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The continuing saga of a wholly irreverent new way of reviewing albums! It's like sitting in a room with a bunch of jaded music critics and getting a snapshot of how they feel about an album. Honesty and first impressions are the key to the Bargain Basement.
(opinions expressed may not hold true after repeated listenings to albums)

April Skies - Flood

- Good band, not crazy or interesting. A step above Muzak.
Adama - Tom Petty without the whining, Counting Crows without the hippie.
Starbuck - Two steps above Muzak.
Boomer - Fury In The Slaughterhouse with a bit less soul, but the same perfect musicianship.
Boxey - Not going to surprise too often. Good songs, amateur vocals. Earnest rock. (Shallow)

Automatic Duo - Black Is Beautiful

- Beck...calling Beck... yet still manages to rock, because Beck rocks.
Adama - Like the "Plant Man" song. And "Because I Got High...On Plants" and Robert Plant.
Starbuck - Lo-fi groove rock - think Beck - Tons of musical talent, cool songs. SanApollo and friggin' Son.
Boomer -Simple, rewarding as white wine & an okay joint.
Boxey -Campy, quirky, occasionally interesting, and I tried hard not to think Beck.

The Brimstone - Solar Radiation Band

- Talented, upbeat, weird overtones (mandolin, congos) 70's recording values- sounds good on 8-track.
Adama - Early 70-s rock re-invented into a more pure and melodic form. Astonishingly beautiful.
Starbuck - Recycled old noises made new and interesting again. Give me Brimstones or give me death!
Boomer - Late psychedelic brilliance from Norway's finest export. Bevis Frond taken to the next sonic level.

Casionauts - Bailamos Morimos Juntos

- Fun, nerdy. Can't hear the music without horn-rimmed glasses.
Adama - Awesome song titles, songs are not so good.
Starbuck - A step in the evolution of monkeys towards writing Shakespeare. Still fucking far away.
Boomer - Energetic new wave, like The Zom Zoms all pissed off. Or The Briefs. Thrilling, funny, and smart.
Boxey - Uber-clever new-wave indie punk. Great drumming, great cool synthesizer. Fucking Brilliant!

Cats & Jammers - Propose Toast

- The pop version of your favorite mid-80's punk band.
Adama - Like The Vandals crossed with Unrest, withour the fabulous guitar.
Starbuck - Think of your favorite band to go see live. This is them! Good, solid pop roc.
Boomer - Pop- punk rip-offs on the tip of your tongue.
Boxey - Poser punk remixed. What you've heard before, put in a blender, then cleaned up.

Jonathon Greer - Essex

- Symphonic spread with electronic manipulations. The movie in my head gets two thumbs way up.
Adama - Score from an unknown film. Very cool layers of sound. Brilliant structure - amazing sound.
Starbuck - The soundtrack which tackles life in a wondrous, totally sexless journey into self-discovery. Sounds like therapy.
Boomer - Must...use...every...synth...I...wasted...money...on. Flute fetishist soundtrack.
Boxey - Not bad for a soundtrack.

Niall James Holohan - A Beautiful Corpse

- Entrancing & quirky Indie rock - brilliant lyricism, varied musicality. Strong songwriting, but lacks direction.
Adama - Club Med on the Emerald Isle.
Starbuck - Intimate, directionless lite pop with nice dark lyrics.
Boomer -Electronica to Disco to fiifties prom music, spans decades of lousy music. Squeeze Byrds into Crowded House.
Boxey - Just because you call yourself the "Dark Prince Of Pop" does not make it so.

Innaway - Innaway

- It's Portishead. Culling the heavy-hearted song from the Brit-pop herd.
Adama - Mildly psychedelic, in a slow, dark opiate way. Spaced out, mellow and echoey.
Starbuck - Downbeat psychedelic pop with breathy unsure vocals.
Boomer - Hit & misses. The hits rock, the misses...well, miss.

J. Page - Goodbye Chapel Hill

-Face To Face with a throatfull of mucus. Decent pop-punk, but needs antibiotics.
Adama - Chunky pseudo-punk rock with Bosstones flavor, minus ska. Best liner notes of the year.
Starbuck - Emo-hardcore as rough, sensitive and general as restroom condoms.
Boomer - Unmighty Bosstones clones too tired to get off the couch.

Kelda - Detour

- The usual girl-rock. Not ground-breaking, but not painful.
Adama - AAA Lilith Fair stuff Great voice, but lame Carly Simon song-structures.
Starbuck - Brilliant girl pop - sometimes downbeat, sometimes upbeat, but interesting and nicely in-key. Nice.
Boomer - Strong, lilting harmonies, natural delivery, lackluster arrangements.
Boxey - Nice pipes. Needs to fire her producer.

The Midget - The Midget

- Alt-Indie-Country-Pop genius. Like Looper on lo-fi banjo folk steroids. Very sonically interesting, cool lyrics.
Adama - Lazy. The rock in rocking chair-who let them in Eric's room?
Starbuck - Lo-fi alt-banjo-funk-retro-rock-country with people too short to sing on key. Creative, but doesn't measure up.
Boomer - Hitchiker's Guide theme done indie-pop style. This is the guy the geeks beat up.

The Pindrops - The Pindrops

- The wacky lo-fi Beatles. Brilliant lyrics imbedded between cool quacking guitars and cooler harmonies.
Adama - Good old, off-beat, talented & folksy rock. What happens when the pedals cost more than the guitar.
Starbuck - The most indie of all great indie bands. Moody dark and quirky, Violent Femmes Style.
Boomer - Your basic rock band. You almost want to sing along. Surprisingly decent too.

Spunhuny - Spunhuny

- Make your own clothing, drugs and way across the country. Horrible.
Adama - If you're into Deadhead, you'll dig it. But if you're like me, you'll puke.
Starbuck - Mildly Psychedelic jam rock. Musically proficient, but lacking soul and purpose. Mostly tasteful, occasionally ridiculous.
Boxey - I graciously decline to comment.

Syd Matters - Someday We Will Foresee Obstacles

- Low-beat neo-folk. Somewhere between Czars and Red House Painters. Moody, dark, extremely beautiful. Bela Union.
Adama - Really good mellow indie rock.
Starbuck - Whiskey Town without being so lovesick. Sparklehorse.
Boomer -All but hopeless, depressing folk. Fertile, soothing, nourishing. Cohen with everyman lyrics.

Underdog - 3 Tracks

- I dig the album cover. It rocks!
Adama - Big meandering sound with little effect.
Starbuck - Good solid British hard rock, chunky guitars, excellent melody. Pristine songwriting, fine production.
Boomer - Often bleak, occasionally ambitious. Joyless, but talented.

Uru - Uru

- Afro-Euro-ballad-pseudosultry torch singing. Might be intoxicating if she actually stayed on note.
Adama - Mellow Afrobeat blended R&B that would impress your girlfriend and show your sensitive side.
Starbuck - Breathy pop R&B, often off-key. But nice off-kilter arrangements. The soul Jarboe?
Boomer - Slow-down electronic African/Reggae AAA music. Sonically very interesting, but disparate parts distract.
Boxey - Every stripper has a dream, like making her own R&B record.

Zox - The Wait

- Changeup ska, chameleon band that you can hear almost any other group mixed in.
Adama - Bush unplugged. Then plugged. Then planted. Nice dynamics and builds.
Starbuck - Musically awesom ska-pop rock stuff. Ultra-proficient players on great songs. Unspeakably amazing. Cool violins!
Boomer - Sprinklings of suspenseless ska mingle with overwrought, and occasionally catchy pop.
Boxey - Sounds like a million different bands. I think that is awesome.

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