Nick Warren
Global Underground

What is this you ask? Could it be yet another Global Underground mix CD? You're correct, number 24 to be exact and this time around feature some sort of relation to Reykjavik but we bet ol' Nick isn't setting up shop in Iceland anytime soon. All fun aside, this is a decent collection of tracks that he put together with the first disc featuring more evolving downtempo tracks that end in a fury of breaks. The first disc seems to continue the same direction as the recent James Lavelle disc and keeps this series heading into new downtempo territory. However, disc two is more of what you would expect from GU and Nick Warren with plenty of randy club numbers and an Underworld rip-off single by Vector. While the second disc is interesting at times, the first disc really makes the compilation. My only complaint is why they don't feature some Iceland DJ's for a Reykjavik album? I know without Warren/Sasha/Lavelle/Digweed DJ guy on the cover, GU wouldn't be moving the kind of units they are but I can't help thinking of the Iceland based DJ's and producers who may be worthy of a little love. - C. Rockwell

Disc One:

  1. Avatar - Dub In Time
  2. Substructure - Firewire
  3. Atlas - Compass Error
  4. Ulrich Schnauss - Nobody's Home
  5. Boards of Canada - Happy Cycling
  6. Yunx - Thinking About Your Next Move
  7. Planet Funk - Tightrope Artist Tale
  8. Momu - The DiveMastermind - In Every Truth
  9. Justin Simmons - Helga Moller
  10. Burufunk - Outsider
  11. Global Communication - 14:31
  12. MOT - 110 Mistakes
  13. GrayArea - Yewminyst
  14. Glimmer of Dope - Love Lost

Disc Two:

  1. Tocharian - Awakening
  2. Juan Recoba - Head Start
  3. Aural Ambience - Aural Navigation part 2
  4. Vector - Rise
  5. Aquaculture - Don't Play The Game
  6. Dream Traveller - Headpusher
  7. Rambient - Karma
  8. Starkid - Crayons
  9. Subsky - Strawberry Fields
  10. Fluke - Bullet



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