Sebastian Meissner
Trying to get a clear picture of every project that Sebastian Meissner is behind could be a difficult road and perhaps the best way to approach his music would be to look at each moniker or alias as a separate set of work.
James Lavelle
Many of us will never forget the first time we discovered the Mo’Wax label. Personally, it came at a crucial time and provided a link between the many genres of music I was listening to at that time...
Ghostly International
This month we spoke with Ghostly International founder, Sam Valenti IV in an effort to get a stronger sense of why the label was created and what they have instore...
Layo & Bushwacka!
Layo & Bushwacka aren't your average Djs. They play five-hour sets with decks, sound effects and samplers that emit convulsive collages of breakbeats, intertwined with sterilizing basslines and massive infectious synth rhythms...
The SoHo Grand is noisy, a mess with dissonance. I write this because sound, and its manipulation, are key to understanding Jazzanova's latest work In Between and its role as a harbinger in the coming musical episodes of eletronica.
Black Dog & Black Sifichi
It’s been quite some time since anyone has heard from the Black Dog and rather then try and explain the chaotic history, shadowy figures, and influence over the course of their career, perhaps it’s best if we just let them do the talking.
Precocious DJ Vincenzo, has already torn the roof off of the deep house scene in Hamburg. And, with his newest compilation, Strip Joint Grooves II, your living room is clearly next. Derrell Bradford finds out why all the dopest music is coming out of Hamburg.
Earl Zinger
His current album Put Your Phazers On Stun, Throw Your Health Food Skyward, is a collection of all the styles Earl Zinger has mastered over his long career and some dashing tales he lived along his long and distinguished musical career.
Lee Norris is busy constructing atmospheric and abstract music that marks clear pathways to his synth-pop. Though his primary focus is the Metamatics project, he's worked under names like Nacht Plank, Norken, and Tone Language. He's had a prolific output for labels like Hydrogen Dukebox, Skam, Clear, and District Six as well as launching his own label Neo Ouija...
1 Giant Leap
With 1 Giant Leap, Jamie Catto, a founding member and art director for Faithless, and Duncan Bridgeman, a producer and remixer have translated their primary theme of "unity in diversity" into a DVD/CD/Cinema project that brings together musicians, artists, filmmakers, and writers from around the globe for a project that merges the music, stories, and images from 20 different countries into one common artistic expression...
Dan The Automator
Dan “The Automator” Nakamura is hip-hop’s Prodigal Son. Part eclectic revolutionary, part laid-back visionary, his latest project, Gorillaz, which also features Blur’s Damon Albarn, Miho Hatori of Cibo Matto, Tina Weymouth of Talking Heads and Tom Tom Club fame, Del The Funkee Homosapien, and the artwork of Jamie Hewlett (Tank Girl) is smashing up the charts, even if band member Murdoc doesn’t want it to.
Berlin's Uwe Zahn has been making some of the loveliest electronic music under the Arovane moniker for the last several years. In an ever-growing sea of Autechre and Kid 606 IDM copyists, Arovane has remained noteworthy with gentle, restrained atmospherics and an incredibly keen sense of melody.
The Sofa Surfers
The Sofa Surfers first hooked up in 1996 in their native Austria and brought together live instrumentation with studio technology for their own heavy brand of downtempo, dub and breaks held together by an underlining tension.
Paul van Dyk
Paul's resume of success comprises ten years of DJing, producing, and remixing, along with the creation of his own imprint, Vandit. He can be credited with some of the most danceable tracks of the last 10 years and the sickest DJing of the times.
Rjyan Kidwell, AKA Cex, has just released his new album, Oops I Did It Again on Tigerbeat6. It's a collection of sporadic programming, guitar lines, glitched out atmospherics and a couple of funny ass skits between the tracks. But despite his refreshing contribution to the IDM/Laptop scene, the album is only half of what Cex is all about...
From Grand Central's odd hip-hop inspired chop shop comes Riton (aka 23 year-old Henry Smithson) and his debut album of sweltering digital funk, house, breaks and crazily diverse instrument choices that range from the traditional to the digital cut-up editing and Mr. Scruff style synth-lines.
Alex Kid
From the influential French label F Communications, comes Bienvenida, the debut album from Alexis Mauri (AKA Alexkid). Mauri is an incredibly talented and accomplished artist/DJ/programmer whose work as a solo artist and collaborator offers a multi-genre electronic style.
DJ Krush
DJ Krush the day after a mesmerizing performance at the release party for his sixth studio album entitled Zen. Like a minimalist, he is able to express so much with a small amount of sound, only the essential gear and a close attention to detail.
Karsh Kale
Karsh Kale (pronounced Kursh Kah-lay) is a long time tabla and electronic musician that along with the rest of the Asian Massive scene, finds much of the same rhythm components of traditional folk music in today’s drum & bass and techno and fuses the two together with incredible results.
With the use of a digital recorder and mic, this classically trained musician recorded sounds such as a mouse trying to get out of a wastebasket, the contents of a handbag, the noises of laser eye surgery, and used body sounds donated from listeners on his mailing list.
Max Graham
It is safe to say that without Graham, the progressive scene in Canada would not be as huge as it is today. Graham recently spoke about the state of the scene with Justin Hardison.
After releasing a memorable and emotional debut album, creating a follow-up can prove difficult for any artist. Andy Jenks recently told Justin Hardison how Alpha surivived second album syndrome.
Justin Hardison recently sat down with one of Germany's Down-tempo pioneers over dinner while he was in New York promoting his sophisticated new offering "Great Delay." He had a lot of interesting things to say about working on his new album, the winter music conference and shepherds with cell phones.
Dave Tarrida
Dave Tarrida's legendary club Scotland club, Sativa, gave artists such as Cristian Vogel, Claude Young, and DJ Hell their first British debuts and his Sativae label was responsible for incredible Techno material from Tobias Schmidt, Cristian Vogel, Subhead and others.
Tim Love Lee
In the midst of running two record labels , extensive globe-trotting, sculpting his beard, various promotional duties, and his Kiss 100 radio slot, Tim "Love" Lee is a busy guy. Justin Hardison recently spoke with Lee while he was in the shower, hung over, and attempting to get a taxi to the airport.


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