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The continuing saga of a wholly irreverent new way of reviewing albums! It's like sitting in a room with a bunch of jaded music critics and getting a snapshot of how they feel about an album. Honesty and first impressions are the key to the Bargain Basement.
(opinions expressed may not hold true after repeated listenings to albums)

This Months Episode: Bury The Hatchet

Amalgamation - Flu

- The few hooks they have sound borrowed from better songs. The sum is greater than the whole.
Hannibal - So close to being good it hurts. The pieces just don't seem to fit.
Miggs - Like a concoction of Metallica with Blink 182 that ends up being somewhat flavorless
OJ - Quicktime 80s pop with occasionally heavy guitar riffs, flawed tempo and no significant value.
(Drummer's name misspelled as "Perterson" vs. "Peterson" in liner notes/band credits)

Anti-Social Music - Sings The Great American Songbook

- Experimental ambient jazz-noise. Individual parts are better than the whole.
Hannibal - Punk orchestra? Wow, tantalizing and somehow I feel more edumacated.
Miggs - Tone deaf singers, no recognizable form of melody. Just plain awful.
OJ - Not original enough to merit any sort of gushing praise. Need New Body does it better.

The Awkward Romance - To Breathe Is To Compromise EP

Bill - Good-energy, eclectic pop/punk. Snare drum sounds like the backside of a five gallon bucket.
Hannibal - Varies between decent and mediocre alt-rock. Nothing very distinguishing.
Miggs - Very similar to Simple Plan with a pop-punk-alternative style and some good tunes
OJ - Emo/rock mix that was utterly forgettable.

Bishop - Rock On

- Bassy, Southern-Rock with simplified drumming; good sound, but needs a defibrillator to make it rock.
Hannibal - Should be awesome but falls short into bland territory. Production doesn't adequately grab their energy.
Miggs - This band sounds a lot like Soundgarden with a hint of 311, decent rock album.
OJ - Well done, basic 3-piece rock. If you're looking for depth, this ain't it.

Blame Gary - Between the Syntax Errors

- Understated lead guitar work wasted on cookie-cutter pop-punk.
Hannibal - Bland hard rock emo combination that fails to move or be original.
Miggs - Jock rock with some punk influence. This band is nothing special
OJ - Pretty solid and well done at times. Mostly a generic teen punk rock band.

Brady Bastards - The Deep End

- Solid pop-punk with good beats and devil-may-care attitude. Like a stripped down Aquabats.
Miggs - A variety of styles including pop, rock, punk, hard rock. Best when they stick to punkish pop
OJ - Not strong enough vocals - too bad because the music, lyrics, production all rocked.

Caldwell - Accidental Renovation

- Some mighty fine hooks and energy, but leaves me wishing they could carry it further.
Miggs - These guys beat the dead horse of metal/hardcore with little to no skill or originality
OJ - Solid, if unmemorable, music, good screaming, great shouting, TERRIBLE singing.

Coffinberry - From now on

- Laconic rock, like a faster Bob Dylan. Except you can understand his words.
Miggs - An artsy pop album which blends pop rhythms and chord progressions with plenty of dissonance.
OJ - If discord is pleasing to your ears, this is for you. Not bad, if a little jarring.

Control_Z - System Failure

- Technically good, but anachronistic and uninteresting. Self-produced, and sounds like it.
Hannibal - Not too bad, sounds a bit like Alice In Chains mixed with Queensryche. Too cliché.
Miggs - They can play and sing, but there's no originality. Sounds like Tool and Megadeth mixed.
OJ - Vocalist sounds like a mix of Ronnie James Dio and the singer from Papa Roach.

Courtesy Blush - Sweet Modern Fairy Tales

- Mathy, dissonant, emo-punk adds new elements to defunct genre, but end result is still a zero-sum-gain.
Hannibal - Same 'ole, same 'ole. I wish these contemporary hard rock bands would try to differentiate themselves.
Miggs - Whiny vocals interleaved with fits of screaming, absolutely no originality or appeal
OJ - Fairly skilled musicians being frequently incoherent. Singing parts better than screaming parts.

Damage - Velocity

- Sophomoric and bland, lacks proper enthusiasm to elevate it to listenable.
Miggs - Vocals and songs a lot like a modern version of hair bands (ass rock) of the early 90s
OJ - I hear a bit of grunge and metal and a lot of STP and Nirvana-like rip-offs. Not original but not bad.

Diesto - Doomtown 7

- Not bad metal, if they would fix the production balance, it could be crisper with more bite.
Miggs - Instead of death metal, I would refer to this as terminally ill metal.
OJ - Nice riffs, but the vocals are very muddy and mixed too far in the background.

Doomriders - Black Thunder

- Cover art says it all: heavy, dark and doom-laden heavy metal. Fuckin'-A.
Hannibal - Excellent combination of Greaser Rock and Heavy Metal, solid album with intense vibes.
Miggs - Screaming, lame power chords, distortion, and unintelligible lyrics, yup it's a typical metal band alright…
OJ - For anyone interested in the new metal underground ala bands like High On Fire.

Dracula Zombie USA - Dracula Zombie USA

- Quirky witty amalgamation. Good stuff, but will it find an audience?
Miggs - Electro-pop with mediocre melodies and interesting lyrics.
OJ - All-over-the-place indie electronica pop. It's fun and refreshing.

Dynamite Club - It's Deeper than Most People Think

- Too many drugs were consumed while this album was being made.
Miggs - This album has ADD!!! Mixture of punk, world, jazz, and too many other styles.
OJ - There's a lot going on here, and I don't care for a good chunk of it.

The Felix Culpa - Thought Control

- Could be some potential here. Comes with a bonus DVD with extras.
Hannibal - Excellent EP. Original and compelling with a distinctive mix. Good stuff.
Miggs - Pretty decent pop / indie rock with good vocals and decent melodies. These guys have talent.
OJ - Skilled trio driven by tight rhythms, with melodic vocals. EP ends before it gets boring.

Glitter Pals - Unleash the Compassion

- Heavy metal instrumental music with no point.
Hannibal - Interesting at first but ultimately boring. Is there a niche for ghost moaning?
Miggs - Trying to fit the musical stereotype of a heavy metal/hardcore band by ghoulishly wailing.

Grace Gale - A Few Easy Steps To Secure Heli-Camel Safety

- A dozen CDs of screaming later, I still can't listen to this shit. Hardcore is so over.
Hannibal - Chaotic cluster-fuck of music that is witty and compelling, but lacks hooks.
Miggs - Hardcore with little originality, terrible chord progression, mediocre vocals
OJ - Like a collection of dust-bin b-sides from a 3rd-rate hardcore band.

Guapolinda - Barely 2 Much

- A personal vendetta on a CD. George W. Bush is vilified and Michael Moore is exalted. I'm so happy I could kill myself.
Miggs -Eco friendly blues whose lyrics are trying to be serious, but the music sounds like a joke band.
OJ - Political statement is muddled. Obviously dislikes GW, but "Michael Moore" almost seems mocking.

Gunmetal Grey - Solitude

- Cover art reminds me of '60s-era pulp sci-fi novels: dreary and mysterious.
Hannibal - A typical screamfest for those who like that sort of thing. While it has inertia it doesn't move.
Miggs - Metallica and Megadeth influenced metal, with a singer that's not totally tone deaf!
OJ - Lame cookie-monster vocals ruin the solid Iron Maiden-inspired metal.

Head Wound City - Head Wound City

- Caustic experimental punk in the same vein as Blood Brothers. Good if you like that sort of thing.
Miggs - Unintelligible screaming to a '90s punk/hard rock beat, worst CD ever…
OJ - This hurts my head. At least it's really short.

Hiretsukan - End States

- Female-led screamo-hardcore is unusual, but the continuous barrage is difficult to withstand.
Hannibal - Compelling, driving and not for the weak of heart. Monotonous nature adds to ambiance.
Miggs - A little cymbal happy, typical hardcore, nothing really stands out as interesting or original
OJ - A searing synopsis of modern brutality and the smoke & mirrors used to disguise it.

Josephine - New Cries Of Battle And Victory

- Electro-acoustic rock saved from mediocrity by good vocals and songwriting. Has U2 ambitions.
Hannibal - Disjointed at moments, enlightening in others. Ambiance driven melancholy goodness.
Miggs - For some reason, the tunes and voice sound like Crash Test Dummies and Sponge.
OJ - Are there any UK rock bands that suck? Yeah, I guess not. Worth a few spins, for sure.

Killing The Dream - In Place Apart

- A much greater band than this once uttered: The world will still be turning when you're gone.
Hannibal - Non-stop barrage of alt-heavy metal that hurts my throat just listening to it. Damn.
Miggs - Some decent beats, but overall killing the dream left me killing kittens out of boredom
OJ - Status-quo music from a degenerate genre. As good as it gets is never good enough.

Killjoy Confetti - The Fun Is

- Stripped down sound with a fair bit of experimentation. I'd like to hear them evolve.
Hannibal - Garage rock with chicks that is interesting but doesn't quite go as far as I would like it to.
Miggs - Indie chick band whose songs are filled with dissonance and clashing chords, fairly complex
OJ - The whole structure has merit, but I wish it reached out and grabbed me more.

Lilys - Everything wrong is imaginary

- Subtle and ambient, but too sparse and meandering. Not enough substance.
Miggs - Reminiscent of the Flaming Lips in several of the songs. Overall, kind of bland.
OJ - Sometimes psychedelic, often boring.

Lords - Swords

- Mixture of styles that have been done to death, but the variety keeps it somewhat interesting.
Hannibal - Abrasive hardcore in line with Rollins Band, clever at moments too sporadic at others.
Miggs - Screaming and power chords with a wicked drum beat, but not much originality
OJ - Loud, fast, Ramones-length metal tunes, if you like that. Not worth digging much deeper.

Machete Avenue - The First Cuts

- Good, simple and to the point with an excellent cover of "Time After Time".
Miggs - Very unique vocals backed up with acoustic guitar and piano. A breath of fresh air!
OJ - Nightmare! Put me to sleep then I woke to Cyndi Lauper on super slow speed …

Mirror Theory - The Difference

- Pleasently surprising straight rock, although it is a little on the wussy side.
Miggs - Alt rock that has good beats, tunes, decent vocals but the synth is a little gay.
OJ - Enjoyed the CD - not the best vocals but very listenable with some good riffs.

Monster-0 - … And Then There Were Zero

- Synth/pop with some driving tracks and some that wander aimlessly through cyberspace.
Hannibal - Simple, compelling and just plain brilliant. A breath of fresh air.
Miggs - California sounding rock / punk done electronically, sometimes sounding like They Might Be Giants.
OJ - Power pop with electronica experimentation. Catchy, high-energy. This is good stuff.

More - Split The Difference

- David Cassidy fronting a new band? Decent pop songs, but not much more.
Hannibal - Milquetoast pop-rock that has some hooks, but leaves me wanting…more.
Miggs - Similar to Sponge with plenty of influence from classic rock, metal, and pop
OJ - It's alt-rock that sounds like…alt-rock. Generic, accessible, middle-of-the-road alt-rock.

Mr. Gnome - Echoes On The Ground

- Fem-folk vocals clash with Iommi-esque axe-grinding, but I think I like it.
Hannibal - A less refined The Kills, sounds better when they don't try to rock out; overall, weak.
Miggs - If it is possible, this sounds like a Sarah McLaughlin and Courtney Love mix
OJ - Can't believe it's a duo. The vocal performance makes it three instruments. Impressive, with potential!

Mr. Twit - International Rock And Roll

- Excellent classical Spanish guitar with shades of Squirrel Nut Zippers. Lose the Rock-n-Roll.
Hannibal - All over the musical spectrum, these talented artists lack a focus, so it ends up being too sporadic.
Miggs - Should stick to the swing / jazz / eastern European side and leave out the rock and roll.
OJ - Odd in a Tub Ring sort of way. Album cover artist has same name as me!

Neshamah - Communicating In Heartbeats

- Christian Death Metal seems rather antithetical, but you can't understand what they say anyway.
Hannibal - Death metal with plenty of guttural yelling and rants. Unrelenting guitars make this worthwhile.
Miggs - Has potential to be a decent metal band, but they leave me wanting something more.
OJ -Another cog in the megalithic machine of Christian-Materialism; corrupting The Message with dark designs of capitalistic avarice.

No Trigger - Canyoneer

- Able to distinguish itself from the rest of this played-out field, but is it enough?
Hannibal - Kick-ass hardcore punk that lives up to the energy and style of the founding fathers.
Miggs - They're like a hardcore version of NOFX or Pennywise, overall pretty decent.
OJ - Driving punk with few breaks or changeups. Well written and skillfully performed.

Norman The Destroyer - Feel The Fury Hombre

- Techno/House music that exhibits more originality than I've come to expect from the genre.
Hannibal - Eclectic mixture that reminds me of so many techno/house artists, now just lay off the subtle tone modulation.
Miggs - Trip-hop/house which is like an inexperienced mix of Zero 7 and Moby with some potential.
OJ - You have a Casio keyboard, a guitar, and one day to make an album. Go!!

Patient Zero - Seemingly So

- A good combination of rock, piano and pop, it lacks that certain something to make it different.
Miggs - This band sounds like an unholy mixture of Soundgarden and the Spin Doctors' slower songs.
OJ - Emo in a slightly harder-rock package. Does have a cover of "Bust a Move", though.

Pegasus Unicorn - Touch And Discover

- Trippy and psychedelic; this is filthy, good-trip music. Not as dangerous as it could've been.
Hannibal - I think the name says it all, it's about that gay. Seriously, WTF?
Miggs - Tone deaf Aquabats wannabes. These guys try to be funny but just end up sucking
OJ - Dirty and quirky, like an indie-rock Bloodhound Gang, but not as sharp or witty.

Princess - Princess

- Like an unholy union of Brian May and Jimmy Pop.
Hannibal - What exactly am I listening to? It's cacophonic, and all over the place. I think I like it.
Miggs - Like a new version of the Bloodhound Gang, with stranger tunes.
OJ - Rapid-fire-staccato hip-hop-rock of pop-culture mashing and idea fragments. Witty, gritty, and dirty.

Soe'za - Why Do You Do

- Complex drum beats and driving bass with a jazzy flair. Needs better vocals and a strong instrumental lead.
Hannibal - Like a modern Beautiful South with too much horn and not enough soul.
Miggs - Unique, calm dissonant tracks with an out of place trombone in the background.
OJ - Flounders around and derails the stronger elements of the music. Needs someone to take charge.

Some Monastery - Machete Wounds

- Tries to be Modest Mouse, but fails miserably. Barely listenable.
Miggs - This band should be told that playing slow dissonant chords doesn't make you artistic!
OJ - Lo-fi reminiscent of Beck, but far, far worse. A one-man band that should be a zero-man band.

Speed of Life - Mainstay

- The songs just keep going on. And it doesn't help the singer is under pitch.
Miggs - A mixture of downtempo and early 90's hair bands. Songs drag on WAY too long.
OJ - Prog-rock that's more drawn-out than epic in scope. Good potential that isn't quite realized.

Stunt Rock - This Is Stunt Rock Volume Three

- Perhaps the most socially dangerous disc to pass through my hands. A musical Palahniuk.
Hannibal - Fascinating experiment with house fused dialog tracks, almost a social blender on CD.
Miggs - A tornado of random sound clips and ambient / house beats to create a very cool album.
OJ - Samples of anger, frustration, regret and beer. But, you can dance to it!

Thomas Truax - Audio Addiction

- One man's successful attempt to put me to sleep with something he probably thinks sounds like Tom Waits.
Miggs - Just plain awful. Sounds like a hippie song circle with a bunch of wannabe musicians on peyote.
OJ - Should've been filtered out by lint trap. How did we get this?

Through You - Silhouette

- Great potential in the vocalist. More experience might prevent sounding like Hanson covering Rage.
Hannibal - A combination of 311 and whiney emo. Better when it tends to the former, horrible when the latter.
Miggs - Some songs are like Rage Against the Machine, but others are whiney and Soundgarden-ish
OJ - The music is fine, but it's that emo voice (and lyrics) you just want to punch in the face.

Thunderhawk - IV

- First song borrows a bassline from Alice in Chains, but otherwise is a far cry from it.
Hannibal - Like a combination of Weezer and Sonic Youth in a low fi production budget. Could go somewhere.
Miggs - Sounds like Weezer with a southern rock twist. Another decent garage band.
OJ - Good post-grunge rock. Part '60s folk-rock, indie-rock and hints of grunge.

With Or Without You - Six Reasons To Drop Out

- Starts out like a re-work of Metallica's "Master of Puppets", but diverges into metal-hardcore from there.
Hannibal - Decent hardcore that reminds me (vaguely) of Rollins Band. Worth a spin.
Miggs - Typical guitar wagging hardcore that doesn't really stand out as anything special
OJ - "Smell the Glove?" Looking for the Spinal Tap angle here, but lyrics don't reveal what.

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