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Logan Square
Pessimism & Satire
Fearless Records

Logan Square are a foursome hailing from the western suburbs of Chicago with a combination of reality-drenched vocals in an Armor For Sleep drilling motion and energetic chord movements implemented in works by Mashlin and Saves The Day. Logan Square's debut album on Fearless Records entitled Pessimism & Satire, produced by Sean O'Keefe (Fall Out Boy, Hawthorne Heights, Motion City Soundtrack) looks at the darker side of relationships with heartaching lyrical content and trellises of umbra-chilling guitar hues.

The album opens strong, shooting from a livewire of arsenal with tracks like "I Wish You Hell," "Misdirection," and "Fire and Kerosene." Three hard rock numbers in a row with rumbling drum kicks and seething guitar series creating beefy, circling textures around the vocals with lyrics from "I Wish You Hell" like: "This is all your fault now/ I tried and tried and tried/ You'll never change/ I wish you well, maybe I wish you Hell/ So I'll tell you from these lips you can't kiss/ Everything you did just felt so wrong/ Now I'm alright and now you'll never once be missed."

Words that crash and burn is Logan Square's predominant impulse, though the track "Brilliant Lives" is a soothing, dreamy piece with romantic lyrics strung up like a lovers serenade binding a mixture of acoustic and electric ambiences. The mood shifts back to the scepter of tense, sharp, primal riffs, piercing vocals, and pounding rhythms from tracks like "When I Find You" and "I'll Get There," with a tightness that can be aligned to AFI and Crossfade.

Focal tracks like "Last Kiss Goodnight" and "Alley Cat," pulse at a heart beating rate and brood with flutes of winding guitar chords and wisps of aggressive vocal movements that pipe through the transitions wire the passages together. The vocals are an active part of the songs, administering the fluxes and the pulleys that chain the arrangements together and give the melodies an expressive rage. The tempos keep in the upbeat to mid-tempo range with a single soliciting ballad with an amorous filament fusing through "Brilliant Lives."

The last track "I'm So Sorry" makes due with what's left after the crash and burn strategy is executed. Finding closure, the harmony vocals act as the ego and the alter-ego conceding that the relationship is over and reach for peace of mind and stability by letting go of the image to make the relationship work with an apologetic pathos. The number rocks with rafters of spirited drum beats and furious spinning textures of guitar fumes. The album is comprised of a succession of emotions that go through you when a relationship is over, trying to wipe away the residue and old baggage and offer a shy hint that romance could be lining the horizon. Collaring the hard-hitting lyrics are laps of febrile chord series, sturdy rhythm braces, and a barb of whipping vocals.

Logan Square's Pessimism & Satire has been warmly received in their home state of Illinois and along the college radio circuit. Band members Bradley M. Chagdes (guitar, vocals), Chris Smith (drums, vocals, percussion), Steve Lyons (bass, vocals), and Chris Tiritilli (guitar, vocals) all share the duty of singing, like Boston's The Receiving End of Sirens. The band's lineup came together in 2005 and they signed to Fearless Records and will be touring through 2006.

Brad Chagdes says on the band's official website about music, "Bands got me through a lot throughout different stages of my life. I'd like to do that for people."

In a crash and burn type of way, Pessimism & Satire achieves Brad's objective.

-Susan Frances

1. I Wish You Hell
2. Misdirection
3. Fire and Kerosene
4. Last Kiss Goodnight
5. Alley Cat
6. Is This How You Feel?
7. Buried
8. Brilliant Lives
9. When I Find You
10. I'll Get There
11. I'm So Sorry

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