Andre Afram Asmar
Race To The Bottom

Here we find ourselves peering into the dawn of the 21'st century, and somehow almost incoherently we have evolved to establish a frame of thought with the ability to envelop almost all musical trends, we consistently combine and restructure ideas, cultures, languages, talents, clothing, technology, and even our toothbrushes. And just when you think your knowledge of musical styles and our environment in general is fermenting into an intoxicating blend sure to hook the next generation of thrill seeking unconscious mind expanding freaks. Then here comes Andre Afram Asmar with a piece of music so distinct that you cannot deny that original material does still exist. Sure it pulls from almost every thinkable genre of music, but still is so unique in character that you can't help but wonder just what this guy is like in real life and if he can ingeniously pull together so many people and styles why the hell don't we paste a idealized belief system on him and start chanting his name as the sound of a new revolution.  A year in the making Andre has pulled together over twenty guest artists on this album, ranging in geographical placement from Israel, to Latin America, back to the Middle East, down to Africa, and even those relaxing in the Caribbean. Making it as much a compilation of culture as it is a musical expression.

If you find yourself appreciating the exploration of styles in music then Race To the Bottom will hold your interest to say the least. He flawlessly meshes hints of Jamaican dub with lighthearted chants of middle eastern vocals. Then spazZes out with some Brazilian rhythm tinctured with a nice blend of western electronic manipulation. Each track effortlessly adds to the obscure texture you find yourself confronted with. He has an ability to lose you in his loose often-metallic melodies abhorrent with rhythmatic precision ranging from tablas, to dijembes, to basic 909 hits. all along attaining a perfect balance of personal insight and environmental exploration. If you like elemental dub, Asian mysticism, Israeli vocals, African rhythm, or world music in general I suggest you check this out. Otherwise get your hands prepped to milk the next "essential" electronically manipulated cash cow that comes your way. -Philo


  1. robophiloso
  2. camel clutch
  3. traptivity
  4. computer mammals
  5. scientism
  6. stink tank
  7. free fire zone
  8. duniagariba
  9. dub the seven seas
  10. to be a lover
  11. judgemtime
  12. rajamalshitan
  13. race to the bottom



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