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Los Chicharones
When Pigs Fly
Camobear Records

So the man in charge has been getting on my case to get this Chicharones review done for some time now. I have told him varying stories from the ever popular "Yeah, it is almost done, but it is at work so I'll have to send it to you from there", and always managed to 'get busy and forget' to the old favorite of "I had the whole thing written but the file got corrupted or something" line. I have been bullshitting him for the last several months because I honestly had absolutely no clue where the hell I had left that damned disk. Since the man had heard all the excuses he was going to hear, I figured it was time I got off my ass and make an attempt to find the stupid thing, so I did what every Ritalin popping space cadet kid does when he loses something and played the 'Where Did You See It Last?' game. Unfortunately, that game did not work out so well as I listened to the disk pretty much everywhere. So after tearing apart the house, checking every CD player I own, and threatening to eat the dog if I found out that he was the one that moved it, I faintly recalled listening to the album while riding around town with my buddy in his chopped and dropped 50's Ford Fairlane. After making a few calls I had tracked the kid, and my CD, down. Turns out the album never left the car, my buddy has been listening to it non-stop, and if you could wear out a disk, this one would have never survived. I guess this is now his new favorite band. The kid LOVES this CD, and the only way I was able to get the thing back from him for the review was to promise to give him the disk back when I was done.

I shouldn't have been surprised to find out that the Chicharones' When Pigs Fly album had found a new permanent home in the CD player of my buddy's car, as he is probably the poster child for what I imagine the typical Chichis fan would be. He is a white early twenties suburbanite want-to-be skateboarder that grew up on the Internet with a steady diet of punk rock and hip-hop. He fancies himself an anti-establishment take no shit drink and party 'til the sun comes up kind of badass, but really he is more the gets good grades in college and will probably someday be your boss kind of guy. I am not saying that the Chicharones fan base is not a diverse crowd, but I bet if you put these guys on the Warped Tour they would get very, very popular.

Listening to the Chicharones you can't help but hear a lot of Atmosphere and Jurassic 5, both Warped Tour favorites, and when listening closely one can even hear a little Ozomatli (the hip-hop side of Ozo's multiple-personality disorder that is). The back and forth syncopated style and energy between Sleep and Josh Martinez, the two elements that make up the Chicharones, while unique, is easily reminiscent of the classic Jurassic 5 style but delivered with the upbeat energy and story telling of Ozomatli (and yes I do know that J5 and Ozo are related). The Chichi's self-depreciating and humoristic subject matter, however, is very similar to what Atmosphere is currently doing. The pop punk rock crowd will also find a comfortable familiarity with the beats and mildly addictive rhythms that the Chicharones use to tie everything together.

On a whole, the Chicharones seem to have a winning combination: good beats, a strong delivery, easy humor, fun energy, and a message that just about anyone can relate to. The Chicharones are one of those bands that create followers rather than fans and I suspect that When Pigs Fly will not be the last we hear from the band. Oh, and to my friend, don't worry, I've got the CD right here and I will get it back to you the next time I see you, I promise.

-JD Sipes

Track Listing:
1. Intro
2. Pork Rind Discotheque
3. Surf Rock
4. Little by Little
5. Breaking Point
6. Fiesta
7. Freeze Up
8. Ring Ring
9. Bully Bully
10. Guys Like Me
11. Red Carpet Treatment
12. Can't Find the Time
13. Keep It Moving
14. Take It Easy

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