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The continuing saga of a wholly irreverent new way of reviewing albums! It's like sitting in a room with a bunch of jaded music critics and getting a snapshot of how they feel about an album. Honesty and first impressions are the key to the Bargain Basement.
(opinions expressed may not hold true after repeated listenings to albums)

Rusty Anderson - Undressing Underwater

- Thickly produced pop music that covers tons of musical ground… Savage Garden to Bowie… kinda.
David - Fuck Todd Rundgren. He raised Liz Tyler pretty good, though.
Andrew - Sometimes he sounds like Urge Overkill, sometimes like Ben Folds. He's all over the place.
Alan - Cheap Trick-ish at times. Great music for mushrooms.

Bobby Bare Jr's Young Criminal Starvation League - The Longest Meow

- Dynamic grungey melancholy rock. Songs filled with amazing heart and incredible playing. Super sonic & great.
David - Paul Williams backed by Morphine. Velvet Underground arrangements. Weird cool sorta Gomez stuff.
Andrew - Crunchy, twangy, whiney, noisy country rock. But good.
Alan - More Frames than his Dad… Not what I expected at all. Better than Waylon's kid.

The Beatings - Holding On To Hand Grenades

- A noisier, slower post-punk Joy division. Excellent Songs, really excellent guitars. My new favorite band.
David - Joy Division/ Morissey vocals and high energy Wedding Present scrubbing. Not Beatnigs as I thought.
Andrew - Great album production, a rarity these days… even better drumming.
Alan - Interesting dark, solid tunes that degenerate into Flaming Lips freakouts.

The Black Neon - Arts And Crafts

- Sonically articulate indie rock with traces of Beta Band, Kraftwerk. Engaging, excellent songs & production.
David - Once you win the girl, you can forget this fey shit. Rainbows and unicorns.
Andrew - Despite vast amounts of drugs and Beatles' albums this band has consumed, they take themselves too seriously.
Alan - From lush pads to gritty cyberpunk, this band knows how to make sound sound good.

Fiona Boyes - Lucky 13

- Bluesy swing by a gritty voiced chick. Slightly greasy, but Marcia Ball's piano cleans it up.
David - Dirty blues barhouse to New Orleans boogie. Even a touch of Lady Day. Nice.
Andrew - So does this mean that there is the blues in Australia?
Alan - Blues and rock had a baby. A bowl full of piano, tuba, guitar & solid emotion.

Dead City Shakers - Ship Of Beggars

- Some Great Mighty Mighty Bosstones-ish punk metal. Thick guitars and excellent drumming. Pretty cool.
David - Danzig doing psychobilly. Pretty damn cool. Dark and manly. I want to throw a bottle.
Andrew - Modern day punk rock sea shanties… only metal sometimes.
Alan - Kinda like Jet Black Joy, 'cept you ain't never heard them. Rawk!

Die Hunns - You Rot Me

- The new punk rock X… densely rocking, intensely rhythmic rock. Just like it should be.
David - Better than the last. 70's street style Jim Carroll, Television. A marked improvement.
Andrew - Watered down old school L.A. punk.
Alan - Once he divorces Cory, we'll get some US Bombs back. She's actually good this time.

Early Grace - Kick The Sky

- Slow-down pop country like Sea Stories… but less fantastic. Would do well on AAA radio.
David - Nice strong voice, half a Natalie Merchant. Good, but indefinable rock… not half bad.
Andrew - If the band had been led by a mediocre woman, they still wouldn't be Cowboy Junkies.
Alan - This will get you laid, but will not score you drugs.

Edie Brickell And New Bohemians - Stranger Things

- Beautiful pop music from Mrs. Paul Simon. A bit downbeat, but exercises in perfection.
David - After 20 years, I would expect more eventful, gripping stuff. It's quite simply OK.
Andrew - There are some great mellow slow soulful songs amongst some crap.
Alan - She's still around? I'm glad. This is excellent AAA record. My mom should buy it!

El Presidente - El Presidente

- I Blame Franz Ferdinand. Another disc of neo-disco garage rock. Nice hooks, annoying vocals.
David - The downside of glam. Axl Rose and The Family Stone. The evil anti-Bowie.
Andrew - Trying far too hard to be hip, but it's just absolute crap music.
Alan - How many times do I have to tell you people that disco is STILL horrible?

Bernard Fanning - Tea & Sympathy

- Very mature & literate set of songs from Aussie songsmith. Faning writes like Kilbey does… perfectly.
David - This guy's the real deal. Great lyrics. Soulful singing and no bullshit.
Andrew - Soulful & heartfelt without being sappy and stupid. Something that I'd listen to more than once.
Alan - Like Amos Lee & Ben Harper, but not as white. Could take John Butler in a fair fight.

Fellaheen - The Excommunicate's Canzonet

- Brilliant lyricism and dark themes on a musically inconsistent backdrop… a confused Love & Rockets.
David - Part Alien Sex Fiend, Tom Waits, Beatles, Residents. Disjointed, but sort of fantastic.
Andrew - Some cool stuff - but has musical schizophrenia… can't figure out where it's going.
Alan - This smacks of musical. Are these industrial showtunes?

Funky Nashville - Hitch A Ride

- Dark Pseudo-semi-country… brilliant pop production, twangy guitars, pounding rhythms. Too many saxophones. Moody & hip.
David - Laborious 80's alt-pop. Maybe GoBetweens. Dude looks like Ilya Kuryakin
Andrew - Nashville cats play smooth as Duran Duran. Nashville cats play wild as the Church.
Alan - What's this? Danes are supposed to rock… When they're Ennio Morricone, they're fucking awesome.

Thea Gilmore - Harpo's Ghost

- Beautiful set of amazing songs from one of modern rocks finest voices. Amazing depth & production.
David - A fantastic talent. Incredible vocal control. Gorgeous, but overproduced. Should rely more on her voice.
Andrew - Mellow chick music to be chill and very hip to.
Alan - Like Aimee Mann, only solid and even more beautiful. Please sing me to sleep.

Golem! - Fresh Off Boat

- Traditional Yiddish folk songs re-interpreted through jaded New York eyes. Very cool and fun.
David - A danceable celebration with just enough sorrow. Best Yiddish album since Klezmer Nutcracker.
Andrew - Very cool traditional Jewish folk songs… liner notes are the best part.
Alan - Step aside Fiddler On The Roof. The new best Jewish rock ahs arrived.

The Great Crusades - Four Thirty

- Gritty rock with a tremendous amount of depth… great production & grooves. Horrible vocalist, goofy lyrics.
David - Tom Waits doing metal is by no means great. Aerosmith bullshit. Truly awful.
Andrew - Nitty gritty big big noise blues. Better without vocals.
Alan - If these guitar parts were all there was, it would be great.

Ima Robot - Monument To The Masses

- High energy thundering electro-pop with a definite P.I.L. bent. I want to be best friends.
David - The Dickies with dumb-ass drum machine. Worst rapping since Black 47.
Andrew - Neo-new wave. Oingo Boingo meets Atari.
Alan - Glittering pop music - not too much disco, but gets real close.

The International Playboys - Cobra Blood Hangover

- If The Agency were from Texas, this would be them. Punky, aggressive rock. Play loud!
David - Great sleazy rhythm section, pitiful singer. Dirty Southern blues rock.
Andrew - Raging Slab does punk rock.
Alan - All over the map Minutemen style punk, rock, Stones, garage. Not so hot.

The Jolenes - Get It To Go

- Gritty girl rock reminds me of Magnapop when they were great. Such fucking awesome guitar!
David - Jolene, Jolene, Please don't take my mind away Jolene. Insipid cutesy cheerleader pop.
Andrew - Three girls, a shit-ton of eye makeup, attitude, and a 1940's dress fetish.
Alan - Representing the girls, jam the guitars in skirts. Though tell us more about ice cream.

La Fin Du Monde - La Fin Du Monde

- Like a jangly indie version of Bauhaus… only not dark… but similar… really. No, really.
David - 8 ways of suck. Cheesy. Smart ass. Inane. Patronizing pretentious pablum. Needs testosterone.
Andrew - Bowie and Franz Ferdinand's mentally retarded unholy love child.
Alan - About a decade behind its time. Good listen while in Rocky Horror Picture Show.

The Lights - Diamonds And Dirt

- More great post-punk 15 years too late. Sonically beautiful music… perfect guitars and drums.Awesome.
David - Oh, I get it. The Lights… the Wipers. What's next, the turn signals? Perfect!
Andrew - Roll up Joy Division and the Fall with Dandy Warhols for a yummy treat.
Alan - Like hearing The Stooges for the first time in 1969. Fucking sick and brilliant.

The Low Lows - Fire On The Bright Sky

- Think of The Swans doing Iron & Wine songs. Very moody & coolly lo-fi sonic. Super Reverby!
David - Psychedelic Moody Blues or Bee Gees old stuff when they rocked. Could be faster.
Andrew - Haunting, crunchy country guitar rock. Could be on a Lynch or Tarantino movie soundtrack.
Alan - In search of Joy. Have found the organ but the organ doesn't deliver happiness.

Maneja Beto - Accidentes De Longitud Y Latitud

- Very groovy latin-tinged jazz. Less overtly latin-dance/samba than their last record, but still nice.
David - Modern Latin lounge, very smooth and satisfying. It knows It's hip - so screw off.
Andrew - Latin head trip without the filthy, filthy stench of hippy.
Alan - Low-slow Latin lounge music. Nice melodies & grooves. Break out the mirrored ceilings, amigos!

The Modern Society - Friends & Enemies

- Excellent indie guitar rock… amazing lyrics & brilliant guitar lines. Dynamic, anthemic songs and excellent production.
David - Makes me purse my lips andbob my head. Better than Better Than Ezra.
Andrew - A Rockinger version of Say Hi To Your Mom or The Weakerthans. I like it.
Alan - Good stuff, probably should be on the radio.

National Razor - Naked Before God And Country

- Live to 2-track punk rock that sounds like real punk should… organic & a little loud.
David - Respectable garage punk. Vocals are a little dull. Simple, catchy and enjoyably raw. I dig it.
Andrew - The rough CD production took some getting used to, but this album fucking rocks!
Alan - Crappy production, sloppy singing, fuzzy guitars. One big ugly beautiful mess. Punk you!

The New Lou Reeds - Top Billin'

- I Blame Jack White. Southern garage rock with great lyrics, annoying vocalist. Gritty cocaine blues.
David - Also the new Neil Youngs, CCRs and Guess Whos. Awesome groovy roots punk.
Andrew - These guys are far too white to play like this.
Alan - They have nothing in common with Lou Reed but my undying adulation.

The Porch Song Anthology - Spell Of The Trembling Earth

- Mazzy Star country, instead of blues. Brilliant lyrics, great songs, moody presentation. Scotland's best Americana.
David - Joni Mitchell does Ennio Morricone… If Cowboy Junkies really did cowboy music.
Andrew - An even better Cowboy Junkies than Early Grace… almost as good as the Junkies.
Alan - I pretty much like it, but I wish I liked it better. Country folk.

The Secret Handshake - This Is Bigger Than You And I

- Lightly lilting piano pop like Ben Folds gone emo. Really nice sound, very bouncy & sharp.
David - Pianemo. Sings so sweet, slow and sensitive, I'd like to hit him with a lead Ben Harper.
Andrew - The Fray-like piano pop.
Alan - The Fray-alike, hiking up a burberry skirt to munch a hipster's furberry.

Slim Bawb - Ghost Dawg

- Plucky banjo folk music -weird sense of humor, lots of different sounds. Very cool.
David - Lyle Lovett meets Bela Fleck. Might be great tomorrow, today it's as empty as my sac.
Andrew - Little bit bluegrass, little bit folky, very scratchy voice. Some spoken word, no squarepants.
Alan - Hee Haw in a dark muddy creek looking for coon nuggets.

Soce, The Elemental Wizard - The Lemonade Incident

- My favorite gay Jewish rapper returns with another well-produced collection of nearly offensive, excellent jams.
David - Hip-hop's favorite back-packer is back. More crass, more Yiddish, more Parents! Two dicks up.
Andrew - If you like songs about sucking dick, licking balls and fucking ass, this is your album.
Alan - Can't make fun of the gay stuff here. Talented dick-sucker.

Chris Stills - When The Pain Dies Down (Live In Paris)

- Nice melancholy songs withy excellent instrumentation. Stills stretches himself live and enchants the French audience.
David - The French clap for it. I got the French clap once, but at least it's repetitive.
Andrew - He only does this to get chicks. French chicks.
Alan - Good production, male Aimee Mann. Sings in French, may wear mesh underthings.

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