
Lindsey - Velvet Underground. Nice when she does more than a syllable per measure. Very pretty.
Christina - Probably lyrically deep. Zzzzzzzzz. Michelle Shocked.
Brittany - Nu-hippie music for the sensitive modern masses.

Duke And The Drivers - Harder Than Before

- Boston's bluesy bar-roomers troubadours kick it out with another strong set of groovy & original tunes.
Lindsey - Dr. John for sports fans & MILFs. If this is harder, I don't need to hear before.
Christina - Face-planting in egg cream.
Brittany - R&B for the older, white middle class group.

Feature Presentation - To You The Past And The Questions Left Unanswered

- Poppy emo like you've heard hundreds of times, but with better lyrical and guitar quality.
Lindsey - Isn't The O.C. cancelled? Breathy, whiny, hard emo… just put the syllable anywhere.
Christina - On the radio in one year, Warped Tour in two, impregnating a former Mouseketeer in three.
Brittany - Boring vanilla rock that follows the homogenous radio-play template for "aggressive youthful band".

Jeff Finlin - Angels In Disguise

- College-rock-Americana with a lackadaisical groove and a vaguely John Hiatt vibe. Occasionally psychedelic, always cool.
Lindsey - I like his fake drawl, clever song structure, syncopation and nice thoughtful lyrics. Quite enjoyable.
Christina - I have no idea why Jeff has a myspace page.
Brittany - Twangy grocery shopping music.

Scott Fisher & 1a.m. Approach - Step Into The Future

- Beautiful piano-driven hippy pop. Squeezes in many words and nice melodies. Great keyboards and drumming.
Lindsey - Great band from hard bop to light pop, but dude sings babytalk soul.
Christina - Got kicked out of Jamiroquai. Ruining Irish titty magazine.
Brittany - It is Fisher and not Frente, right? Market has already been cornered dear.

Gore Gore Girls - Get The Gore

- Full-on rock'n'roll music with a rockabilly touch… like the sexy girl Social Distortion… mellower Moaners.
Lindsey - Big sound AC/DC-loving meaty beaty big & bouncy. Great vocals, lousy lyrics. I'd do them.
Christina - Fun-spirited garage rock as sung by hot chicks.
Brittany - The more-than-slightly-overdone tough girl band sound… roller derby anyone?

Steve Gulley - Sounds Like Home

- High lonesome bluegrassy country music from a clear, honest voice. Great playing and harmonies. Tight!
Lindsey - Back porch country, drinking Tang and making twang. Mighty fine like Doc Watson/Dillards.
Christina - There's nothing as painful as old-timey music that isn't backing a Coen Brother's movie.
Brittany - Plain, simple, earthy country done the way it should be.

The Johnbenders - Nine Pound Hammer EP

- Like the Cure all emo'd and new-disco'd out. Great drumming, nice lyrics, strong musicality.
Lindsey - If Duran Duran didn't care about getting chicks… oh wait, that's the Fixx.
Christina - Sounds like Robert Smith/AFI with rock behind it.
Brittany - Whiney goth indie rock voice crooning over emo rock.

Lorraine Jordan & Carolina Road - Carolina Road

- Nice traditional bluegrass album - great selection of songs and some great playing, beautiful vocal harmonies.
Lindsey - Trad mountain music. Upbeat and played hot. Harmonies so tight it's incestuous. Amazing mandolin.
Christina - Play this if you want to get the woodland animals excited and return yourself to sportsmanship.
Brittany - Fancy finger picking.

No River City - Wolves And Fishes

- Dark rock-country-folk with just enough twang and high lonesome wailing.
Lindsey - Country rock. Nuff said. The Irish did it better.
Christina - There is a planet of alt-rock and nobody will let the Empire complete a Death Star.
Brittany - Solid, heartfelt, down-home guitar folk rock reminiscent of Don McLean.

The Original Mark Edwards - The Doom Loop

- Some very cool psychedelia from OME. A bit more electro in his off-brand Americana/rock this time out.
Lindsey - Annoying music by late 70's BMX kids. Too much pot, Kroft Supershow, and jersey t-shirts.
Christina - Pretty cool. A little Beach Boys after 4 beers and Irish laddie magazines.
Brittany - Rocking music for musicians… a little too far out for general consumption.

Peter Pan Speedrock - Spread Eagle

- Hard rock Dutch style… Blistering guitar lines and throttling drums underscore melodic screaming vocals. Mean.
Lindsey - Nasty, heavy, thick & fast. Testament. Prong. Motorhead.
Christina - Yep.
Brittany - The name alone is worth five stars. Music isn't as good as the name, but almost.

The Pines - Sparrows In The Bell

- Fucking brilliant dark country-folk… Iron & Wine on laudanum, with a wicked bit of twang. Remarkable.
Lindsey - Slow, depressing folk the way it should be. 16 Horsepower, Leonard Cohen. Classic.
Christina - Play this in the trees and it will be so much easier to pick off woodland animals.
Brittany - Indie folk at its finest. These kids could go big, mark my words.

Lou Rhodes - Beloved One

- Amazingly complex, personal record from former Lamb frontwoman. All acoustic guitars and pretty melodies. Beautiful.
Lindsey - Thoughtful warble-folk with nice low end from cello & double bass. Emmylou meets Rasputina.
Christina - Tribal, if your tribe is Tori Amos.
Brittany - Not bad for a hippie! I actually kind of like it.

Silver Sun - Dad's Weird Dream

- Brilliant edgy power pop from the UK… awesome harmonies & highly melodic lines. Nice drumming.
Lindsey - A juiced-up Bay City Rollers. Very fresh rhythms & harmonies. I want spacefood sticks.
Christina - Great melodies, interesting arrangements, challenging guitarwork - Solid.
Brittany - Chipper Saturday morning cartoon lyrics backed by power chords.

Mick Sterling - Between Saturday Night And Sunday Morning

- Rootsy blues-bar music with great soulful voice and classic R'n'B vibe. Doesn't get much better.
Lindsey - Haggar doing Dr. John. Too much vocal sliding. Lay off that and you're just cheesy.
Christina - Good R'n'B that does nothing for me without Schlitz and 40-year-old divorced tits.
Brittany - White trash wannabe blues that sounds too much like Christian rock to be soulful.

Syrup - Syrup

- If you like your BTO with a little punky edge, this one's for you.
Lindsey - Kicking glam-metal like Monster Magnet. Great guitar. Ditch the thrift store get-ups.
Christina - Good stuff. If Fu Manchu did Southern rock, this would be it.
Brittany - Cliché stoner rock novelty band.

Vulture Whale - Vulture Whale

- Really great indie rock from Wes McDonald. Kinda like Polak run-up with Dinosaur Jr.
Lindsey - Weird phrasing. I like that. A bit of snotty Stones clever chord choices.
Christina - Good. I'm presently distracted by a titty magazine from Ireland.
Brittany - European riffs and banal lyrics make for a mildly interesting record.

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