Mr. Scruff
Trouser Jazz

The Ninja Tune artist known as Mr. Scruff has made a name for himself as one of the most open minded DJ's and producers in the British dance scene, even the world dance scene for that matter. Dj'ing under the Mr. Scruff moniker in the mid 90's Manchester club scene, Mr. Scruff began his trademark approach by blending as many styles as possible. He quickly gained a reputation for being a diverse and wacky character, mingling styles like hip hop, jazz, house, reggae, dub, and soul, all with a sense of humor and charisma. This lead to the founding of the 'Keep it Unreal' night in Manchester, which has spread to cities all over the world- allowing him to spread his sound to all corners of the earth. A feat worth mentioning. He has been known to play

DJ sets as long as seven hours, and he has had major success worldwide with his debut album "Keep it Unreal'. Now he has released his third full length album by the name of "Trouser Jazz', which undoubtedly continues his highly unique take on electronic music. This disc is my first introduction to Mr. Scruff, and is an extremely original experience. The tracks are funky, jazzy, soulful, and sometimes pretty humorous. The production is tight, crisp, somewhat minimal but highly detailed. The most interesting thing I think is the amount of diversity on this album that somehow defines that Mr. Scruff sound. The most shockingly bizarre track has to be 'ahoy there! as it is built on samples of commentary from children's TV shows strung together to make a story about...well take a listen. I listen to this CD when I'm in the mood for something entirely different. Did I mention Mr. Scruff also does his own artwork? Watch for the dancing potatoes.



  1. here we go
  2. sweet smoke
  3. beyond
  4. shrimp
  5. come alive
  6. shelf wobbler
  7. giffin
  8. valley of the sausages
  9. champion nibble
  10. come on grandad
  11. vibrate
  12. ug
  13. ahoy there



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