V/A bip-hop generation v.6

After a long stint of running Pandemonium records, Phillipe Petit decided to launch his bip-hop label and quickly created a focal point for leftfield and experimental electronic music. The label is now releasing volume six of their acclaimed bip-hop generation collection and presents once again contemporary sound artist and musicians. Perhaps the best known on this version is Scanner aka Robin Rimbaud who has been quite busy with a number of projects and releases on the label as well as solo material by Ilpo Vaisanen.  Vaisanen has worked as 1/2 of Pansonic as well as a number of projects like Ultra 3 and in the project Angel with Schneider TM that is also featured on the compilation. Also featured are Lucky Kitchen label founders Alejandra and Aeron open the disc with a ten minute abstract track that sounds almost like it's title 'listening to radio rioja before going to sleep' well with a little feedback as well. Bittonic (Iris Garrelfs) offers two wicked clicky-tech and spooky voice manipulations and Battery Operated are a duo from Montreal and Paris who have stitched together material from a massive amount of unknown sources and processed it beyond recognition. Another perfect release for a little aural onslaught. - Justin Hardison


  1. alejandra & aeron - listening to radio rioja before going to sleep
  2. scanner - thulium hymn
  3. scanner - darska
  4. bittonic - helix
  5. bittonic - a theory of disorderly behaviour
  6. ilpo vaisanen - horna
  7. ilpo vaisanen - koputus
  8. ilpo vaisanen - vaara
  9. battery operated - sois dwafe
  10. battery operated - kloppy
  11. angel - nr_11



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