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Bats & Mice
Believe It Mammals
Lovitt Records

Believe It Mammals, the debut album from Bats & Mice, contains numerous elements readily identifiable as musical.  These include (but are not necessarily limited to) rhythm, melody, and harmony.  In the presentation of these musical elements, other characteristics emerge.  These include multiple weaving guitar lines and occasional instances of screaming.  These elements might be labeled as “emo” by some, and perhaps “post-punk” by others.  In an experiment conducted in October of 2002, the music contained on this album produced no emotional response in the germ plasm of Listener A.  No other listeners were available for this experiment.  Although this research should not in any way be considered scientific, we offer it in an attempt to influence the market exchange process of governmentally endorsed paper money for mass-produced plastic discs.  To better gauge how your germ plasm might react to this plastic, we encourage you to complete the following quiz.

1.  People who scream make you. . .

a.  sad
b.  want to write your local congressional officials
c.  want to beat them up and take their money
d.  happy and excited

2.  You think bats are. . .

a.  birds
b.  dinosaurs
c.  good weapons in a street fight
d.  mammals

3.  When walking down the street, you. . .

a.  like to think about songs that are not about people trapped in dark worlds created by their own lies and insecurities

b.  wonder why everyone is honking and cursing at you

c.  give passersby the “evil eye” and threaten anyone who looks at you funny

d.  think about how much you love bands from Richmond, VA who play that weird introspective guitar shit

4.  Bands that sound like other bands make you. . .

a.  cringe

b.  worried that you are stuck in some sort of one-dimensional universe

c.  throw your stereo out the window

d.  realize that not everyone can be Sunny Day Real Estate and that it’s okay to listen to new bands

5.  When you read record reviews by some nobody on the internet, you. .

a.  take his/her word as gospel

b.  start talking to the screen in an attempt to finally have a real conversation

c.  find his/her email address and begin writing hate mail

d.  question his/her pompous/elitist views and give a band with a decent sound a chance

Score your answers as follows:  every “a” earns one point; “b” earns two points; “c” earns three points; “d” earns four points.  Add your points.  If you scored five points, you probably will not enjoy Believe It Mammals.  If you scored ten points, you are confused and should probably not be spending money on music without adult supervision.  If you scored fifteen points, you are extremely violent and should be considered a threat to society.  If you scored twenty points, you have a good chance of enjoying Bats & Mice.  If you scored any number in between, then this quiz has no real bearing on your thoughts and feelings and should not be used as a basis for making decisions.

So now then.  In the process of floating through the space-time continuum, it becomes increasingly difficult to define the limits of a genre or musical direction.  A poor example of one genre might be the epitome of another, perhaps unidentified category.  Some might even argue that these categories prevent listeners from experiencing music so directly as to have an unbiased opinion.  Yet we continue to make and validate these categories in an attempt to understand that which clicks with our souls.  Can we ever grasp this union in its totality?  The general disdain for critics (whose very job is to chart the intersection of noise and soul) seems to describe our failure, and yet we write on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the noise. Bats & Mice seem capable of delivering adequate quirky introspection.  Ultimately, the songs on Believe It Mammal achieve nothing that the genre had not already experienced five or ten years ago.

-Matt King

Track Listing:

  1. A Safe Bet
  2. Undress Princess
  3. I’m Not Surprised
  4. Sliding Scale
  5. Worst Comes to Worst
  6. Hallway
  7. A Polished Façade
  8. Enough For You
  9. Motel
  10. Where’s Ann Arbor
  11. Easy
  12. In Spite Of

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