DJ Krush
Shinsou: The Message At The Depth
Red Ink

I interviewed DJ Krush a couple of days before and just a few of blocks away from where the WTC attacks took place and like all of us, these events seemed to have made a major impact on how he views life, international affairs and the media. Truth is the concept behind Shinsou and how it means different things to everyone and as Krush puts "each person has to make their own choices/beliefs."  To achieve this message on his latest and seventh solo album, Krush headed down to Jamaica and enlisted guests like Sly & Robbie, Inden, Opus, Angelina Esparza, D-Madness & Masato Nakamura as well as Anti-Pop Consortium shortly before their split (as he also did on his last album with Company Flow) and Anticon who rhymes about John Walker Lindh of all people. The relaxing environment of Jamaica seems to have made no impact however, considering the tension that hovers around each track. It also sounds as if Krush has made the jump into computer-based production evident by plenty of heavily processed and time stretched programming (just check out the powerbook he sports on the included video for Alepheuo).  DJ Krush has held on to each element that makes this sound his but as usual has pushed his creative vision forward.  -JH


  1. Triheldron featuring Opus
  2. Toki No Tabiji (Journey Of Time) featuring Inden
  3. Sanity Requiem
  4. Supreme Team featuring Anti-Pop Consortium
  5. The Blackhole
  6. Song For John Walker featuring Anticon
  7. D'you Hear That?
  8. Alepheuo (truthspeaking) featuring Angelina Esparza
  9. The Lost Voices featuring Sly & Robbie
  10. But The World moves on featuring D-Madness & Masato Nakamura
  11. What About tomorrow featuring Abijah.



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