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Fusi Pumper

The Players: Pfilbryte; Lilli; Donnie P.; Diz; About 33 non-essential persons
Complaints dept.: Backstreetís back...

The gimickly, mysterious Pfilbryte is the new wunderkind. Critics will be tossing around words like "genius" and "virtuoso" at his feet like the flower girls they are. At the reception, they will toss this on a pile of discs in the corner never to be listened to again. This producer-driven vehicle amounts to an infomercial for his knob-twiddling talents. Pfilbryte shows a penchant for absurdities, pop-culture, and nursery rhymes and cartoons (surprise). And while that description may sound intriguing, the execution is a series of misses. Sort of a Was (Not Was) with hip-hop beats and boy-band vocals.

Starting in with Len sounding submarine noises on the title track isnít too encouraging. The retro organ is neat with Family Stone background singers. But this could have easily been Smashmouth. The cartoon lyrics as drawn by Dr. John are the best part of the song. And just then it hit me, and someone turned around and shouted, "Play that funky music, Pfilbryte!" Pfil utilizes some interesting samples for percussion and