LEVELHEADED is pleased to present the online US tour diary of DJ Vadim's Russian Percussion Crew. Check this page every week during the entirety of the US tour for a new entry.

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02.21.03 - 02.27.03

Welcome to the 2nd installment of our weekly diary during our US tour. 4 little people with a plan of conquering the the world, musically... This week we have been getting more into the groove of back to back shows and the longer drives have begun...

Friday, 21st - Baltimore, MD

Dear Diary,

This was our first time to Baltimore so we didn't really know what to expect. We were supposed to play here a couple years ago but the show was cancelled, because the local mayor made the venue cancel cause on the ninja website there was wordplay seemingly promoting subversive activities!!! Also my friends Super Furry Animals from the UK played here last year and had eggs thrown at them by some right wing rednecks... So we were a bit nervous about some political statements that we make in our show, but at the end of the day you have to stand up for what you believe in if you wanna make a change. And we saw a lot of fists up in the air agreeing with us. So that was positive. Anyway the show actually turned out to be really good. A trailer load of peeps from Washington DC drove in also.

Saturday, 22nd - Chapel Hill, NC

We played here last year but before that we never ever heard of this spot but this is one of the best places in the whole of North America to play. A load of people come out and really just rock. So vocal and happy to see us. So I was really hype in coming back here and this time it was even better. Ill rotten intelligence opened for us which is a local hip hop crew and they are amazing. Incredible flows! We know a sweet Sushi spot there, that we visited again. No one got drunk or disappeared. strange?

Sunday, 23rd - Charlotte, NC

This was incredible! Probably the best show so far. The guy who booked us is a guy called Scott, he has a crew called Dominant 7, and he is the nicest guy. Him and his crew performed also and had a very energetic set. the place filled up slowly, and the atmosphere was nice. There was a live band performing too called Baleen, they were cool. When we came on, the place was packed. The show was wicked and the audience even better. The next day we had a day off, I went record shopping of course. Scott and his brother took me to the spots. The rest of the crew just chilled. Yarah almost broke the TV in her room cause she got SO frustrated and angry watching the news about America attacking Iraq. It's crazy how different the news are in the US compared to Europe. Very manipulated, they just seem to show one side of the story, and a lot of shit is being said about Europe not supporting the US. It's the "with us or against us mentality". In the evening we went over to Scott's house, his wife cooked us an incredible dinner. And Yarah found her self a sister. There were also a bunch of people from Dominant 7 there. And the funniest most hyper active dog we've ever seen. it got so so exited running around after us and then it just collapsed on the floor with the tongue sticking out. We were talking and listening to music, they played us their stuff, it's really tight. I think Firstrate might use one of their tracks for his album. We wanted to go to a party, and Firstrate had promised him self he was gonna get drunk and meet a nice girl. But we all just collapsed...how superstar-ish...

Tuesday, 25th - Atlanta, GA

Last time I was in ATL was '98. We were suppose to come here last year but it never happened. We thought Ludacris was gonna come down to our show with his 7 inch rims, but he was frontin 'cause we weren't blingin' enough... Driving to Atlanta, we were on the look out for Radioshack, a store where we could buy a new battery for our phone. Cause our "tour" phone is so shit, it has a life of its own, turns itself on and off when ever it wants. And we had loads of interviews to do that day, but every time someone called, the phone just died. So it was quite urgent. Well while we were looking for Radioshack we found an Adidas & Timberland Outlet store. Gez obviously started drooling just the thought of what he could find in there. So we decided to check it out. Nothing in the Adidas store, but Timberland was rocking. And me and Gez both walked out with quite a lot of cheap goodies. Firstrate and Yarah got a headache cause the stores were too big and too much too look at. The Atlanta show was a bit funny, a couple of kids in the front of the stage were screaming so loud, it was almost impossible to hear the music. and a couple of girls at the side of the stage joined in, and they sounded like a choir of cats. It was a bit hard not to laugh. and the sound was quite shit, the soundguy seemed more interested in talking to his friends then checking that the sound was alright. so it was a bit hard to get into it. Everyone in the crowd seemed quite drunk, Gez found a puking girl backstage, who didn't make any sense. After the show Firsrate received some love in the toilet from a girl that he was chatting up earlier. Oh dear! Some people that Gez knew from tour managing De la Soul, came down to the show. And we decided to meet up with them the next day. They took us out for lunch, daaaamn the portions are so big here in the States. it's not possible to finish what's on your plate without being sick. Afterwards we went to some record stores, I found a couple of records of course...

Wednesday, 26th - Athens, GA

Last time we were in Athens, not that many people came down to the show. Though it wasn't a bad show, Yarah and a friend of ours, (who joined us on the tour for a couple of days) decided that the night was young and they were determined to rock a party somewhere. so they went to another club, had a few drinks, went on the mic and had a better party without us. Quite Ironic! This time we had about 10 more people than last time. So we did a "bit" better hehe. It's still funny though that sometimes 90 people can make more noise than 400? And that was the case here. Even though there weren't a lot of people, the people who were there were screaming from the bottom of their lungs and enjoying them self. So we were happy. This time Yarah didn't go to an after party, but First rate did, and he didn't come back to the hotel till '0 in the morning!!!!. I'm just about to get the downlow on that now... (we're heading to Orlando, it's my Birthday....I wonder what's in store)

Till next week
Vadim & the crew





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