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DJ Destro

First acquiring a taste for Drum & Bass as an extension of his love for Hip-Hop, Destro became more and more intrigued by electronic music through the mid 1990s. After nearly ten years of wishing and dreaming, Destro finally purchased his first pair of decks in 1999 and began his assault. Motivated by the sounds and production of Public Enemy, Frankie Bones, Premier and Terrence Fixmer; Destro sought to forge a sound that would incite people to act against the prevalent injustices of our society. In 2001 Destro founded RiotRecordings. An extension of his vision, RiotRecordings would serve as an events production company as well as a propaganda machine. In the summer of 2002 RiotRecordings produced its first event; titled Industry Shakedown the NYC event was designed to bring attention to the growing divisions within our community as well as raise money for the Electronic Music Defense and Education Fund. In September Loot Your Home Records was created as a vehicle through which RiotRecordings will introduce several original releases in the second half of 2003. Producing two more events before the closing of 2002, Destro and RiotRecordings are now exploring a broad range of options in the New Year.

To book Destro or to receive promotional materials please email: Rage@RiotSound.com.


Janel Roland

It seems as if the ladies are the only ones getting off their asses lately and sending in their mixes! Well it’s certainly not a problem when we get to check out DJ’s like Janel Roland adding something a little different to their set. Based in Chicago, Janel’s love music started early on during her studies in classical music. She ended up studying classical voice in college where she discovered her love of house music and by 1999 she started messing around with mixing. Judging by her fluid mix, she must of picked up on the basics pretty quickly and has since learned to lay down a storming deep house mix with a heavy Chicago vibe. In addition to switching up the styles of music, Janel has added that vocal training to the set by dropping the occasional freestyle house vocal during the mix. At first I thought the idea seemed odd but it really works. However, only try this if you have a voice that sounds like hers! In addition to her bookings at underground parties, Chicago clubs like Smarbar and Red no 5, Janel has also collaborated on vocal house tunes with Ron Carroll and Kenny Carvajal as well as writing lyrics and melodies for future projects to be unleashed this year. Can’t wait to hear more.

For bookings and much more, check out www.janelroland.com
or emai janel_roland@yahoo.com


Madame Buddafly
Madame Buddafly got in touch with Levelheaded and sent over her latest mix, “Erogenous” which we must say is perfect for keeping the motivation during these sweaty summer work sessions. Her energetic and brutal set of hard techno and trance must of went over well when she DJ’d for two thousand kids in Berlin. I bet Germany ate this stuff up. Her set has enough punch and fucking references that it could throw your mind into meltdown. She got her start in 1994 and the Connecticut resident has since layed down tracks at the Tunnel and Sound Factory in NYC and events in Mexico, Germany, and various U.S. appearances. Aside from her DJ work, Madame is also co-founder of Swarm records and has produced her “Dirty” and “Dragonslayer” singles. Hell, she was even introduced by no other then porn star Ron Jeremy at one of her dates and has been featured in Jive, XLR8R, Lotus, Feedback, LoveParade.com, and the New Haven/New York Advocate.


DJ Vitamin D
DJ/Producer Derrick Daisey aka DJ Vitamin D isn’t a fresh face on the scene, he’s been around a long long while and I fondly remember the huge number of mix tapes and cds this guy used to put out sometime during his switch from California to Denver. At a time when a lot of dance music was difficult to come by, Vitamin D offered up some of the craziest hardcore and breakbeat tunes we had ever heard in those days. Well a lot has change from those days. His track “The Lift” was a massive tune and made it into the Rolling Stone charts and Derrick has since perfected both his studio and DJ skills and found his passion in house music. He’s also released “That Latin Track” on the IHR label and has been working very hard on sixty plus tunes including some as member of the Floorfillerz. If the production work and DJ tours weren’t enough, he’s also released a full-length for the wicked Terraform label who is also based in Denver. It just proves that while many others had split Denver for other cities, these guys stuck around and made a big name for themselves. Talent is talent no matter where you come from and you don’t have to live in a major city to accomplish your goals.

For booking and more info:

DJ Veronica
DJ Veronica is a shining example for any underground DJ that wants to learn how to push themselves ahead of the billion other DJ’s on the scene and the amount of promotion it takes to land a lot of quality gigs. Her slick site, features a bio, gig photos, music, and updates and is an excellent way to check out her wicked skills and love of diverse deep house. Veronica started DJing in Vancouver, Canada in 1998 where she produced a deep house radio show and has made massive leaps since then. As a current resident for Girlgig and My House productions, Veronica has staked her ground on both a local level as well as dropping sets in large clubs and events in New York City, Spain, Australia and Hong Kong. She hasn’t limited her outlet for gigs either, having performed and clubs and after-hours but also at smaller lounges, charity events, fashion shows, and throwing her own My House after-hour parties. She was also featured on MTV Canada in February along side Miguel Migs. She builds a diverse and skillfully selected house set and can work up an excellent downtempo set as well. Watch out. In addition to all this DJ work, she has a double major in Criminology and Sociology!

For full info check out http://djveronica.com or for booking, email direct at: bookings@djveronica.com.


DJ DR. Prozak

DJ Dr. Prozak, aka Mark Wilson, got his start playing hip-hop and electro in '88 at the local youth club before the acid house movement took the UK by storm and clearly made an impact on his DJ and production style. He continued on during the underground party circuit before landing work at various club nights and producing tracks with partner Grant Sullivan as Dr's of Funk. The released a number of releases before Wilson launched his Sound Surgery label in 1999. In addition to some 12" for the label, they also recorded tracks for the 'Chillout 2000' compilation series. He's planning additional releases and hammering away in the studio while continuing residencies at clubs in London, Wolverhampton, and Cornwall. His DJ set and production style is a unique combo of breaks and electro that fuse the darker aspects of the music and seem to draw inspiration from old-school breaks and edgy tunes with brutally hard bass lines. Be sure to check out the Sound Surgery releases and one of his sets if you're in the area. He'll appeal to fans of many sub-genres of the style.

15 Richmond Road
Bedford MK40 3DG
Phone : +44 07887 484586
Fax: + 44 01234 30041

DJ Jade
Finally we get a little diversity in genres for the profile section! We've received a lot of techno/house mixes lately (but please keep them coming) so it was nice to check out a powerhouse of a drum & bass mix from the west coast by way of DJ Jade. Her passion for electronic music started around '95 after years of music involvement in one fashion or another. Jade was in band and choir as a kid, dedicated to the punk scene and has now taken that energy into DJing through the support of her friends. Currently her sounds seems to primarily stick to UK heavy-hitters like Ed Rush and Bad company and drops a flawless and relentless set at every one of her west coast appearances. In addition, Jade aka Maressa is getting involved in event promotion, web-design, photography, vending and has created the Northwest US online rave community http://www.kandieland.com and hopes to possiblly move into vocal work in the future. If your looking for some fine D&B at your next event, she has our vote! For more sounds and info, check out her site.

Booking etc:



Phone: 541.521.0951

After getting her first exposure to electronic music in 1994, Gruvgirl decided to give it a go behind the turntables and by 1999, she was addicted. With the help of her husband DJ Mation and the kind support of her friends, Gruvgirl shapened her skills and has since rocked clubs all over Florida and has recently ventured to some out of state clubs as well. While the mix she sent us is a moving and thumping mix of hard house and techno, she has a vast amount of styles in her crates, spinning everything from nu-school breaks to drum & bass, and 2-step. In addition to her increasing work behind the decks, she is also busy in the studio with DJ Mation producing what she calls experimental "nu disko" and combo of disco and nu-school break styles. We hope to hear a lot more from her and check out a live set in Florida some day soon.



Tel: (321) 288-5689

Note: "Husband & Wife Tag Team" bookings also accepted "Gruvgirl vs. Mation"

The talent has been in DJ Plastik's family for some time. His cousin is vocalist / guitarist, Todd Park Mohr, from Big Head Todd & the Monsters and his mother, a professionally trained vocalist. Growing up around these musical experiences and an interest in hip-hop lead Plastik to pick up the turntables. The Los Angeles native has been perfecting his DJ skills for 8 years and creating a head-rushing blend of progressive, techno, and trance. He started off spinning at Southern California parties and is now the resident of Blue After Hours in Hollywood and The Crystal at the Catch One in Los Angeles.

In addition to DJing along side such talent as Christopher Lawrence, Taylor, Mark Lewis, Kimball Collins, Doran, Dave Aude, DJ Micro, and Eddie 'Flash N' Folkes, Plastik has signed a deal with AM Recordings and releases the intense Crystal mix CD featuring tracks by Oliver Lieb, Timo Maas, and Doran. Plastik has a dedication, down to earth attitude and passion for the music that must be heard. -Justin Hardison



(562) 868-5813

The self-taught Denver resident Dayv Mckernan got his start about three years ago in college and is now working to take his excellent progressive/ UK hard house sets to the next level. His dedication and practice is such a huge priority that he is leaving his job for a year in an attempt to make a career out of it and plans on playing some larger events by the end of summer. "I will be leaving my regular day job, to pursue my goal/dream of being a DJ. I have one year to put all of my efforts into something that I love. At the end of that year, I have to decide whether to go back to my old day job, or to continue with the new path. Realistically, I know that I'll likely be back to work in a year, but I will at least know that I gave it all a shot." He already has a fine-tuned talent for mixing and track selection on his bustling sets and a year should be more then enough time to build some steady residencies. As any dj will tell you, things don't always go as planned and Dayv seems to keep his feet glued to the ground with his "no bullshit" attitude to his work. "I think that would be the perfect mix of life, being able to have a good job, and do a little spinning on the side."-JH

For booking info:

DJ ynoT (Anthony Plamondon) is an electronic music veteran for 15 years. Originally from Detroit, now in West Hollywood, ynoT has taken his driving deep/tribal house, Detroit techno, and downtempo sets all over the U.S. In the early 90's, he hosted mix radio shows at Ann Arbor's WCBN, held a residency at the SOMA districts Mariposa Loft as well as Club Arcadia in Santa Monica. Recently, ynoT has signed a contract with Vinyl Voyage Management, launched Hyperborean, his production company and landed memorable sets at events BROKEN and Hollywood's GIANT along side Sven Vath and Pascal F.E.O.S. His sets are moving, diverse and skillfully built and he shows no signs of slowing with plenty of events booked for 2001. If your in the area, you can catch him during his residency at Essence, at The Room in Santa Monica, Tangent in Hollywood, or Sanctuary in Los Angeles.

Booking Info:
Vinyl Voyage Management (VVM)
Paolo Suaya: 818-635-7302

Kevin O
Those in search of fine Deep House in the south need to look no further. During the six years that he has spent mastering his skills, Kevin O has appeared at a large number of clubs with the likes of Josh Wink, Nick Warren, and Deep Dish (just to name a few). His residency at Nomenclature was voted “Best Crowd” by Details magazine and his Karma residency was voted sexiest U.S. Club. His current Mix CD’s ‘Late Output,’ ‘Chen’s Palace,’ and ‘Selected Audio’ are all slamming examples of his tune selections and flawless mixing skills. He knows how to build a set and his selections will keep a tight grip on your ears with seductive rhythms and tight melodic structure. If your visiting the Atlanta area be sure to check out one of his nights or check out the links below or call (404) 624-9259 for booking info.


Listen to Kevin O's mix online:

Booking Info:


Menage, Oxygen, Baja Beach Club, Groove Park, The Vault, Masquerade, Makos, Huslter@ Nomenclature, Cobalt , Karma, Geshia, House Arrest @ Kaya, Mumbo Jumbo

Jonathan Schippers
Twenty-one year old Jonathan Schippers has been DJing for five years. After receiving his first pair of turntables from a friend, Schippers was clueless as to where to begin, spinning mainly Hip-Hop until a friend took him to the Tunnel where “Danny Tenaglia was doing something amazing, from that point on I was hooked.” He says. Jonathan was inspired, began spending much of his time at Satellite records and spinning at various parties. His he created an intense set of heavy-hitters tracks that primarily combine the darker and deeper elements of House and Techno. The middle of his mix peaks out into some abrasive air raid sirens, tracks that sample Depeche Mode as well as Pink Floyd and ends with a minimal Plus 8 tune. Look out for more of him in the future or book him for your next event.

Booking Info:
E-mail: nise17@aol.com

Tel: 617-975-2968




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