Originally we thought of adding the usual guest reviewer to the Levelheaded section but instead we’d like to try something a little different. Every so often we will feature a guest artist and their themed tape for the section. Now keep in mind, it’s not a real tape but more of a dream list they’ve created before putting a tape together. Now it’s up to you to make hunt down the tracks!

If you've been following us since early on, you know we love Cex and featured an interview with him a while back. When the idea for this section came about, the first person that came to mind was Cex and he seemed to think that he was perfect for it as well. His last album featured some freaky skittish beats, guitars, skits but sadly little Cex on the mic. Fans of the twenty year old artist from Baltimore (who is already releasing his fifth album) have been checking out Cex live and sometimes in his boxers. Instead of taking the secret-laptop-idm-whatamidoingupthere persona like some cohorts, Cex shows to hit go on his laptop, grab a mic and jump to the front of the stage for some M.C. freestyle action. Now on, 'Tall, Dark & Handcuffed' Cex creates the hip-hop record he's been wanting to do without any of the cliches and plenty of rhymes about a life that the rest of us can relate with. Elementary school, girls, talkin' shit, 7-11, and daily observations are all given the Cex treatment and you'll be amazed how different it is from the last record. Rjyan Cexwell is going to be freaking us out for many many years...now his mixtape.

And now we present Mat Ducasse a.k.a. Matty Skylab! Matty’s previous credits include taking a lot of L.S.D. and creating his early tracks before hooking up with Howie B and TKO to record the incredible 1994 release, Skylab #1. Since then he released his second album, has been touring with Tim ‘Love’ Lee and Thomas "The Mammal" Bullock as the DJ team Skylab Sound Systems. In addition to his recent 7” release for Tummy Touch’s ‘Touch Tones’ label, Matty (according to his bio) is working on an ‘ biography’ "Electronic Elvis" with Paul Fryer, collaborating with some guy named Wildcat Will as The Electric Moccasins of Doom, a lady named Crazy Girl, writing tunes with Sausage and rocking out with The Girls!! Watch Out! Last we heard, Tim ‘Love’ Lee mentioned Matty was M.I.A. in the UK somewhere! Have you seen him?

Click Here For Skylab's Mixtape




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