The Funky Lowlives
Stereo Deluxe

 I am normally able to ascertain the merits of an album quickly (a remnant of my time as an overworked music editor). But the secrets of this London duo's (composed of Jon Whitehouse and Gary Danks) Cartouche were not revealed to me immediately. The sonic Rosetta Stone that decodes this musical pastiche was difficult to unearth, but ultimately worth the hard work. Colored by the beautiful vocals of Clare Szembek on jams Breathless and Irreplaceable, Cartouche is as much a relaxed trip through the land of chillout as it is ready, willing, and able to get everyone1s asses shaking, at least in theory. Some tracks seem strained as the album looks for its center, which, like an electron, remains impossible to truly nail down. All of this said, Cartouche is a challenging listen‹which is to say that it takes more than just casual run through to peel back the layers of pretty sounds to get the point. -Derrell Bradford


  1. SaturnReturn
  2. Breathless
  3. Berceuse
  4. UrbanIllusion
  5. IWant 2 Know U
  6. Irreplaceable
  7. Cumagain
  8. Stay
  9. Games We Play
  10. Nevermore



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