V/A 45 Seconds of:

The concept for this compilation reads like a line-up at a tractor-pull showdown.  This compilation combines 99 tracks from 84 artists of different genres into one 74-minute disc. The only condition that the folk at Simballrec asked for was that the track be exactly 45 seconds and have no fades at either end. To much surprise, the concept worked. There are a few of these digital cut-up concept compilations coming out these days but unlike the similar aspects within the tracks of the techno type releases, 45 Seconds left the style choice up to the individual artist and with 99 tracks; you can believe they cover almost every form there is. The key to this disc is it's programming.  Since all of the tracks lay smack dab against one another, they have to flow together as an album but while some of the beginnings and ends of each track are obvious, they don't result as any sort of obstruction to the seamless quality of the disc and the whole listen will keep your head swimming in sound for days.  This is a highly inspiring listen and damn impressive considering they selected these tracks from over 500 submissions from over two dozen countries.  Their goal was to find commonalities amongst the work and they accomplished it but not without a lot of groundwork in it's production.  - JH

Due to length please visit: www.simballrec.com for complete track listing.




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