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Dion McGregor
The Further Somniloquies of Dion McGregor: More Outrageous Recordings of the World's Most Renowned Sleeptalker
Torpor Vigil Industries

The title above, exactly states what this is about. These are the recordings of Dion McGregor, a man who narrated bizarre and often cruel tales out loud in his sleep. This is the third released recording of McGregor's dreams, the first coming in 1964 (The Dream World of Dion McGregor). The second and third (this one) were released 5 years apart, starting 5 years after Dion's death in 1994. Dion was, in essence, a failed songwriter whose only real success was achieved in 1965 for "Where is the Wonder" on Barbara Streisand's My Name is Barbara. Unfortunately, his success as a songwriter did not follow Streisand's as a performer. Even The Dream World of Dion McGregor was quickly pulled from shelves by Decca when it flopped. And so, an astounding curiosity has quietly fallen through the cracks, repeatedly I might add, over some 40 years. I think that part of the reason for this is that despite the otherworldly humor and outrageous plotlines that follow, this sort of thing is exactly that: a curiosity. Curiosities are a cautious and timid thing; something we're all willing to see or hear, but not necessarily willing to wager the cost of a CD over. But, this is something that everyone should hear at least once, if for no other reason than to marvel at the remarkable lucidity of the narration, and the impossible schemes and plots revealed by the sleeping mind. However, not many people are willing to shell out CD money for something they might listen to once, at least for their own pleasure; though it would be the right sort of thing to break out for a spin in private company, for those "who want to hear something really weird" occasions.

Dion's talent is the sort of side-show-oddity fare that he should have been able to capitalize on, but other "freaks" have largely mastered the art of performing on cue, whereas Dion's dreams came at random, captured only due to the diligence of his roommate and songwriting partner Michael Barr who would record them (along with the NYC street noises in the background) in the early morning when Dion's sleeptalking was most prevalent. There is much contained in here that reflects general feelings of anxiety, paranoia and angst all filtered through the looking glass of someone whose subconscious sense of humor was positively devilish, and as sharp as the crack of a whip. At the very least, these recordings could benefit research.

But who should buy this? Well, if you've ever thought about trying to buy Howard Hughes' finger nails, or have a spot reserved on your mantel for Michael Jackson's nose, (or whatever's left of it) then this is the sort of oddity that belongs in your collection. If you delight in wowing your guests like an amateur P.T. Barnum or Jim Rose, or if you and your friends consider yourselves dilettantes of psychoanalysis, then this is the sort of collection piece that is likely to stimulate hours of conversation.


Track Listing

1. The Scavenger Hunt
2. Naughty Mum
3. The Snail
4. Food Roulette
5. Reginald
6. Midget City
7. Tenses
8. Snowflakes
9. Sew That Mouth
10. All Over Evelyn
11. Snail Time
12. Grease Lift
13. Friendly Little Missile
14. Concentric Circles
15. Mansion For Sale
16. Mr. Crench
17. Dead to the World
18. Raining
19. Wake May for Mona
20. Bleeding Tree
21. Down From the Wall
22. The Horseshoe Crabs
23. The Wet Parade

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