Bobby Hughes Combination
Nhu Golden Era
Stereo Deluxe

Norwegian DJ Espen Horne, under his assumed Bobby Hughes Combination identity, drops a lounged-out romp updated for the 21st century with this follow up to the group’s first release, Fusa Riot. Nhu Golden Era conjures vivid images of low-slung couches, bright colors, and martinis without leaving the microchip era out in the cold. An ultra-hip Scandinavian jazz vibe, paired with a subtle line of samba, rolls through the entire album, which features both the beautiful vocals of Nhu, as well as some deep, innovative melodic touches (flutes, harps…everything you’d need to set the mood off just right). Only seeming to slip when the bpm’s get over 84 (“MC Arthurs Break”) the majority of the album remains moody and beautiful, with "Olympic Girls” making eerie ovations for your attention, and “Olive the Runner” reminding you to straighten your lounge gear as you tap your feet. Perhaps most confusing is that CDDB thinks this is an R&B album…what’s up with that? - Derrell Bradford

  1. Nhu golden era
  2. Olive the runner
  3. Moogjuus
  4. Nhubeginning
  5. McArthurs Break
  6. Olympic girls
  7. Karinskerma
  8. Harp junction
  9. Nattergalan
  10. Brass interruption
  11. Maginificant Mr. Morgan
  12. Microneseren



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