V/A Wackies Sampler Vol. 1

Thanks to the Basic Channel/Rhythm & Sound folks and Wackies, these rare 12" tunes are now available for the first time on CD and will find a warm welcome from fans of the 60's and 70's Black Ark era production style.  The Wackies shop and label was set up in New York by Lloyd Barnes in 1977 and featured such stellar talent as Max Romeo, Horace Andy, Sugar Minott, Jackie Mitto and many others, many of whom are featured on this essential collection.  While many may be far more familiar with the Studio One material of this era and the highly respected re-issues of Blood & Fire out of the UK, the Wackies material simply cannot be overlooked. The rhythms, studio tricks, and gritty emotion that comes through on almost all of the material has made a major impact on almost every genre of music and the subtle perfection of this sound has been untouchable since. This is the start of what is sure to be an amazing series. -JH

  1. LOVE JOYS: All I Can Say (edit - taken from W-2383)
  2. JUNIOR DELAHAYE: Movie Show (edit - taken from W-1382)
  3. NAGGO MORRIS: You Rest On My Mind (taken from W-1722)
  4. WAYNE JARRETT: You And I (taken from W-1716)
  5. MEDITATIONS: Take It Easy (edit - taken from W-510)
  6. LOVE JOYS: Jah Light (taken from W-3239)
  7. STRANGER COLE: The Time Is Now (taken from W-210)
  8. WAYNE JARRETT - AUGUSTUS PABLO: Youth Man (edit - W-181)
  9. AFRICAN ROOTS ACT 2: African Roots Act 2 Dub (taken from W-617)
  10. AFRICAN ROOTS ACT 3: Stay On Dub (taken from W-1717)
  11. SUGAR MINOTT: Wicked A Go Feel It (taken from W-1718)
  12. HORACE ANDY: Musical Episode (edit - taken from W-589)
  13. LOVE JOYS: Gimme Back Part 1 (taken from W-707)
  14. HORACE ANDY: Money Money (taken from W-5252)
  15. NATURES DUB: Jah Natton Dub (taken from W-306)
  16. JAMAICA SUPER DUB SESSION: Dub Stew (taken from W-1720)
  17. CLIVE FIELD MARSHALL: Love Is What You Want (taken from W-334)
  18. LEROY SIBBLES: This World (edit - taken from W-1050)



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