Since the start of his career in 1991, Dave Tarrida has been involved in a number of projects. His legendary club Scotland club, Sativa, gave artists such as Cristian Vogel, Claude Young, and DJ Hell their first British debuts and his Sativae label was responsible for incredible Techno material from Tobias Schmidt, Cristian Vogel, Subhead and others. His skills as a DJ have taken him all over the world and he has recorded a number of tunes for labels like Tresor, Mosquito, Predicaments, and Extras. After a move from Scotland to Barcelona, Tarrida has completed his intense debut long-player ĎParanoidí for Tresor. His ten-year history as a DJ seems to have given him the insight into the raw sound that he wanted when producing his own material.

Could you tell me a little about your new 'Paranoid' album and what you

tried to accomplish? Between the titles and some of the sounds you use on

the record, there seem to be some darker overtones. Paranoid is my first LP, and I was trying to put down 12 tracks that work together as a project, with varying styles, rather than just all 4 to the floor dancefloor tracks. I donít think Iíve ever been a producer of nice

happy tracks, so the sounds and track titles really just carry on from my older material. Hopefully it all works together.

After DJing for so long, what inspired you to move over into production?


Do you feel it was a natural progression? I suppose it was a natural progression, I had been djíing and running Sativae Recordings, and was surrounded by my friends who were also producing, so it seemed natural to do this. It was something I had been dabbling in for a long time, and had been collecting studio equipment slowly for years. I think most people who are really into the music, do this, given the opportunity.

What do you shoot for when you begin constructing a new track, any system that works well for you? I donít really work to any system. Each track is different, and usually Iíll build the track around a hook or some drums. Whatever really.

Are there any new releases in the works for the Sativae label? On Sativae we are releasing a compilation album, this is of new tracks from the usual suspects, Landstrumm, Schmidt, Hacker, etcÖ After that another album is in the pipeline from one of our artists. On Drought there is a 12" from Q-ik and Stevenson, and then a 12" from myself. Also Penalty 5 just came out.

What brought about your move from Scotland to Barcelona? I was born here in Barcelona, and felt it was the best place for me to go to from Scotland. There came a time when I felt like leaving, and trying something different. The lifestyle and weather, are better suited, and so far Iím loving it here. The summer has just started.

How has your DJ and performance experience been in the U.S.? Itís been pretty varied; the last party I played was at Limelight in NYC, in December, which was great. Opposed to that, Iíve been at some raves where the massive crowd hasnít danced?? Iíve been lucky enough to have played on both coasts and mid west, some really good parties, some not so. But, from what I can see and from what Iím told, the scene in the US is getting better and stronger all the time, the idea of techno at clubs rather that at Rave events, I think seems to be catching on.

What is your opinion on the status of the UK club scene? Not so good just now, from having loads of good techno clubs, maybe 4 years ago to a handful now, is not a good thing. I think that the creation of the super club and the UK media obsessed by these places and the scene that follows them hasnít helped. There are still a lot of producers and labels

though, but a lot of the UK DJís seem to work abroad these days more. But, all is cyclical, and things always change.

How do you feel about Napster and file trading? Has it had any effect on you as a producer? I see the Napster thing the same as what we had before, but with cassettes. Before we had people taping records, and now we have people downloading files, I donít see much difference, apart from the technology has improved. I doesnít affect me too much, Iím not Metallica.

Where do you see in the future for Techno and club music? Hard question, Techno will mutate and survive, as always, there are so many people into it and supporting it that, itíll be about for a while yet.

Are there any future remix or production projects we should look out for? Remix wise, I have done a mix of Marco Cannata on Utils, and a Mix of Ibrahim Alfa on Automatic out soon. Also a 12" on Drought to follow, and a 12" for Neue Heimat in Stuttgart in the pipeline. Also some compilation tracks too, ones for Sativae, 360 degree booking comp, and one for a Spanish company.

Any last comments? Hopefully, Iíll be out to the US as soon as possible, I always have a great time over there, and the sooner the betterÖ Bye.

Dave Tarrida and Tresor info:

-Justin Hardison




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