Plump DJs
Plump Night Out

To ape is to imitate, according to my Pocket Webster School & Office Dictionary, and the act of aping goes back all the way to the beginning of recorded history! Probably before that, too! It’s true! All you have to do to take one look at the ancestral lines of human evolution, and it’s plain as day: Homo Rudolfensis severely ripped off Australopithecus Africanus, aping his design and use of tools. Homo Erectus aped Homo Rudolfensis and used those tools to make fire. All that aping (by apes!) eventually led to the building of shelters, and then, art.

It’s easy to see the important role that aping has played in human development. Plato aped Socrates, and thank goodness he did because Socrates, The Original Punk, never wrote anything down. Voltaire wrote "Originality is nothing but judicious imitation", and Voltaire would know, cuz he was aping Descartes, and Voltaire himself was later aped by Jean-Paul Sarte. Freud aped Mesmer, and Jung got his start in the psycho-biz aping Freud. Darwin aped Alfred Wallace famously, and The Kansas State Board Of Education is still going ape! Dylan aped Guthrie, The Beatles aped Dylan for a while, and The Rolling Stones (featuring the monkey’s uncle-faced Mick Jagger) aped The Beatles and made monkeys of themselves on Her Satanic Majesty’s Request. Sometime after that, Roddy McDowell aped an ape named Cornelius in The Planet Of The Apes. Charlton Heston dismissed the entire planet as a place inhabited by a "BUNCH OF DAMN DIRTY APES!" Christopher Walken never starred in a movie with Charlton Heston, but he did jump around like a monkey in a Fatboy Slim video. Fatboy Slim has made a nice career of aping Chicago House Deejays, (millions of little kids all around the world luv Mr. Cook’s contribution to The Digimon Movie Soundtrack!) and now The Plump DJs are aping him, but they don’t have a cute picture of an ape on the cover of their new record…that’s The Basement Jaxx new one.

Lee Rous and Andy Gardner, the story goes, took their name Plump DJs from a English skin rag called "Plumpers", but upon listening to Plumps Night Out, (grrreat title!) one has to wonder if the Plump moniker was a gentle tip of the turntable to Fatboy Slim. If so, good…they owe him. The Plumpers borrow heavily from Fatboy’s trickbag, deploying electrobeats that multiply, divide, and multiply again faster than the interest on yer VISA card, pulling background rhythms cobbled from old school guitar and Bootsy-style bass lines out slowly into the forefront, letting the entire event dissolve into inaudible static, then building it back up again into a full court press on yer cerebral cortex, as well as the ol’ hipbones.

With Fatboy reaching farther out for song structure by paring down the length of some of his jams and employing the warm and delicious bourbon rasp of a "real" (and how!) vocalist, Miss Macy Gray, I guess there is elbow space available for The Plumps and their full-length party spinsational monkeyshines. My instinctive reaction was to dismiss them as cheap imitations, another set of UK club scenesters churning out more monkey-see, monkey-do danceplop music, but that would be unfair. This shit is funky, and I’m playing it at my next bash because people will move to it…they won’t be able to help themselves. I would bet a small sum of cash that while the bodies of my guests are preferentially metabolizing their fat cells as energy sources to the Plump beats, they won’t know or care if they are dancing to Original Music or a Judicious Imitation thereof…viva la evolution!

—Jeff Noise

Track Listing:

  1. Intro
  2. Pucker Up!
  3. Electric Disco
  4. No Way
  5. Bumper
  6. Fever
  7. The Push
  8. Galaxy
  9. Here We Go
  10. I’ll Get You
  11. Move It With Your Mind
  12. Scram

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