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Mclusky Do Dallas
Too Pure

Cogs are designed with extruding teeth and matching inlets for traction.  The farther the distance between the vertex and apex, the better grip you’ll get.  But let the teeth wear down, and there’s no friction, it’s just a wheel.  Mclusky vary the dynamics so that when the gear engages, the torque rips the fucking axle right out.  Mclusky Do Dallas brings together stellar bass playing, precision drum smashing and explosive spewing of schizophrenic lyrics.  Clean production by Mr. Albini and a smart sense of humor also count t’wards the creation of a nearly perfect record.  A few uneventful Garbage guitar solos and very slight case of repetition mar the experience.  Early reports indicate it will increase self-esteem and put pep in your step.

The whole approach brings back the summer of ’94 when bands like Cop Shoot Cop were infiltrating the schlock on the radio. “Lightsabre Cocksucking Blues” entertains a bombastic drive similar to Babes In Toyland’s “Sweet 69.”  Singer Andy Falkous spits out his idiot-savant vocals between bouts of furious guitar scrubbing.  Our boy must have some experience seeing as his delivery is so all-fired fascinating.  He exhibits more psychosis on “No New Wave No Fun,” which has a three-day growth of fuzz on it.  Mat Harding lays down a steady and stepped up surf beat during the sermonizing.  “Collagen Rock” introduces the derailing guitar work that finishes with more satisfying string jerking.  The non sequitur lyrics One of those bands got legs like yours/and one of them got the stare come across like Birthday Party screaming.  Another go-nowhere guitar line seeps through on “What We’ve Learned” like a neon orange tie with a tuxedo.   Jon Chapple plunks out wooly mammoth bass tones and proves he’s no vocal slouch himself.  After the incomprehensible drumming on “Dethink To Survive,” the slowdown of “Fuck This Band” stands out all the more.  The gentleness of the music is countered by the hilariously course lyrics, fuck this band yeah, fuck their holes/ but if they split up/ you’re responsible.  This is delivered as straight-faced as any shaggy Brit-sap band out there. 

The puffed up bravado on “To Hell With Good Intentions” is a cock-rock send up that still gets a head bang out of you.  Falkous’ incessant encouragement “sing it” envisions the leather clad senior citizen of your choosing.  I’ll take Halford, please ask again if I am ready to rock The incoherent rant “Clique Application Form” rivals The Fall.  “The World Loves Us…” comes in with aggressively farty bass joined with pleasant taunting guitar.  Insane falsetto vocals mimic the guitar as a super-special bonus.  Brutal drums and exasperated vocals build in intensity ‘til the flip gets switched and all hell boils over.  Musically unassuming, “Alan Is A Cowboy Killer” brings an indie sound with twisted Trojan Horse message.  A bit like Unrest or Wedding Present gone agro. “Gareth Brown Says” contains only the second Michael Cain reference I’ve heard in song.  Chapple takes another turn of the mic on the mantric “Chases.”  For some reason, his early era Wire vocals aren’t nearly as prominent.  “Whodoyouknow” wraps up with all the bells.  Swift fuzzed out vocals, surfy harmonies, false endings, the professor and the rest. 

I like to think this is what The Flaming Lips would have become if they had proceeded down the path of destruction.  Instead they chose hyper-intellectual pretension.  On a scale of candy-related deaths: one being lik-m-stik inhalation, and ten being almond roca bludgeoning; Mclusky Do Dallas receives the rare nine and a half – stabbed with a malomar.  

Ewan Wadharmi

Track Listing:

  1. Lightsabre Cocksucking Blues
  2. No New Wave No Fun
  3. Collagen Rock
  4. What We’ve Learned
  5. Day Of The Dead Ringers
  6. Dethink To Survive
  7. Fuck This Band
  8. To Hell With Good Intentions
  9. Clique Application Form
  10. The World Loves Us And Is Our Bitch
  11. Alan Is A Cowboy Killer
  12. Gareth Brown Says
  13. Chases
  14. Whodoyouknow

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