A1 People
The Yellow Album
Hydrogen Dukebox

Electro. The fascination with futuristic sounds of the past, or what the future might

have sounded like if it wasn't already here. Make any sense? Regardless, itís an exciting genre full of innovative artists that regularly redefine its direction. The A1 People are such artists and broke onto the electro scene with their debut album 'Fresh Juice' on the Hydrogen Dukebox label in 1998.† Consisting of producers Dr D-Lorean, Kid Wax, and D-Zine, A1 People is a production team/dj sound system that formed in Brixton in 1997. Their style is electro with elements of hip-hop, house, turntablism, and funk that unite in a definite trademark approach.† The A1 People have also formed an associated club night with Andrea Parker at the club Herbal called 'Word of Mouth' where they are known for their incredible live sets of dance floor electro. The Yellow Album is their latest excursion into the funky electro groove full of tracks designed to express the concepts of this music. This release is saturated with vocoders, analogue synths, tearing baselines, and funky breaks that focus on creating a concrete vision of the retro-future. The track selection goes through a great selection of vibes, from dancey tunes to lay-back-and-listen grooves...beautifully melodic, lush, and energetic, with somewhat of an 80's quality, giving them that retro sound. The production is flawless, a great example of keeping it clean yet gritty by knowing your gear well enough to add just enough squelch. Pure future music. - D.A.M.


  1. Black Ice
  2. Casio Rock
  3. The Reason
  4. Crazy Electro Music
  5. Freak
  6. I live
  7. Evel Kneivel
  8. Detroit Style
  9. Other People
  10. The Whole Wide World
  11. North Star
  12. Rhythm Machine



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