DWayne Sodahberk
Don’t Want You To Know
Tigerbeat 6

Dismissing all ideas of social agreement Dwayne Sodahberk brings us an idea of what happens when introverted talent meets digital integrity. The first time you listen to this, you might find yourself wading through the combination of styles flowing through Dwayne's ideas. But I assure you the more you listen, the more you begin to let go and flow with his oddly ambiguous style. His delightfully chosen melodies seem to linger around pulling the pieces of noise through crunched up beats that portray his playfully solemn arrangements. Then before you know it, he pulls it back down into a minimal groove that makes his intention obvious and your booty wiggle.  His style sits in between minimal techno and experimental noise leaving an obviously open field for him to frolic in. The texture on this CD is often harsh, but layered with soft reflections. It's obvious that he worked a long time on this release, and the dedication shines through leaving your ears pleasantly blind to any interpretation except your own.  This being his first debut on Tigerbeat 6 Records, I find myself looking forward to what he's going to do next. If your familiar with Tigerbeat 6 Records, then you sort of get an idea where this young techno misfit resides style wise. But don't limit him to that, this release is definitely exclusive to its own flavors. So cleanse your palette, sit back and enjoy a new taste of Techno. -Philo


  1. What I can do if you don't listen
  2. Devoiced
  3. Lägre
  4. I understand you
  5. Participateur
  6. Jan
  7. Control
  8. Amenvaf
  9. Walk me to the corner
  10. Bunk debris
  11. Switched weg
  12. Fuck you, I'm untouchable
  13. Is ok
  14. In
  15. T70mkIIIB
  16. Beast; on/off, pt2.
  17. Formerly  



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