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Punch Drunk 2
TKO Records

Anarchy and anachronisms were what defined bands like S.N.F.U., S.O.D., M.D.C. and D.O.A. Thatís when thrash was punk, and moshing was slamming. Grappling meant something, baby. We were young and we were bloody pissed, you silly git. Then a bunch of dirty rotten imbeciles got together and melded metal with punk, and screwed it up for everyone. TKO has created a gathering place for real punk music. This sampler showcases the talent they have provided a well-deserved place for. The bands range from up and coming hardcore boys to legendary old school masters Cock Sparrer and Antiseen.

Reducers S.F. set the mood with "Our Noise"; a fast paced but lighter fuzzy piece. Nostalgic back-chanting offset the gruff, yet friendly hollerin. Dropkick Murphys step it up to a double-time pace in "Soundtrack To a Killing Spree" Great kick drumming, and clever lyrics. "Youíll rue the day you wrote thatÖ" plus typically acidic vocals from Bostonís finest. The title track to the Forgottenís "Keep the Corpses Quiet" is next. "Last Plastic Hero" from Workiní Stiffs contains Brit-style whiny vocals and tin can drums and faded bass. Questionable production sullies the mood. Beltones are going to have to coin a new phrase, because this is literally pop punk. But not the way you think. Itís like Wedding Present on speed. And with lyrics like, "Made him acquainted with a brick wall, it's tough to whistle when you look that way. But the man from the law came and broke me in the balls and now I'm counting out the months and days." Theyíre likely to undo my sugar-free status. Swinging Uttersí side project Filthy Thieving Bastards cuts into Shane MacGowanís market on "Hopeless Vows." Last month I told you that Loose Lips "Jones St Boneyard" was Stones fronted by Jim Carroll. It still is. "Innocent" by the Bodies is fun, goofy stuff. Those Unknown provides an odd fuzzy prom-dance oi tune with "The Daunted and the Dispossessed." British-style street punk with snotty vocals. Sloppy band and rushing singer. That much sounds great, but I can do without some of the high-end guitar work at the end.

Forgot about dub? Rhythm Doctors bring it in with the dance hall "Wha' Happen." A little out of place, but an integral part of the decline. Hey, a punkís gotta relax sometime. This tune is impossible to hate. Great rhythms that free-style rappers try and fail to accomplish.

Back into hardcore drinking songs for the Generators' "To All My Friends." Sixer gives "Overlooking Edges" a sweet off-kilter track not included on the EP reviewed in the last issue. If you don't know Antiseen, go back to your Britney Manson discs. Sludgy "Suicide Boogie" states, "Sick of hearing how bad you wanna die when you wonít see it through. If you donít shut up and pull the trigger, Iím gonna have to do it for you." Before White Zombie, Antiseen was making history with GG Allin.

"Weekly World News" from the Randumbs tears up the tabloids in a dirty Milkmen with balls style. The Bruisers offer up "Societyís Fools", an intelligible mumbling rant. Breathless and beautiful in itís simplicity. Mexican wrestler Chango Loco y Los Rudos throws "The Border Song" into the ring. A punk rock masterpiece: "Mysterioís waiting for you on the other side. Itís only 4 more miles to the border, son!" (Thatís his mask on the cover.) "Fight to Win" is Suburban Threat calliní you out. Furious hardcore, but can they back it up? Niblick Henbane is cute with "Bonehead", but I donít think they want to be cute. So I would give them a kick in the ass to speed this thing up. And they can kick my ass if they are fast enough. An irony in "Violence" by the Templars: now that Carl is producing other acts, why is this the crappiest production on the comp? Sounds like it was recorded in his living room.

The most interesting voice in hardcore on The Vigilantes "No Destiny." Warm and desperate but still lots of balls. If thatís emo-core, then Iím all for it. The Righteous give a good-natured ribbing to the tree-huggers in "Give Peace a Kick in the Face." Minimalist musical approach to the hippie problem. "Singing we shall overcome, you must die, you hippie scum." Belfastís Runniní Riot borrowed their name from Cock Sparrer. "Alcoholic Heroes" is a tribute to George Best and other footballers we donít know about in the States. Sure is a great song, though. Street punk ala Stiff Little Fingers.

Just when I was thinking there were no grrls on this slab, Thug Murder comes along with ummÖ Japanese girl oi. "Double Fist" is something else. A little college cheerleader chorus, and precise punk playing, still not sure how I feel about them.

Finally, the immortal Cock Sparrer caps it off with "Chip on My Shoulder". Live and aggressive stuff to send the kiddies off to bed to thank God for TKO.

Someone help me on the hidden track. I think itís called "Male Rejection." It sounds like goofy Stiv Bators Dead Boys era. Much reverb, and 60ís guitar.

-Ewan Wadharmi

Track Listing:

  1. "Our Noise"-Reducers SF
  2. "Soundtrack To A Killing Spree"-Dropkick Murphys
  3. "Keep The Corpses Quiet"-The Forgotten
  4. "Last Plastic Hero"-The Workiní Stiffs
  5. "Ainít No Life"-The Beltones
  6. "Hopeless Vows"-Filthy Thieving Bastards
  7. "Jones St. Boneyard"-Loose Lips
  8. "Innocent"-The Bodies
  9. "To The Daunted And The Dispossessed"-Those Unknown
  10. "Wha' Happen?"-Rhythm Doctors
  11. "To All My Friends"-The Genreators
  12. "Overlooking Edges"-Sixer
  13. "My Castle"-Terminus City
  14. "Suicide Boogie"-Antiseen
  15. "Weekly World News"-The Randumbs
  16. "Society's Fools"-The Bruisers
  17. "The Border Song"- Chango Loco y Los Rudos
  18. "Fight To Win"-Suburban Threat
  19. "Bonehead"- Niblick Henbane
  20. "Violence"-The Templars
  21. "No Destiny"-The Vigilantes
  22. "Give Peace A Kick In The Face"-The Righteous
  23. "Alcoholic Heroes"-Runniní Riot
  24. "Double Fist"-Thug Murder
  25. "Chip On My Shoulder (Live)"-Cock Sparrer

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