Ursula 1000 - Beatbox Cha Cha EP - ESL Music

We were very psyched when this one showed up in the mail and knew it would be stellar just by the wicked sleeve design. "Beatbox Cha Cha" is a yes, a cha cha flavored tune with funky vocal stabs, acid keyboard bass and go-go guitar lines but "Tigerbeat" is the track that makes this EP a must. It's a funky as all hell party track with catchy bass hook and massive breaks and will work well into any set. On the flip, "Boogaloop" has a huge Fat Boy sound with continued breaks and blaring 1960's horns filtered with Ursula's studio tricks and lovely breakdown. "Princess T.N.T" continues the vibe of the title track with more intricate breaks, acidic stabs, and those horns that the 18 Street crew love so much. -JH

See-I - Why Not Tonight - ESL Music

Leave it to ESL to keep the much needed dub sound and format alive and kicking with a classic 45 single from Zeebo and Roots, the two brothers behind the Thievery Corporation vocal work. Both the original and the dub version are backed in authentic roots style with delayed out horn lines, classic guitar work, and gritty bass that is pumped through the smoky channels of their mixing board. I highly recommend this for all dub and reggae fanatics. It's in limited release so head to a roving sound system near you. -JH

Herbert - Suddenly - !K7

This is the latest single from Matthew Herbert's sensational 'Bodily Functions' album. "Suddenly" is a slightly different remix of the album version comprised of his unique environment sounds that have been structured into a laid-back house tune in a highly unique fashion with melancholy vocals and piano work. The 'Herbert Re-dub' of the tune is more of a cut-up edit style that features more of his mechanical glitch sounds he recorded. Just imagine an adding machine discovering clubs for the first time. The B-side is more experimental, featuring the Mr. Oizo non-mix of "Back To the Start", a digital downtempo track in Oizo style that will easily appeal to Pre Fuse 73 fans. Nabukazu Takemura offers his remix support on "Addiction" unleashing a jacked-up intro that falls into a bubbling downbeat version of the track. -JH

Doc Martin and Tony Hewitt - Left Coast Selections -WAX.

L.A.'s top dj's Doc Martin and Tony Hewitt team up for a smokin' dance floor shaker. The track starts off with your basic 4/4 house chugger, but quickly makes an impact when the acid keys are laid down. It reminds me of the old acid house that was being turned out in the late 80's into early 90's(awesome stuff!!), but had more of a tribal drum drive and mean bass line. This track is made to be mixed on three decks with it's long build up and ride out. This is a recommended track for all house jocks! - Kevin O

Souldoubt- Urban/Come on - Freaked

Freaked is a fairly new label, being based out of the U.K. Souldoubt is their third release. This is the first effort that I have herd from the label--and it is sick! This single begins with "Come on", a big room stormer that is sure to dominate big rooms. With its wicked drumarrangement, huge bangin' bass-line, tweaked out rifts, and this killer female sample that says "Come on now, it will move you baby"--this track will stand out in any dj's bag who has got it! The flip side is a little more tame "Sax Bomb" is fit for a smaller atmosphere, like a sweaty nightclub. A very nice addition to anybody's night! Be sure to be on the lookout for this U.K. label!! - Kevin O

Slam Vs. Unkle - Narco Tourists - Soma

This is a wicked collaborative effort from dance floor-fillers Slam and Unkle's James Lavelle and Richard File. The 'Original Mix' is built up with 4/4 house rhythms, an ultra-catchy guitar line and squelchy analog keyboards and is one of those tunes you can just go lose your mind to. It really combines all the elements that made this style of music so exciting in the first place. The 'Slam Mix' is just what you would expect. The BPMs are pushed up a notch for a more straight-up club mix and Unkle gets their turn on you guessed it, the 'Unkle Remix' which is super heavy on the breaks, cut-up editing and takes everything to a much darker and dirty territory. You must check it out. -JH

Miguel ‘Migs’– Soul Selecta EP - NRK

Miguel 'Migs' proves his incredible talent once again. His latest offering on NRK is smoother than a 70's silk shirt. The main track 'Lionel's Jam' begins with a straight-line midtempo beat that is modified by further percussion. It then builds slowly from a guitar riff and is overtaken by a flowing piano line. Before the piano line plays itself out, the alluring bass line drops and the soulful vocal kick in. That's when you know you're smack dab in the middle of a 'Migs' classic. This track is light enough to bring up any crowd and deep enough to grab your soul. The vocal is soothing reminiscent of a light 70's groove with the back up vocals driving the rhythm. The B side offers two tracks, 'Do it Again' and the ragga sample cruiser, 'Bump Selecta.' 'Do it Again' is so dope it probably was close to becoming the A side and 'Bump Selecta' comes on like 'Lionel's Jam' but with the flavor of a weeks vacation in Jamaica. — Ynot


Afronaught-Transcend Me
Apollo/R&S Belgium

Having already been in the crates of most of the top DJ's for over a year, the 'official' release of this 12' is bound to have nearly every camp checking it and stealing styles. After ages on dubplate, Apollo Records (R&S Subsidiary) has finally issued this seminal club tune on vinyl. West London producer Orin Walters & keyboardist Kaidi Tatham (Bugz In the Attic productions) team up with vocalist Melissa Browne & assorted guests to unleash a nasty dancefloor monster. This record represents the synthesis of Detroit Techno and twisted funk at it's best. Check the flip 'Outta Range' for an extra dose of ruffed up beats and heavy basslines that will leave bystanders scrambling for cover. Essential listening! —Aztec

Cassady - Isabella Sunshine
Esho Records

A fine deep house release from ISM records house imprint, Esho records and a second single from producer Cassady featuring the soulful vocals of Statra Recording artist, Staci. The main mix put me in the mood for summer with bongos, guitar, and moody vocals. A great deep house tune with a lot of heart. Dave Warrin's remix sticks to a safe club format, taking the vocals down to snippits. It seems to lose some of the emotion of the main version but it works. The Chacona and Gold remix on the flip is chilled with soothing delay on the percussion and some tweaked out keyboard melodies. -JH

Chateau Flight - 2 Remixes
Versatile Records

Following hot on the hills of the essential compilation 'Family Album' commemorating Versatile Records fifth year, French production duo DJ Gilb'r & I: cube release this beautiful three track EP. Already receiving heavy club rotation worldwide, all three tracks are tough, jazzy and optimistic. 4-Hero transform the tasty track 'Auto Power' into a minimal, cosmic workout that manages to pay homage to the original cut. 'Prism' which was lifted from the duo's LP is worked into a fierce Latin-house flavored gem by Sun Orchestra with suprising dexterity. On the flipside Chateau Flight continue to expand their wings with the aptly titled & previously unreleased track 'Birds', which shimmers, pulsates and massages the head with lush keys. A firm dance floor winner! —Aztec

Chris Bowden - Beautiful Nasty
Ninja Tune

Producer, Arranger & Saxman Chris Bowden has contributed to numerous projects that helped define and establish the early 'Acid Jazz' scene that emanated from the U.K in the early 90's. Having released several previous 12' records on various labels, Mr. Bowden has now found a comfortable relationship with the prolific Ninja Tune label. Key players such as Tom Gordon (Drums) and Andy Hamill (Bass) are employed alongside various other guests to form the foundation for a serious modern-jazz excursion reminiscent of John Coltrane's brightest moments. Whilst not aimed at the dancefloor this 12' is refreshing and exciting, as it shows that 'Jazz' can still be invigorating. If 'clubbeatz' are the only thing making it into your bag, this 12' comes fitted with a 4-Hero remix that will have the dancers dropping jaws. —Aztec

Daniel Paul & Tobe - My Day
Sonar Kollektiv/Mermaid

Hailing from the fertile ground of Germany comes yet another wicked 12' from the Sonar Kollektiv camp. This 12' is one the highlights from the 'Sonar Kollektiv' CD compiled by Jazzanova. Quirky basslines and squelching keyboards defy the sublime beauty displayed on this track. Soulful vocals from Amra 8 and rising star Vikter Duplaix ensure this track is dripping with soul. Subliminal messages must be encoded deep in the musical layers as each listen mesmerizes and draws you near with increasing strength. Daniel Paul has also provided a more uptempo version that swings just as deeply for club use on the flip. This record is definitely an addiction that should be pursued. Watch for the ensuing takeover from this posse. You've been warned! —Aztec

Kosma - Aspects In Third Stream Music #3

From the man who is considered one of the main producers behind the sound that is JAZZANOVA, Roskoe Kretschmann a.k.a. 'Kosma' delivers the third installment in his highly regarded & limited edition series for German imprint INFRAcom! Records. Aside from the obvious similarities to the now trademark 'Jazzanova sound', which is unavoidable, Roskoe does an outstanding job of exploring musical terrain outside of the loop of his usual partnerships. Of the two tracks included on this 12' 'Odessa' grabs at head and will appeal immediately to the DJ types, having appeared on the first 12' in the series, it resurfaces under the guise of the 'Black Sea' mix. For a completely different vibe check the strange folk rock sound of 'Flow', bizarre and catchy vocals float over acoustic guitar to startling effect. Let's hope this package is released on CD in the near future! —Aztec

Marcus Worgull - Ole EP
Spectrum Works

It's certainly a delight when a new record label comes along that seems to have a firm idea of the type of music they would like to release. Such is the case with German imprint Spectrum Works, who have released a handful of 12's in a short period of time, all of which have been received by top DJ's with great enthusiasm. What's the sound then? Snappin' club tracks infected with a lethal dose of jazz & roughed up bass bizness. Continuing in this manner the 'Ole EP' features two solid tracks that uplift and keep it funky. 'Havin' A Dig' drops sweet vocal melodies over fragmented beats to great effect. On the flipside 'Azteka' unleashes a Latin influenced groove with delicate keyboard effects nestled perfectly into the layers. This one gets brighter with each rotation. —Aztec

Norma Jean Bell - Don't You Want My Love

Subtle. One word could summarize the hypnotic sound that is created when Norma Jean Bell is joined by the immense production talents of Kenny Dixon Junior a.k.a 'Moodyman'. Fusing disco era vocals over stripped down beats, the vibe of this track is minimal yet immensely soulful. Definitely one for the discerning listener who appreciates the restraint necessary to craft such moody, intense tracks. Seek out this vinyl slab and play it at home and watch the walls melt away. Think of this as a present from the aliens in Detroit, bent on disseminating the sound of the urban blues! —Aztec

Sequel - Upsolid EP
Straight Ahead

If you've missed the singles from this label at your local record store, than it's time you were brought up to speed. Based in Switzerland, Straight Ahead Records have been carefully carving themselves a niche with abstract beats and blistering future-jazz club tracks. Sequel, the latest crew to join the collective continue the onslaught with four blistering tracks that cross the musical spectrum. 'Upsolid' rocks the dancefloor with time stretched vocals and heavy uptempo percussion. 'Why' goes off the deep end with spaced out vocals and cosmic keyboard stabs that continuously widen and tickle the brain. All four tracks are standouts. This record should appeal to fans of Jazzanova & Compost Records. Watch for a forthcoming compilation featuring various artists on the labels roster including: Earthbound, Freeform Arkestra, Nos & Tweak. Pure Class! —Aztec

Difusion - Illusive Angel
Solaria Rec.

UK based Far Out Records launched offshoot label Solaria late last year in an effort to further investigate jazzy leftfield beats. The latest 12' to spin out of this camp features London's DJ Venom at the helm unleashing two funk-fueled tracks. 'Illusive Angel' drops with break-neck Afro beats, congas and an ill vocal snippet that beckons "Open Up Ya Mind". Sonic waves, warm keys and samples compliment each other as the song continues to build and rumble. On 'Second Future' the tempo is dropped while tight snares and flutes embellish the track as it winds along into dense melodic territory. Both tracks shine and demonstrate the beauty of well thought-out production and sampling. DJ Venom continues to show mastery in the studio and each successive track he releases is proof. Recommended. —Aztec

Syclops - The Abdoer
Bubble Tease Rec.

Maurice Fulton has donned many a moniker for various labels with an ever changing sound that is sometimes confusing. With his new label Bubble Tease recordings it's not quite clear what direction the music will take, eclecticism seems to be the only guiding factor. Three tracks are presented on the first release and they cover a lot of ground. 'Abdoer' is an avant-funk piece that begins in a deceptively laid-back fashion with minimalist techno accents that glide along. Following this path for several minutes the track slowly descends into a spiral, before completely mutating into a tangled sub-bass symphony of epic proportions. Two additional tracks compliment the EP on the flipside; 'Lovely Sunday' pushes analogue soaked keyboards and vintage drum machines to great heights, while 'Fairlight Sunrise' takes an off-kilter free jazz journey somewhat reminiscent of Cinematic Orchestra. —Aztec

Forme - Aqua Note Pt.2
Svek Recordings

Four deep atmospheric house tracks arrive from Svek headquarters. Using the now customary Latin influenced drum patterns, Forme manages to breath life into the genre by using thick basslines alongside ambient synth washes that navigate solar regions. These tracks may be a bit too spacey for some folks but if you’re into downtempo house that continuously expands, then this is the ticket. Alternatively if you’re truly wide-open, check the slick intergalactic Hip-hop sound of 'Thoughts & Theories' and prepare to be baffled by the ill flow of rhymes. Suggested for fans of Naked Music or Guidance Recordings. —Aztec

Waiwan - Feelin Me Feelin You

Manchester based Waiwan has released a sublime, mellow house 12' perfect for lazy summer afternoons. Featuring the sultry vocal talents of Loretta Heywood 'Feelin Me Feelin You' delivers a soothing flow of syncopated beats that makes the feet tap and head hum. Mantis Recordings honcho Martin Iverson (Atjazz) steps in to provide a raw dub-heavy remix that is sure to be rocking the late-night dancefloors. The original version feels like a modern Parisian torch song sung in English that sends shutters down the spine. Simply beautiful. —Aztec

Greyboy – Mastered the Art

Talented producer Greyboy is back on this slamming 10” from the Ubiquity label. Side A is Bossa Nova maestro, Nicola Conte and his remix of ‘Mastered the Art’ featuring beautiful vibes from Dave Pike, seductive horn lines, and intricate Latin percussion that could step up to any Sergio Mendez track. Side B is a tight w-style hip-hop track featuring Main Flo on the mic and a heavy back up track equipped with Sitar, acoustic guitar, catchy drum programming. A completely different vibe from the first side but it works. The third track, ‘Bath Music’ is an instrumental trip-hop track with lush strings and vibe arrangements and a heart felt female vocal sample.

Ko-Wreck Technique – Ko-Wrektion Remixes
Chocolate Industries

Remixed version of last years Ko-Wrek 12”, collaboration between DJ Craze and Chocolate Industries, Push Button Objects. It keeps the same experimental digital hip-hop sound but reworked by some new guests. Luke Vibert gives his Ninja Tune-esque treatment to ‘Metro Dade’. A familiar break that works well at 35 and 45rpm with heavy scratching, funk record samples and rumbling analog bass lines. Chocolate Industries resident Prefuse- 73, AKA Scott Herren offers the best remix of the bunch with ‘Behavior.’ Rolling hip-hop drum programming and sick samples that are sequenced to roll with the drum track. While’s remix of ‘I can’t Understand You’ is a experimental glitch-hop break track and EI-P of the now defunct Company Flow remixes the same track into a minimal and choppy lo-fi, co-flow style tune.

Ian Simmonds – Swingin Mille – K7

‘Swingin Mille’ opens up real mellow but swiftly kicks into a heavy 808 Electro beat with laid back synths catchy melodies, a perfect soundtrack for those late night drives or mysterious booty rockin’ club use. ‘Cheyenne Soul’ and ‘Ocean Hill’ are reworked versions or pretty much the same track with the exception that Ocean Hill is longer and features more detail and strings on this downbeat jazz track. The tune is very mellow but worth every penny, very dark and seductive. The reworked version of ‘Swingin Mille’ is even more Electro fashioned than the original but my speakers could barely handle the intense sub-base on this one. I would love to hear it on a large club system

Farid – Crowd Control – ESL

Head resident of the ESL lounge in D.C. DJ Farid’s debut 12” is in the same ESL/ Thievery Corporation vibe. A wonderful and laid back dance tunes with funky percussion, killer flute parts, reggae vocal samples, and dubby bass drive ‘The Pit Stop’ along. ‘D.C. Malala’ stays with the same Latin percussion vibe this time with hooky key parts and beautiful Indian vocal samples. ‘Far Away’ moves the up tempo up a notch and features some dubby delay filters on the horn lines and some great female vocals courtesy of guest, Austin. ‘Closer Beats’ is a stripped down version of ‘Far Away’ and is primarily for DJ reworks during their sets. Another great ESL release.

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