Back To Mine: The Orb

I can clearly remember Dr. Alex Paterson unleashing a storming meltdown of a DJ set many years back as he freaked the audience with a barrage of noise, breaks and space sounds.  While that may have been a raw and reactive episode of Paterson, no one can deny the influential role that his lighter, universe-exploring material has had on contemporary electronic producers. There was a distinct and memorable sound coming from this era of ambient/club music. The Orb and cohorts represent a period just before sub-genres truly began to splinter off in a thousand different directions.  The aesthetic of this era is brought back into the spotlight on the latest in the Back To Mine series.  Compiled by Paterson himself, the reverberated bleeps, thick rolling baselines, and wicked hooks are represented by Aphex Twin, B12, and Juno Reactor as well as vastly

different influences like Julie Cruise and the Chi-Lites. The track selection on many of the previous Back To Mine records covers a broad range of styles but always seem to accurately display the purpose they played in steering the direction of the artists work.  This disc is a vivid reminder of the sort of open-minded musical approach that should be applied to much of today's music.  By the way, Scheneider TM's version of The Smith's The Light is worth the price of the disc alone. - JH


  1. Aphex Twin - Polynominal
  2. Charles Webster - Be No One
  3. Juno Reactor - Nitrogen Part 1
  4. B12 - Interim
  5. Creature - Ow Much
  6. Chi-Lites - Have You Seen Her?
  7. Thomas Fehlmann - Little Fishy
  8. Julie Cruise - Falling
  9. The Orb - The Land Of Green Ginger
  10. Blue Calx - Blue Calx
  11. Electric Chairs - Barbie Girl
  12. Joachim Spieth - You Don't Fool Me
  13. F.F.W.D. - Hempire
  14. Schnider TM - The Light 3000




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