V/A Clicks & Cuts 3
Mille Plateaux

I know we're a couple of months late on reviewing this one but it had to be covered being that it could be considered the best compilation of 2002 and as we both know, there are a lot of them out there.  Mille Platueax has release volume 3 of this highly acclaimed and notable series of recordings based on what some may call "mistakes" but more accurately would be described as well.... clicks and cuts sequenced together to form the spine of the track.  Volume 3 represents where the artists have taken this sound since the start and it sounds as if many have ventured in various directions including Andreas Tilliander and his love of hip-hop and Vladislav Delay's Luomo house project that have kept things moving along by adapting new software and an open-minded musical approach. I think the whole concept behind the compilation could really be put to rest since the studio techniques of using slivers of sound are commonplace. The attention should really be put on this particular group of artists because of the way they incorporate highly refreshing sound design and programming and work it in the clicky framework. They've simply created innovative music that holds it's own ground regardless of the concept or gadgets behind it. I haven't been able to take it out of the player for weeks. -JH

Disc One:

  1. SND - Palo Alto
  2. Frank Bretshneider - Risk
  3. Andreas Tilliander - Nerdy South
  4. MRI3 - Painkiller
  5. bizz.circuits - Grace Under Fire
  6. Geez N'Gosh - Kleine Hausmusik #16
  7. alva.noto - Transrapid
  8. Rob Acid - Loving Ya
  9. Claudia Bonarelli - Disarm The Police
  10. Boris Polonski - Difusse Daten in 5 Min.
  11. Dat Politics - Bubble Queen
  12. Deru - Migrade

Disc Two:

  1. Luomo - Melt (agf/dlay edt)
  2. Antonelli Elctr - Lovers Inn
  3. Mikael Stravostrand - Onside
  4. Swayzak - Don't Quit Please
  5. Donnacha Costello & David Donahoe - Untitled
  6. Rechenzentrum - Box
  7. Robin Judge - Rhizome
  8. agf - Pianos
  9. Tim Hecker - Brownwedding
  10. Ekkehard Ehlers - The Bakes In The Wood
  11. Pomassi - Holcimm Mmic



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