According to Rephlex, D’arcangelo’s debut was one of the most acclaimed and talked about record they’ve released to date. Now, I’m not doubting this but I never heard that 1999 release but their second and latest, Broken Toys’ Corner, is supposed to be a bit more chilled out and funkier since the last. Funky (in a Rephlex way) is definetly what siblings Marco and Fabrizio D’Arcangelo had in mind here since they seem to really love those jagged and rolling rhythm structures and the filthy filters they run over them with. Clicks, pops, drum machines, and acoustic snares are all present here as patterns are sliced up and reconfigured. They seem to branch out slightly from a few of the typical melodies you’d find on many of Rephlex releases but the sad child-like melodies are still scattered about here and there. However D’arcangelo really has a bit of their own style that is really present on this release and the subtle details to the tracks are really the highlights. D’arcangelo also seems to fancy the digital processing of acoustic sounds which is a refreshing change. Overall, a good album but yet exactly what you’d expect from Rephlex. We hear that they have a release coming out on Turbo recordings around this same time. - JH

  1. All that J
  2. N-Tower
  3. 5005
  4. Chair Theme
  5. Geo Ride
  6. Phlexio 14
  7. Tetax
  8. Topic and U
  9. No-Ia
  10. K59
  11. Mitrum 7
  12. Flatcalm
Broken Toys’ Corner



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