Mike Shannon
Slight of Hand
Force Inc.

One word comes to mind when speaking of Mike Shannon "experience", and adding on to create a sentence "distills the soul". Mike Shannon has been involved with the techno scene since he was 12. Back then, he would create mix tapes using a belt driven turntable, a CD player and a tape player. He would distribute the tapes amongst his friends at school to educate them in the know. Since then, he has climbed the circuits to make a name for himself.  Mike has dabbled in various excursions everything from promotion to starting his very own record label, which he called Cynosure. His goal with Cynosure is to explore the possibilities of abstract non-linear sound with linear structure and mixing appeal. With this in mind, he sought out to attract artists of the same intent, most of which were his close friends and acquaintances. Since then, he has journeyed into the vast realm of production in which he can truly expand to an extent that encompasses his entire endeavor thus far. I found his new cd entitled "Slight of Hand" which has been released on Germany's own Force Inc. to be a mesh of everything from acid-house to micro-house to the minimal Detroit sound that Canada has become so familiar with. It tends to be dark at times, yet it still holds onto that simple element that maintains the techno and house scene so well. "Slight Of Hand" is an obvious step in Mike's career. His transition from hardware to software in the production of this album adds to the whole concept as well. It brings together the many layers of history that have enveloped techno, and it shows you that techno is growing up, distilling it's own soul down to the purest element ...Futurism. 



  1. Crawl Through
  2. Unexpected Vengence
  3. Munlighta
  4. Beach Look
  5. Drool String Espresso
  6. Essence Of The Usual Myth
  7. Sextoy
  8. Nostalgic Inhale
  9. Flaco Blaco Funk
  10. Scorpio Libidio
  11. Humid



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