Tex La Homa
Dazzle Me With Transience

I'm not sure if I can explain just how much I love this disc. I first checked out Tex La Homa on the phenomenal A Room Full of Tuneful compilation on Melodic and and was thrilled when Matt Shaw aka Tex La Homa sent over his debut album from of his own Superglider label. Matt Shaw combines the moodiest guitar and vocals you've heard in a long while and combine them with electronic based effects and rhythm structures in such a perfect way that you'd never imagine guitar bands ever having issues with electronic based music. For me, it bridges any gap between acoustic and electronic music works perfectly for those who ever imagined what bands like Joy Division or Morphine would be doing nowadays if their front men didn't meet such tragic ends. This is a mature, beautiful, and emotional debut from an artist that more listeners must check out. With the huge amount of releases that we receive, this is one of those rare highlights that I wish could happen more often. It's not an album you'd want to put on if you were spending a birthday alone and drinking some year but perfect for many other occasions. I'm looking very forward to see what comes next. - JH


  1. something good
  2. here with you
  3. cool runnings
  4. never gonna go away
  5. feel tied down
  6. when i am lost
  7. good luck
  8. launch
  9. robot arms devoid of feeling
  10. if you ask
  11. highfalutin
  12. need to find a way



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