Source Records

Frankfurt based Ole Schulte, the producer behind Veer is relatively new to the scene and when he is not working on tracks for labels like Source, Force Inc of Cytrax, he spends time as a graphic designer for advertising agencies and as art director for Sven Všth's Cocoon Recordings.† You can't help but hear his design background spill over into the warm pulsating digi-dub work as Veer.† His careful attention to subtle arrangement, sound design, and slight differences between tracks carry a minimal design structure yet don't retain any of the colder elements that you might assume to go along with it.† His production style features much of the same elements as artists off of ~Scape and occasionally venture off into clicky tech-house before landing back into the atmospheric and gentle digital dub world of clicks, pops, warm pads, and loads of delay and shifting melodies.† A recent interview with the group Underworld mentioned that they viewed the future of music production as a period where artists create work for everyday environments as opposed to a standard album release. I think Veer would be a perfect candidate to lead that effort. - JH


  1. maintain
  2. dawn
  3. naked
  4. fieldstrip
  5. a few were idiots
  6. realm
  7. ideation
  8. trenchcoat army
  9. lizard
  10. the wretched ones
  11. octane



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