Andreas Tilliander
Mille Plateaux

Minimalism is an art form in itself. Artists that can pull it off in an interesting way deserve credit and listening attention. The highly prolific artist called Andreas Tilliander has made a name for himself in the community by providing innovative releases since his 2001 debut 'Ljud'. Released in November of 2002, this is his third full-length release of that year! Talk about productive...His debut album drew a large amount of attention to his work, including a Grammy nomination in his home country of Sweden, and praise from URB and Alternative Press as being an innovative artist. However, enough of the supposed hype. This is my first experience listening to Andreas Tilliander or any of his other production aliases (and there are many). Does this music stand up to all of the claims as being progressive and forward thinking? Well I suppose you will have to listen yourself when you are in a critical frame of mind, because I can see many different opinions arising. This is definitely an experimental album focusing on glitchy edits, space between beats, odd timings and splices. I definitely find this album interesting, and like I said previously, successfully minimal. I cannot say, however, that this album makes me feel anything. Maybe this is the point, but it has a severely rigid feel to it, IMO completely devoid of emotion. At the same time, that's what I like about it, and it's definitely worth your listening attention.  Released on the Mille Plateaux label, this CD explores glitchy, minimal techno without a care in the world. -D.A.M



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