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V/A: Rock Music - A Tribute To Weezer
Dead Droid Records

A tribute to Weezer. Wow. I love Weezer, but even I was surprised to see Rock Music Ė A Tribute to Weezer, an album that was actually mainly compiled before the band even released their third CD. Do two sensational albums warrant a tribute? The answer has to be yes considering their impact. But is it really worthwhile?

The first song by Affinity is a cover of the first song on the Blue Album, "My Name Is Jonas". The intro is decent but as soon as the singer starts screaming out the title, oh Lord, I can sense itís going to be a long album. Musically, Affinity do more than enough, and maybe itís just me, but yelling like the singer does just does not do this song justice. The band teases with the intro of "El Scorcho" as the song ends, but even that is spoiled by unnecessary throaty screams. Piebald also are musically talented enough to pull off "No One Else" but I long for Rivers Cuomoís voice. "Holiday" (by Glasseater) is again pretty similar to Weezerís version until the singer starts the hard core type screaming. This time, however, it is more tolerable than the first song. Verdict so far is not good.

Having seen Grade in concert before, I was looking forward to "Surf Wax America", but again, the vocals disappoint. Grade does a good job of staying true to the original but when is this screaming going to stop? Still I long for Riversís voice. Finally something fresh, maybe, as the piano kicks off "Say Ainít It So". Itís a nice touch and, in general, Further Seems Forever wins the award for the best cover so far! However, again, it is similar enough to the original to ask the question, is it really worthwhile?

Elliotís singer Christopher Johnís "The World Has Turnedí is the most original so far and is a pleasing listen. A mellow, almost ballad-like take, this might have been a great original. Again, I am too partial to Weezerís fuzzier version. "Suzanne" by Midtown is done in a faster tempo than the original. Actually, this version is surprisingly tolerable. Finally some fuzz, as opposed to the more hard core songs that started the tribute.

Next up is Dashboard Confessional doing the cult classic b-side "Jamie". Personally, I am not a fan of Dashboard Confessional and was not looking forward to this. Rightly so, the backing female vocals add a nice touch, but thatís about it. The Stereoís "El Scorcho" is pretty enterprising. The band does a good job with the Ďfuzz factorí and creates enough positive moments to keep the listener interested. "Tired Of Sex" is arguably my favorite Weezer song on this tribute and I was quite wary of how Mycomplex would do. The answer: not too well at all. The band tries a lot of things, but where Christopher John and the Stereo succeed, Mycomplex does not. The tempo is oft changing and ruins the song for me.

On to my favorite band on this tribute, the Impossibles, who, like the afore-mentioned bands do a different, original, take on "The Good Life". The drums sound great and the guitar crunches enough to make this an enjoyable listen. I had heard good things about Mock Orange and was disappointed with their cover of "Only In Dreams". Although I can see they have a lot of talent and the singer sounds like Rivers at times, their version just wasnít worth it. Finally we reach the last song which finds the Ataris doing a pretty faithful version of "Butterfly". It's certainly not the worst song on this tribute and they pull it off well.

So the final verdict? Well, it doesnít take a genius to figure out that I did not enjoy this tribute too much. A major part of the reason might be that I am a massive Weezer fan and would prefer to simply listen to the originals. I must add that I am not totally opposed to tribute albums. Having said that, this one will not make it back to my CD player.

ó Adi Anand

Track Listing:

  1. "My Name Is Jonas"-Affinity
  2. "No One Else"-Piebald
  3. "Holiday"-Glasseater
  4. "Surf Wax America"-Grade
  5. "Say It Ain't So"-Further Seems Forever
  6. "The World Has Turned"-Christopher John
  7. "Susanne"-Midtown
  8. "Jamie"-Dashboard Confessional
  9. "El Scorcho"-The Stereo
  10. "Tired Of Sex"-Mycomplex
  11. "The Good Life-The Impossibles
  12. "Only In Dreams"-Mock Orange
  13. "Butterfly"-Ataris

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