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While on tour to promote his new record, Sundowner, Eddie Spaghetti, erstwhile frontman of the Supersuckers, walks around a small Denver bar waiting for his sound check to start. Looking exactly how you would expect - dark sunglasses, cowboy hat, and leather jacket - Eddie finds a stop in the warm sun and takes a drink of his beer.

Hybrid Magazine: So tell me about your new album, Sundowner.

Eddie Spaghetti: Well it's totally awesome and I made it all by myself.

HM: Is this made with the record label you have with the Supersuckers or is something separate?

ES: No it's on Bloodshot. It's my first record with Bloodshot and that relationship has been going really well. They have been super supportive and it's been a good thing.

HM: What made you decided to do a solo project? I always find it interesting when artists, especially ones that has been in a band for a while, do side projects.

ES: Well it sorta started by accident, you know. I went into the studio one time and I had a couple of songs I wanted to record. I wound up recording a whole bunch with this drummer that lives in Seattle, which lead to my first solo record which was The Sauce. That was really well received and it was kinda surprising to me that people wanted to hear it because they were just songs that I was just doing back stage and goofing off with and just songs that I liked. So the fact that it kinda took off was kind of a surprise. Now I'm finally getting used to the idea that I can be a solo artist, but it has taken me ten years to wrap my head around that.

HM: How is your solo project different than the Supersuckers?

ES: Well mainly my solo things are mostly covers and the Suckers' records are more my original songs. I do a couple originals on every solo record and I try to throw a few of my own songs on each one. But mainly it's just songs I like to play and goof off with and songs I can play by myself on an acoustic guitar. That's sorta the criteria. If I can play it on an acoustic guitar and make it work then it's a contender for the solo recorded.

HM: Do you find it harder to do covers or your original stuff?

ES: Well, I don't find it difficult to do either, you know. I do covers that are pretty easy for me to do and I obviously write songs that I can sing and do. So I don't find either one difficult. Actually it's more difficult to talk the band into doing some of these goofier cover songs. So those wind up on the solo records.

HM: Do you have a different creative process with your solo project than you do with the Supersuckers?

ES: Not really. Usually the end product tells me more whether or not if it is a solo song or a band song. But I go into making up every song kinda the same. I just want it to be awesome.

HM: Do you use different inspirations for your solo project than the Supersuckers? I know with the Supersuckers you started off more rock and roll and punk rock and then county influences started slipping in. And with your solo stuff, it is definitely more country heavy.

ES: Right. You know I really don't think about it like that. I just do what I like and let the chips fall where they may really.

HM: If you could interview 3 famous people, dead or alive, who would they be?

ES: If I could interview them?

HM: Yeah.

ES: Aww. (pauses) Well dead or alive, I guess Bon Scott would be one. And David Lee Roth would be another and I guess John Fogerty.

HM: And is there anyone that you would love to do a collaboration with?

ES: Yeah I would love to play with AC/DC.

HM: That would be awesome. I would totally love to play with them too.

ES: Yeah they are the best. And I would also love to play with David Lee Roth. And I would love to play with John Fogerty.

HM: Well there you go! So what's next for you once you are done touring to the album?

ES: Well hopefully I will be working on a new Supersuckers album this summer. And I will definitely be touring with the Supersuckers at the end of June and early July. And I definitely will be going to Europe, as a solo at the end of July into August.

-Melissa Skrbic-Huss

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