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The Riverboat Gamblers
To The Confusion Of Our Enemies
Volcom Entertainment

The Riverboat Gamblers is composed of four rowdy, rake-hell rousing musicians from Denton and Austin, Texas who take ear-busting, high blasting frequencies of old-school punk/rock masters like The Misfits and Slade and infuse them with a contemporary cloak of buzzing action reflective of Sahara Hotnights and New York City based punk rockers Lourds. Lead singer, Mike Wiebe delivers pulverizing vocals in a glam-thrash action alongside head banging drum patterns of Mark Baker, doused in a rumpus of rabid bass pulls from Mr. Lillard, and double laser cutting guitar slashes by Ian and Freddy Castro. Each number is loud, bold, crass, and hyper-energetic, slicing and shearing with crisp cuts and gin-soaked vocals.

From the start their latest album and fourth release, To The Confusion Of Our Enemies, is a major workout of thundering guitar lines that crunch and spume across chunky rhythm sections. With tracks like "Rent Is Due" and "Don't Bury Me, I'm Still Not Dead," they offer a house-party excitement with injections of speed-driven momentum's racing like a crazed kaleidoscope of sound waves. Each selection from top to bottom works up the audience with music passages and vocals that shout, shriek, and bombshell. One of the more melodic punk dressings is "The Biz Loves Sluts" which takes an inside look at the entertainment industry that only bankrolls men and women with overt sex-appeal. The flaring chord structures blaze alongside the coarse vocal impresses with planes akin to The Soviettes and Chixdiggit.

The marquee track "True Crime" sounds off with fist-pumping rhythms and a music palette of ricocheted vibrations and chaotic pellets. "On Again Off Again" rings like a club chantey with a chorus of raucous romps, cantankerous vocal echoes, and fringes of symphonic chord twists. Every inch of the drum kit is utilized, beating in a whirl of consecutive torpedo fires, slicing, shearing and grazing with crisp rips. "The Curse Of The Ivory Coast" has a swashbuckling gusto with dizzy whirlpools of sound waves and vocals that tear it up with a fracas of release. Unbridled urges that unbind chains and let it rip is The Riverboat Gamblers creed with a crew that maneuvers beats like a manic-charged mallet.

The Riverboat Gamblers craft octane charged punk/rock movements with a party focus. Their songs don't project anger as much as rebellion to be set free and loose from confinement. The vocals are less combative and more celebratory. The music engulfs the audience in a whirlwind that means no harm but does plenty of damage to the band members. Lead singer Mike Wiebe recently crashed on his hands after falling off stage at the band's show at Bamboozles (in New Jersey) and broke two bones in his left hand requiring surgery to re-set the tendons. Previously, Mike was swinging his mic and it slammed into bass player, Lillard's mouth which required oral surgery.

To The Confusion Of Our Enemies is The Riverboat Gamblers fourth full length album produced by Andrew "Mudrock" Murdock (Godsmack) and recorded at The Hobby Shop in Highland Park, California. The title is a nod to a famous toast made by the late crooner, Frank Sinatra who believed that a man without enemies is a man without character and if you stand up for anything, someone is going to hate you.

The Riverboat Gamblers will be opening for the Rollins Band through 2006 and performing several weeks on the Vans Warped Tour.

-Susan Frances

1. True Crime
2. Don't Bury Me...I'm Still Not Dead
3. The Biz Loves Sluts
4. The Song We used To Call "Wasting Time"
5. On Again Off Again
6. The Gamblers Try Their Hand At International Diplomacy
7. Walk Around Me
8. Unicorn Shake Your Horn
9. The Art Of Getting F#@%ed
10. Year of the Rooster
11. The Curse of the Ivory Coast
12. Rent Is Due
13. Uh Oh!
14. Black Nothing Of A Cat

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