Mira Calix

On her latest, Mira Calix aka Chantal Passamonte has once again branched way off from her roots and continued work as a DJ and let her days of working at Warp have a massive effect on her music. What may first be considered to be another artists venturing into the massive world of Max/MSP software, well it shouldn't be seeing that Passamonte doesn't work a great deal with software despite the leftfield sound of her music. Skimskitta is a 61 minute album where each track flows seamlessly into one another that provides a new

experience with each listen. Her work relies heavily on odd sampled snippits of naturally acoustic sounds like her stone collection she's been picking up during her DJ travels as well as odd percussion, drum machines, sticks snapping etc. with piano, strings, guitar and sometimes nothing carrying a melody over the sequenced sounds. The warm yet desolate effect of the compositions takes on a very gentle introspective tone despite sometimes sounding not so gentle at first listen. Mira Calix has taken much of background noise from our day-to-day lives and re-constructed it emotionally charged work.  –Justin Hardison


  1. again, it starts
  2. poussou
  3. woody
  4. savanna
  5. the wolf, the sheep & the door
  6. flicker
  7. do I ever?
  8. sixnot6
  9. clement
  10. I may be over there (but my heart is over here)
  11. distracted2
  12. isibuko
  13. paarl
  14. like spoons
  15. shadenfreude
  16. hiccup
  17. suffix
  18. simple (almost mix)
  19. you open always
  20. little long gone
  21. two seasons



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