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The ability of electronic music to hypnotize, entice, and mystify its listeners is the motivation of its existence. Albums that really capture this essence are what cause this musical movement to keep moving. Obviously this album has done exactly that for me, or I wouldn't make such bold statements. This is the latest full-length album to come from Scott Montheit, aka Deadbeat, one of the contributing artists to the Montreal electronic music scene. This is a dub album released on the Berlin based ~scape label, which has recently redirected some of its focus back on its roots of dub and its electronic derivatives.† Scott is actually a developer of new sound synthesis techniques and tools for the music software foundry Applied Acoustics, and uses them for his own musical endeavors. This disc really explores the deeper textures of dub, while keeping its integrity of smooth beats and deep basslines. This is really a 'still' album, and by that I mean that it allows you to absorb the texture and atmosphere of timeless, entrancing electronic elements. The type of vibe you usually get from hypnotic techno or ambient, that infinite, nocturnal "there is no time" kind of journey. Full of organic delays, white noise, and analogue crackle it is.† Relaxing, incredibly spacious, and constantly evolving. I admire the ability of producers and labels to be able to focus on exploring and expanding their chosen style of electronic music. It demands a high level of discipline, passion, and perseverance. These are qualities that I look for in releases, and itís exciting when I find them. -D.A.M.


  1. Open My Eyes that I may See
  2. Organ in the Attic Sings the Blues
  3. For Palestine
  4. For Israel
  5. Let it Rain
  6. Cause for Hope
  7. To Berlin With Love
  8. A Dub for Akufen
  9. When First you Gave me Shivers
  10. Kezia



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