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Blues Moderne: Danois Explosifs

This disc is worth the price for the song titles alone, and most of them don’t even appear as lyrics. How can we stand proud as Americans when the wily Danes have a better mastery of our language and our music than we do? Exhibit one: from Scandal-navian leftist band Lack; I'll define your apathy with the exact same word you use to categorize my thinking as childish and spoiled/ Because it bites me at night when sleep won't seduce me and dreams refuse to lie. Now by contrast: Andrew W.K.; And when you work you don't feel all right/ And we can't stop feeling all right (all right) /And everything is all right. Shut up! Philosophy junkies will be satisfied as well, but then the Danes never disappoint us there. The enlightened lyrics and advanced thought processes on Blues Moderne: Danois Explosifs have a solid backing. The mix of melodic hardcore with disturbing discord will please heavy-leaning emos. The harshness breaks up your bony orb, which allows the sickness to ooze into your squishy matter.

During "Zur Genealogie Des Modernen Menschen", blinking guitars go off like lawn sprinklers pausing briefly for tuneful noodling. The emotional screaming threatens to blow the top right off the popper. Vocalist Thomas interacts with creative placement as his jaw pumping rivals the guitars. The second-degree assault on "Pessimist Poetry" submits to an unexpectedly natural interlude. Sebadoh used to do stuff like that but on a much smaller scale. "Achilles And The Tortoise" toys with metal waltzes and eye-opening time changes. The tension increases several times as excitement builds. It reduces to sludge for the closing indictment History will judge you. A little less demanding, "Solipsist Letter To The World" has Thomas again playing keep away with the band. It’s these sort of inventive vocal choices that keep you hanging onto his words, which are for once intelligible. A little number called "When Even The Most Honest Of Emotions Turns Into A Commodity..." is a percussive piece. The vocals compete with the intense drums while even the deft guitars rattle like drum rolls. The dramatic effect increases thanks to a rising organ backdrop. Real horror show stuff, this.

The delivery in "Kill Britney" is as humorous as the title. Almost as cartoony as Yamatsuka Eye’s Tasmanian devil impersonations with Torture Garden. As his vocals tease the guitar line, Thomas mocks popular culture with, In the name of every holy hero/show me the next slogan/ and I'll be the first to wear it/In the name of every holy hero that ever sold out/ I'll be on your side/ I'll be your faithful soldier. No one, including Lack is safe from the scathing condemnation. The frustration is turned inward on "Falling From The Peak…" where self-doubt becomes evident. Just like swinging the guitar wildly and a sore throat makes no revolution/ Yet another wheel in the entertainment machine/ We became capitalists the second you bought our first record. How’s that for forward thinking? "Dawn" brings a pretty straight hard rock attack with Lack’s typical mastery of dynamics. And just when you think it’s over, they punch through with the trickiest false ending yet. Manic scrubbing on "The Only Thing That Can Save Us Is Despair" melds an operatic progression into a metal alloy fusion. The space between rants proves the instruments are in tune and the operators are not machines. They’re actual people who really play that fast and hard. The most melodic piece is saved for last. "Great Russian Nihilists", like any successful revolution, starts out quietly and simply. Soon it builds into a sonic frenzy with snippets of the original melody. The hair-swinging stomp rests up for the final brash battle.

On a scale of philosophical quotes: One being "Plato was a bore." - Friedrich Nietzsche, andTen being "Nietzsche was stupid and abnormal." - Leo Tolstoy Blues Moderne: Danois Explosifs deserves an eight - "I am not a Marxist." -- Karl Marx.

Ewan Wadharmi

Track Listing:

  1. Zur Genealogie Des Modernen Menschen
  2. Pessimist Poetry
  3. Achilles And The Tortoise
  4. Solipsist Letter To The World
  5. When Even The Most Honest Of Emotions Turns Into A Commodity...
  6. Kill Britney
  7. Falling From The Peak Of Truth To The Catastrophe Of The Disillusioned
  8. Dawn
  9. The Only Thing That Can Save Us Is Despair
  10. Great Russian Nihilists

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