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Hudson Falcons
For Those Whose Hearts And Souls Are True
TKO Records

Mark Linskey is one pissed off fucker. I know you think you are, but no. Really, youíre not either. You thought you were, but believe me this guy screams blood. Donít even try, heís got cranial veins thatíll tear your spleen out. Everyone knows how I love the gashouse punk, but these guys are fueling up with moonshine. This is an extremely rough, unbridled, ECW brand of gashouse punk.

"Different Breed" gets your immediate attention by the bizarre word placement. The guyís got so many odd lyrics strewn around on these rhythms that the chorus makes you do a double take. Itís all by design; of course, he knows what heís doing. Then, of all things, slide guitar slaps your slack-jaw shut on "Sleep, Drive, Rock n Roll, Repeat." Uncle Chris Lynn amazes on the six-bar-punk. The typesetterís nightmare "Requiem For A Patriot" is an impressively worded socialist anthem. Hell, when have you ever heard "free-market economy" in song? And listen to this, Nobody or nothing is beyond reproach except the Bill of Rights. Even the founding fathers violated this in the Act of Sedition they cite. That mustíve been covered in College House Rock. Thereís so much propaganda packed in, that he only gets to breathe when the boys are chanting in the back. "Fallen Heroes" has lyrics so slyly clever that itís easy to overlook but difficult to choose a favorite to showcase. A worn-out heart that canít pretend to love someone heís never been, and hold the fort he canít defend. I take it as an overdose story. Next up, fast cars and faster women, as clandestine love is interrupted by "Johnny Law." An auto erotic tale spun at unlawful speeds. Linskey fills the lines with custom-fitted couplets. As labor union folk songs go, thereís none more coercive than the high-speed "Scab." Linskeyís promise of a tire-iron to the head has me convinced to honor the picket line. The unexpected ska break does nothing to soften my conviction. Solidarity!

On a double-time version of The Dictatorsí "Stay With Me", Craighton Fischerís turn on lead guitar isnít a fill-in position--the guy soars. His playing is surprisingly spry, beautiful even. Whoever has backup duties does a bang-up job. The original is ruined; itís the Falconsí song now. "Real Tough Guy" and "Iím A Worker" are a "this Budís for you" tribute to the workiní stiffs. The Betties get their own in "Sweet Rock n Rollin Bad-Ass Bitch." Which is refreshingly honest (read "crass" to you cultured types.) She gets drunk on bourbon. She likes it on the rocks. All the guys want to get in her box. This psychobilly number is played with startling speed and precision. Like heís been holding out the whole time Lynn is damn hot, and Ben Glotzbach takes a swinging drum break. They could do this exclusively with no complaints from this end. The electrified country "Loyalty" is nearly a Johnny Cash tune Ďcept a whole lot faster. Linskey goes back to trying to overrun the music just fitting in the words of "Wild Hearts." It sounds vaguely like "Ghost Riders" at points, but isnít even country this time. I can respect that the Falcons like The Boss; theyíre Jersey boys after all, but I donít get it. And I appreciate that they did the folky acoustic "Disciples Of Soul", but I donít like it. Some folks are going to dig it. I had an unfortunate Kid Rock ballad flashback. It shows that Linskey can be vulnerable too, but still not beatable. The high-octane unrecognizable version of Springsteenís "Open All Night" is great though. I wonder if Bruce has heard it. I wonder if heís seen the current Upstart Pipsqueaks. Forget about Bruce, once Linskey sees it Skid will have his spleen torn out.

On a street gang movie scale: If one is The Orphans in Warriors, and ten is The Droogs from Clockwork Orange: For Those Whose Hearts And Souls Are True rates an eight, Lords Of Flatbush.

Complaints Dept : Whatís with the name? Sounds like a high school football team.

ó Ewan Wadharmi

Track Listing:

  1. Different Breed
  2. Sleep, Drive, Rock n Roll, Repeat
  3. Requiem For A Patriot
  4. Fallen Heroes
  5. Johnny Law
  6. Scab
  7. Stay With Me
  8. Real Tough Guy
  9. Sweet Rock n Rollin Bad-Ass Bitch
  10. Iím A Worker
  11. Loyalty
  12. Wild Hearts
  13. Disciples Of Soul
  14. Open All Night

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